Energy Update – June 1, 2013

by Georgi Stankov

Between May 19-22 there was another huge cleansing episode with several ascension test runs that showed one more time that there is much fear in humanity and that a huge multi-day catastrophic event as announced by April’s HS will only play out in the hands of the dark forces. For this reason this plan was dropped and it was decided to use the huge energies and powerful cosmic alignments (full moon and partial eclipse) during the Wesak portal May 24/25 to completely separate Gaia from the 3d-reality and align it with many other dense planets in this universe which are now also ascending.

This new level of ascension was stabilized on the following two days (May 26/27). This was confirmed by the Elohim in Carla’s previous three messages. In addition, the full separation of Gaia from 3D was subsequently confirmed by Asama Mahatari in all messages channelled by Jahn J Kassl and published on our website, including the latest message “In the Eye of the Hurricane” as of today.

While Gaia as a sentient soul being has fully ascended to the 5th dimension and has thus completed what has already been started during the two portals in December 2012 – 12.12.12 and 12.21.12 – the three holographic models 3D, 4D and 5D are still intercepting, but are rapidly separating now. The ID split occurs at present at the level of the holographic models of the earth and also at the individual level. Which means that first some individuals from the PAT must fully ascend to the 5th dimension as to unleash the detonation energies of the PAT supernova that will seal the final D split and heave the first ascension wave to 5D earth.

As you may remember, I reported that I personally ascended to the 5th dimension on April 18th as also confirmed by the Elohim at that time. Now some more members of the PAT followed in my footsteps and also ascended to the 5th dimension, although their light bodies have not been activated yet (physical transformation). This happened approximately three days ago.

On May 28 there was a huge energy thrust from the source that fully hit me and my PAT guest, while visiting Freising and catapulted us one more time in the 5th and higher dimensions. Actually the cc-wave from the source began in the night on May 27th and peaked at midday the next day. I was almost completely paralysed for an hour or two on that day before I could recover somewhat. My guest was also hardly hit, but not to the same extent as myself.

After that we sat outside in a restaurant and then we realized that Gaia had fully ascended to the 5th dimension and separated from the 3D reality. It was a surreal picture that unfolded in front of our wonky sight, where the people were moving silently like ghosts on the main street and an unprecedented peacefulness had enveloped all the people passing by and the whole town around us. Simultaneously we received information from our HS that this was actually the final thrust for Gaia to the 5th dimension after it started at Wesak full moon (May 24/25). The air was literally full of jubilant angels on that day.

The previous day we learnt from our HS that Freising with its currently empty theological seminary and a huge library of more than 200 000 books collected since the 11th century on philosophy and theology will become a renowned spiritual centre of the world.

Freising lies within my portal which is very huge and encompasses the whole Europe and North Africa (see below). It is also the main portal for the introduction of new technologies on the 4D earth from the city of lights and Agartha. This is what I know for a long time (since 2009) but it has been confirmed one more time in the last days.

The peak of the source wave manifested on this auspicious May 28th as a very powerful, though short lived cleansing surge that, as we were told by our HS, wiped out the remnants / pockets of lingering darkness in Europe through my portal (they were literally sucked out through my portal), which functions as a huge continental vacuum cleanser and expands from Scandinavia in the North to North Africa in the South and from Great Britain in the West to Russia in the East.

We were also told that a huge catastrophic event will still occur before our ascension, but that it will not destroy so much the infrastructure as the dark cabal have been energetically removed and can no longer harm the population on planet A/B.

My PAT guest, who happened to be my dual soul from the same monad, participated in this cleansing wave and was also hardly hit by the ferocity and intensity of the waves that regularly occur in my portal. He is flying today (June 1) to the Middle East, where his mission will be to expand my portal to this region and bring light into this darkest geographic region on the planet. This is all part of the final preparation for the ascension of the PAT. Let me point out at this place that GaiaPortal confirmed at the same time this huge cleansing activity on the earth:

Massive movement/ transport/ influx of Galactic/Cosmic Higher Light occurs at this moment. Broad band of Higher Frequency Light sweeps all surface and inner Gaia realms and removes all remaining shadow entities. Transformation of Planetary consciousness to Light-Intent-Only results from this influx.”

On this same day, May 28, we had a beautiful sunny weather in Bavaria after it rained for more than a week and was very cold and windy. Normally when the sky is so blue, we have numerous chemtrails, but on that day there was not a single airplane to be seen. I discussed this issue with my PAT guest and we considered this to be a very strong evidence that the dark ones and 3D have been fully severed from the 4D and 5D.

Later on, I wrote to Jahn about this significant observation and it was confirmed by himself and all participants in his light readings in Vienna, Austria and also by his channeling source Asama Mahatari (yet to be published). The disappearance of the chemtrails was given as a key fact that 3D has finally separated and most probably many of the ruling cabal and their stooges in army and secret services have also been removed from the current 4D earth A/B, even though we cannot prove it beyond any doubt at present. But stay vigilant as the proofs will augment in the coming days that this dark portion of humanity has been already separated from our timelines 4D and 5D.

The reason for this is that some dark cabal still on power will stay on this earth A/B as they will be needed to contribute with their viciousness and intransigence to the collapse of the Orion financial, economic and political systems before they also drop from this 4D reality. To quote Goethe in Faustus, they will play the role of “the Evil that always creates the Good“. In this case we talk about the anticipated calamities (wars, bank crash, etc.) that will occur on planet A/B very soon as a result of the heinous actions of this dying, ruling, dark cabal that will only trigger the awakening of the masses and will reveal to them the true, sinister reality on the earth for the first time in a very massive and palpable manner.

These dark entities that have not been removed yet will thus provide the necessary dramas for the rest of humanity and serve as an eye-opener for the masses. According Asama Mahatari and our unanimous assessment in the last several months, all these events, including the MPR, will happen at the same time within the blink of an eye (in preparation for publication).

Since May 29th I am involved from the 5th and higher dimensions in massive cleansing,  mainly on behalf of all PAT members, who have already ascended to the 5th dimension as confirmed by Asama Mahatari in his latest message “In the Eye of the Hurricane” or will follow soon, but also on behalf of  all light works who will participate in the first wave of ascension after the detonation of the PAT supernova.

This pivotal event is also mentioned in the latest Jahn’s message though in a disguised form and can only be comprehended by members of the PAT who participate in this event and are fully informed on this issue. But it is still significant that Asama Mahatari mentions this fact, thus demonstrating that he is not only sending this channelled message to the participants in Jahn’s light reading, but also to the PAT the world over. By the way, some of these people seem to be also knowledgeable on the Three-Earth-Scenario as created by the PAT as Jahn explicitly writes in his latest letter to me:

Your (ascension) model, was mentioned today (May 31) by some people who regularly attend the light reading and this brought joy to me as a nice confirmation of your approach.”

Where do we stand now at the beginning of June? From my perspective I am now in a full-fledged wave of severe broncho-pneumonitis after having had an acute pharyngitis for the last three days since May 28th. This is the same physical manifestation of the most intensive ascension test run as we performed them before the opening of the Lion’s gate in August 2012 and during the preparation and opening of the portal 11.11.12, which led in turn to the opening of the two December stargates.

During the night I am no longer on this planet and the vibrations are of truly cosmic proportions. From my point of view, I can ascend any time from now on. This leads me to my latest piece of information, namely that I, myself, and my dual soul may ascend as first at the same time and then I may eventually stay with the source, while he will return on the earth and will announce my ascension to the PAT. This is a probable scenario, but not a done deal and I have not given my consent yet. But this may explain why my dual soul has visited me at this crucial time. The ascension of the PAT and the detonation of the Supernova must follow immediately after that as all events will now happen at the same time – most probably in early June as Asama Mahatari confirms one more time in his latest message.

This is the current energetic situation which seems to peak at this very moment as I feel it and Jerry and other members of the PAT have just confirmed it.

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