Jesus Sananda
channelled by Jahn J Kassl on June 25, 2013
first published in English on June 28, 2013 in

Report I:

On my ride with the scooter through the city, at a time when otherwise the roads are free, there is now absolute chaos on the streets and at all corners there is an ambulance. Over the short distance of barely three kilometers I counted at least 6 ambulances. Additionally, we experienced, my wife and I, that people illicitly wish to gain access to our family, which we experience as energetic “attacks”; and finally, I perceive since about 2 hours how the energies of seemingly endless columns of people move through my energy field. There must be billions, making me pretty exhausted … all in all, chaos reigns everywhere, which I experience through the lens of my consciousness, in peace and tranquility ... (End of Report)

Loved ones,

what is described here is the ACTUAL CONDITION of the current process of separation of the worlds and the arrival of humans on their new places in Being assigned to them by the Creator. It happens that those who, contrary to their expectations, find themselves on the lower vibrational levels of the 4D, must be taken care of in a state of emergency, as they will not be able to endure this (dire) reality at first.

For verily, these people saw themselves ascending and realize in these days their true descent. A fact that makes many people physically, mentally – in short, energetically – collapse. This is suggested by the many rescue missions in the course of this morning, which were shown to Jahn during his drive as a mirror image of the cosmic events. An initial, albeit much more pleasant “emergency rescue” will receive also those people, who gather on the far higher vibrational levels, higher than expected by them.

People, who had apparently nothing to do with “spirituality”, conquer the higher 4D realms and these entities must be received, must be welcome and must be provided first with the “oxygen” of these levels. This vibration must be integrated and endured, and so many rescue operations are dedicated to these entities. This considers those people, who have lived an honest and loving, a tidy and truthful life, people, who have established clarity in their minds, who have attained peace in their spirit and have brought this forward in their thinking and actions.

They are the people, who had nothing to do with religion or obvious spirituality, however, have fulfilled in their life these divine attributes; yes, they are those, who were not expected to be in heaven and in this way the written word is fulfilled: “You’re going to wonder who is going to take place in heaven next to you.” All people, regardless which level of 4D-being they will now claim, will be cared for by angels and loving beings from the light, so that they can become aware of their new reality.

The fact that energetic attacks manifested in Jahn’s family indicates that “stowaways” want to go into the light, entities that do not have valid tickets. This intention is currently in the closest company of friends or family members particularly pronounced, as “relatives” or long-time “friends” presume to have the right to occupy the luminous energy of the other, without subjecting themselves to the effort of transformation. The closer someone is to you, the more outrageous his energetic attacks, because this person has not cleansed his energies to this day and is not willing to amend this, nor is he willing to make up for it today.

Here, the false assumption is in play that one has the “the habitual right” for such a behavior. This nonsense is now being perceived and eliminated by all ascending beings. The levels are still not entirely separated, and this scene points out to this fact.

Yes, the perception that billions of beings march through your energy field points out to the portal of light, that is sustained by your monad. These are great “migrations of people”, which you can clearly overview from this level and which permeate you up to the cellular level of your being. An experience that is given to you, so that you can properly assess and perceive the extent of these processes at all levels of your being.

All in all, these events of today show that the remodelling, the reshaping of the worlds is in full swing. In the centre of this is the separation of the worlds, through which human bonds are dissolved or newly established. Heaven has sent great support, so that those who expected a greater harvest for themselves will find great assistance (rescue) and that those, who had little knowledge of the higher realms, will become familiar with this now directly perceptible vibration. A great process that is now approaching its climax.

In summary, this means: the people are sealed in their new blueprints, some refuse, others are amazed by the miracles that are revealed to them.

Report II:

Today I also notice a lot of people standing around motionless like pillars or statues and persons whom I perceive as absolutely “uninhabited”  – as if their soul has left the body … (End Report II)

Yes, these are the characteristics of the present days. Those who have solidified to a pillar of salt and those who are only visible through a reproduced image of a semblance of their own on planes, which they no longer inhabit. Indeed, mulitidimensionality in all its expressions takes place, even if it is an idea which only a few people can grasp because they exist in the captivity of illusions, far away from these realities.

With this message on the current quality of time, I assure you of my omnipresence in all the worlds, who enter Christ consciousness. And I assure all those, who have now chosen the darkness rather than the light, I will be there on the day that will bring to you all those insights, which are given to the now awakened beings in these days.

I am the love and the life
I am
Jesus Sananda

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