Has The Final Wave Leading to Ascension Already Commenced?

by Jerry R James, June 1, 2013


As I watched the pictures of the automobiles being tossed on the roadways in Oklahoma City it brought back memories of my near fatal rollover accident in 2006.  Starting around in 1999 I began having unusual symptoms including severe vertigo, sadness, and vomiting.

Coming from a traditional background, I was not familiar with LBP or personal ascension, so it took me a long time to put the pieces together. In 2006 on a whim we sold our home in Tennessee and decided to move to Arizona almost 2,000 miles away. On the trip we had a horrendous rollover accident outside Oklahoma City. After that accident I could no longer relate in the same way to the world. It took me many years to become functional even on a basic level and I really am still not. I will not go into detail here but I soon became knowledgeable about the ascension process both on a personal and planetary level after the “accident“ in Oklahoma.

So I ask myself watching these devastating scenes for the second time in a week. Can what is happening in Oklahoma now be just coincidental as to what happened to me personally? I know this area of the country well. Culturally it is not very diverse. Most people are hardworking bible believing traditionalists. When faced with danger, they either reach for their rifle or flee. They are generally hard working “good” people, but unaware of anything outside their immediate environment. So it is not called “America’s Heartland” for nothing. Is this where the awakening of this country will start?

With nature’s purification rapidly followed by other events. Just as in my own life several years ago. Maybe I am assuming too much, but I can’t think of a better place for America to begin to wake up to the world situation and to become aware that we can no longer hide in our traditions.

We will all have to see how the events unfold this month. My HS is urging me to relate the following message:

“Starting June 3rd until the summer solstice events will materialize that will leave no doubt that living on planet earth is not business as usual. All those who continue to live on earth A/B will have to face truths that they have hidden from for generations. There will be many opportunities to leave through the death experience before the final separation.“

I am hoping one of those truths will be our ascension this month.


PS: I don’t need to tell you but a huge wave has now hit all of PAT about 2 hours ago and continuing (June 1, 12.00 GMT). I did not expect it until the 3rd, but it has started earlier.  The sound in the ears is an irritating whine. very sickening and fear based.

Dear Jerry,

I am answering herewith to your both emails, which I will publish today because of their significance.

I must say that I am in this wave since May 28th and actually since May 18th without a pause and this is a solitary peak now. But I do confirm that the cleansing of fear based patterns has reached a climax in the last several days and feel very unpleasant. I have just prepared an energy update, where I address these issues, so that I will not delve now into details.

You are absolutely correct with your prediction that we are now in the final exponential curve reaching the peak, which is the detonation of the PAT supernova. I have no idea when this will occur, but the signs are very clear and powerful this time.



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