Dreaming Between the Dimensions

by Frank X. and Georgi Stankov, June 18, 2013

Dear Georgi,

I have been visiting your website over the last 2 years every now and then. I noticed that some of the predictions you made did not happen and that you and your community found explanations for why it didn’t. I spontaneously was thinking today whether there might be a fundamental reason why this ascension does not “happen”.

My feeling tells me, I am not as good as you with maths, that you cannot “go” from 3 to 5 dimensions in the way we are used to go somewhere. In 3-dimensions there is simply no “way” to go to 5-dimensions. Assuming the 4th dimension is what we travel through in one direction calling it time, then from the 5th dimension we would be able to completely see everything that has ever “happened” and will ever happen in our 3-dimensional world. This of course would include any moment when ascension takes place.

Therefore I think it will not happen at a particular point in our “timeline”. My feeling is that as long as we are waiting for a moment in time when the ascension will take place or start, we will not “see” it. Do you understand what I mean? This fixation on the future in our timeline is part of the limitation in our consciousness, which prevents us from “waking up” to our 5-dimensional nature that has always existed, because time as we know it is also part of the dream.

Love, Frank

Dear Frank,

thank you for contacting me. I followed your argumentation line up to the point when you write:

“This fixation on the future in our timeline is part of the limitation in our consciousness, which prevents us from “waking up” to our 5-dimensional nature that has always existed, because time as we know it is also part of the dream.”

This last statement is also correct, as the previous ones, but  I cannot follow from it as to why our ascension was postponed. Our minds are indeed limited, but not because we expect change of this current limitation through physical transformation and expansion of our awareness in a new light body in the future, but because we continue to stay in this deficient state. This is with respect to our human mind that binds to a biological brain. At the same time our spirit and HS that are not limited by our brains have always an expanded view. Hence it is only a matter of switching on to a new MOS (multidimensional operating system) by shutting down the biological linear operating system. This can happen anytime and it actually happens all the time after death experience.

For me the actual reason for the many delays of our ascension is the very slow and insufficient awakening of the masses, so that it took some more linear time to come to this end. Now we are on the verge of ascension as the dices have fallen and the decisions made.

With love and light

Dear George,

Thank you for your reply.

Imagine you are dreaming a dream and then you wake up. You remember how you were in the dream and what happened, but you know now you are awake that you were only dreaming and you were always the waking state “you” watching the dreamed “you”. The analogy is not perfect, but maybe not too bad: our HS is the dreamer and “we” are actually the dreamed “you”, which means completely imaginary! Does the dreamed you wake up or does the dreamer wake up? So the HS wakes up only to find that it has been dreaming all the while, but it has always been the HS in 5-dimensions. Concerning the moment of ascension, would this moment exist in the dream? I mean the moment of waking up, does it exist in the dream? I would say no. It only exists in the waking state.

I don’t know if this makes any sense. I will go to sleep now and maybe dream something… I live in Australia.

Love and light,

Dear Frank,

here is another interpretation: The Higher self in the 5th and higher dimensions is the dreamer and we as incarnated personalities are his dreamed selves. When the dreamer decides to change his dream, e g. move from a 3d-dream to a 4d- or 5d-dream, he only needs to change the pattern of his dream and new selves appear.

Will there  be a continuity in the memory of the 3d-entity from the 3d-dream now ascended to a 5d-entity in a 5d-dream, so that the 5d-entity knows it was dreamt in a 3d-reality by his HS? Probably, but not necessarily. The dreaming HS may decide to wipe out the memory of his dreaming selves, so that they believe that they only exist in one reality. This is what has happened all the time on this 3d-earth.

The next step is for the dreamed self to begin to dream its existences in numerous realities and thus become itself a mutlidimensional personality, just like his HS. And it goes on and on like this in all eternity.

What is the point here? I personally do not see any point.

Ascension is just another word of mutlidimensionality when one comes from a limited linear 3d-reality and awareness and all of a sudden expands his consciousness and opens for many realities. We can substitute the word “ascension” with “remembering of our multidimensionality” and it will be the same.


Dear George,

yes, that’s another possibility. I wonder if anything we can imagine here in 3 dimensions has any meaning in other dimensions.

You ask what is the point. I agree, I don’t see any point either, not even in the mere existence of this world or other multidimensional worlds. In order to give anything a sense or a reason to exist we need to define a concept of what is useful and for whom.

What gives us sense of living is the instinct of survival in a world of limited resources. Survival of the individual biological body and the species in the long term. This is what creates the world we know and it all comes through the identification of a conscious being with a biological body, doesn’t it? Take this away and the world as we know will vanish. As soon as you ask what is the point of continuing this kind of life generation after generation, you lose interest in it, because it doesn’t mean anything. One way to mitigate this problem is to believe in reincarnation, HS, multidimensional worlds… But what you really do is move the question of what the point is to a different place that you are not conscious of yet. I agree you can continue this on and on forever and thus it guarantees the existence of this kind of creation. But we are obviously able to even see past forever, isn’t that fact itself amazing?

We can say, what is the point of continuing this forever? To answer this question I would ask another question: what is forever?

Isn’t any “now and then” and likewise “here and there” all a consequence of memory? If one could not remember “here”, what meaning would “there” have? If I cannot remember “now”, how do I define “then”? If I cannot remember this moment, what does forever mean? So memory seems to be the key to all dimensions. No dimension without memory. No duality without memory!? Hmm is that true? I think it actually is. You would say “subject” and “object” can be separate without memory, but is that really so? Doesn’t the separation in any dimension, and that is what it is in the end, already require a memory?

So what is this ominous memory that creates everything and where does it reside? I have no answer for that (yet) but maybe this cannot be answered intellectually anyway. Is consciousness and memory the same in the end? Isn’t consciousness already the separation into “seer” and “seen”, which I deducted above already requires memory? Without consciousness there is only absolute, which is not our “nothing” because that is defined as the opposite of “something” but the absolute is beyond any duality and as that there cannot not be anything separate from the absolute per definition. But this is not a factual thing, as we are used to deal with, but there is not even the possibility of anything existing separate from the absolute. I claim that this logically implies the existence of the dualistic world already, as contradictory as it sounds, but if it didn’t there would be the possibility of dualism existing separate from the absolute and this possibility is not allowed per definition. But then again, logic is also just a concept, obviously. So we are really left with nothing but consciousness in the end, the only fact we can be sure of beyond any concept.

I know this has nothing to do anymore with the original subject of my message to you, but your statement “what is the point here? I personally I don’t see any” made me think you might be interested in thinking beyond all this as far as we are able to.

Of course I can see from what I write above that there is no point in me writing anything to anybody. It just is so, nothing is happening.


Dear Frank,

this is a very good contribution to the nonsense-topic of 3d-realities, duality and separation – be they dreamt or real.

Here is my ultimate solution to this primary gnostic question, which I have presented in my five gnostic books.

All-That-Is is Being and all subsets of it are U-sets of Being – that is to say, they contain Being as an element – and thus are always part of Being.

As everything is Being, there is no such thing as Non-Being = Nothing.

However the very idea of Non-Being /Nothing is so powerful for the Source = All-That-Is = Being that it wants to explore it further. This leads to the Source starting to dream worlds of Non-being. But this is actually impossible as every dream is already something. Hence the source must resort to a trick.

It begins to create/dream new states = U-sets of Being that are artificially separated from All-That-Is /Source from the point of view of the consciousness /conscious energy which the source projects into this artificially separated reality. In other words the projected consciousness in such realities is severed artificially from the cosmic spirit for the sake of the experiment exploring Nothing = Non-Being.

This is the eschatology how the 3d worlds have been created by the Source = All-That-Is in the first place. All other attributes, such as karma, duality etc. are of secondary character as to make the game operational and somewhat predictable with respect to the outcome. However within this new reality of pseudo N-sets –  sets that do not contain themselves and the Being as an element – there is an unlimited potential for the creation of new conditions of life and their exploration.

This is independent of the fact that these separated realities from the source are dream-like and illusory in their premises, so that they are not actually needed for the existence /being of the Source, respectively the Whole. But the Whole = All-That-Is gains more experience from such weird separated realities that mimic the state of Non-Being = Nothing and thus enrich it with new insights.

This is the ultimate eschatological reason for the creation /dreaming of 3d-realities as Being artificially separated from the Source.

Mathematically, this basic decision of creation of artificial Non-Being = Nothing can be presented as follows:

Being = All-That-Is is Something.
The Opposite category /Exclusion of Being is Nothing.

Being – Nothing

As Nothing does not exist, Being has to create it as an artificial category in order to explore its opposite state, which is Nothing. Only in this way can Being realize its own nature by juxtaposing it to its opposite. Between Being and the artificial Non-Being, there can be infinite gradations of separation that lead to infinite results and experiences.

This earth has reached the highest possible separation and resemblance to Non-Being = Nothing. Its ascension now is hence a huge experiment for the Source to explore how this extreme, artificial, dream-like state of Non-Being can be integrated again (retrieved) in the real state of Being.

I think that this suffices for the moment.

With love and light

Dear George,

yes that suffices. Thank you for your time and effort to reply to my emails.

With love and light,

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