4D-Final Scenario

Sai Baba
cnannelled by Jahn J Kassl on June 12, 2013

first published in English on June 16, 2013 in

translated by Björn Kurt


I’m at a light reading. SAI BABA is sitting on my left thigh as an approximately 2-3 year old child (typical for him in the last life on earth with his mop of curly hair that starts to show). I start to write the message. Loads of people are pushing into the rather small room.

Even on the podium, where I sit and write, there is such a crowd that I can hardly move my writing hand. Three women prepare their own presentation of a product that is not fitting at all in this light reading and on top of that they did not even ask for permission. They are distributing brochures to the audience before they leave the room. I get up and talk to the people that this „co-event“ is not being welcomed and everyone who is here because of this should leave the room now. I repeat this speech after the room got filled to the max and also the three ladies have returned. Immediately a good quarter leaves the room and a big peace reigns. I continue to write the message, little Sai Baba still sitting on my left thigh.

SAI BABA hands me after all this is cleared a new sheet of white paper and under tears of joy I start again with my work. Remarkably I had a transparent sheet of paper before, but on which it was hard to write, and SAI BABA kept reminding me to speak up to the ladies, so they would leave the room. While I continue on the message I notice how little words are given and I am especially aware of the energy of unity and love in this room… (I wake up).

Beloved Ones,

This dream symbolizes the current state of being on the “highest” 4D hologram of Earth and shows that the journey’s end is imminent.

I am SAI BABA and let us consider these dream images in the light of God:

The light reading stands for the highest vibrating 4D Earth hologram. Many people who are pushing in that small room means that many more want to be part of this, even if they were not foreseen to participate. The three women indicate that they are out of place, they disrupt another event and want to exploit it for themselves – to obtain their own profit by swindling.

This scene clearly shows that on this 4D Earth there are lots of disturbing factors and means that the differently vibrating levels will have to be separated first. That these women and people are requested to leave by Jahn and Sai Baba shows that they are not able to remain for a long time on this level and that it is necessary to remind them that they have to go. They would not do so by themselves, so they need some pressure.

On a cosmic level this means that through the separation of the 4D-levels this pressure is being generated and encourages the people to go to the place of their choice. The transparent sheet, on which Jahn has trouble writing properly, points to the transparency of the holograms where nothing can be achieved (the letters will not stick to the paper). Multiple things exist at the same time before it is dissolved.

This dream shows in relation to the unsolicited light reading visitors in summary: that the so called “4D-free-riders” may reach the top ranks, but eventually they will be removed. These copycats are primarily beings originating from the esoteric scene, which is declining deeper into errors and these beings now try to match the Highest Level, although they never awoke to these vibrations within their being. Therefore they are not able to recognize the „rules of the game“ of a light reading and hence play their own game. In addition to that is their intention to hinder or at least delay the ascension of the humans to 5D-Earth.

The three women remind of the abuse of the feminine power and the misdirected female energy which is significant for spiritual awakening on the „lower ranks“. The global esoteric scene in the lower 4D holograms has declared the Woman per se to be a sanctuary. Very often the recognition of the feminine is being claimed regardless of its aspect or appearance and the power of discrimination is being overridden.

The denominator is: Everything that is female and a woman is good, and considering this with a critical eye is being treated with contempt. The misguided female energies blow themselves up to the highest vibrating level of 4D-earth one last time in a mighty way (by the superposition of the holograms), before they are being rebuked by the male force (being reprimanded by Jahn and SAI BABA in the dream).

Only then there is balance. For centuries, the earth and the people suffered under the dominance of the male. Now for the last three decades, this has shifted toward femininity – to the other extreme – which means that the balance between the poles has not yet been attained and is (in the dream by the prompting of Jahn to the crowd to leave the light reading) now being established.

Me sitting on the left thigh means that I am sitting close to the heart which points to the left brain. Means: Use your mind and before all your faculty of discrimination because not all which is presented in a beautiful light is light or even beautiful.

That these women advertise their own product, points out that they strife to create disagreement, uncertainty and doubt. Also this scene shows in which complex way the change on this 4D-light holographic earth is evolving.

And finally, I am the one that is accompanying all these changes in a supportive way. That means: Ascended Masters are ubiquitous and supporting you on the spot, in all respects. That I perform as a child, points to the purity and innocence as well as the white paper that I hand over to Jahn in order to write.

The highest 4-D light earth truly marks the transition into the fifth dimension of being and is now being freed of all overlays of space and time. Only a relatively small number of people will reside on this level, before they may change directly to 5D earth. This is yet a dynamic and fluid process and much is still possible, even if many things can be already excluded now.


This vision shows that it is about freeing the highest vibrating hologram of the 4D earth from all inadequate forces, which can still interfere due to the superpositions of the holograms by request of the master on site and the Ascended Masters. The time has come now, time to come clear. In a loving way, yet unmistakably and with all decisiveness you can bring in.

The Ascension to 5D is being prepared and all the people who are not up to that will have to leave (End of Interpretation).

Beloved ones, so far to this. The time of the big challenges is continuing. The great dramas are subsiding, the last big decisions are being made. Essential for anyone who is now ascending into the light is to be aware of the fact that due to the superposition of the 4D holograms there may be some heckling.

And it is essential that you willingly and courageously state the clarifications that are needed. Because the ignorant often requires only one clear word to be caught in his unfair actions and to go on the run. It is about the “small conflicts”, which will now interfere in your life, because you who have climbed the highest level on 4D are ridded of the big dramas long since.

Mindfulness and the faculty of discrimination – these are the attributes of these last days in the period before we all arrive in timeless being and enter the big reunion celebration in the supernatural and transcendental Temples of Heaven.

SAI BABA knows every human heart and knows every human soul and meets all human beings with this light, with his truth and his love.

Who lets me in, shall be gaining eternal life, who rejects me, rejects himself because I am the mirror of all mirrors and I serve all people as a reflection of their self until they may recognize themselves as being divine.

The 4D-final scenario has begun, the last distortions are smoothed and the last attempts to distract the humans from their final ascent are being made before they will finally fail miserably.

We, the master of this and many worlds, have been handed over the “scepter of the world separation” from the Creator, and we are the ones who are separating the wheat from the chaff and we are the ones who distinguish between the good and the bad fruits.

In the last days before the Ascension, we are handed by the Creator all the power and we shall use it and we know how to use it in a wise way. Healed is the world, sanctified is the man, who in this world shall serve until the final whistle.

I am with you all the time and ever.
I am the living Christ Consciousness at all levels of creation and all-one with God

Dear George,

yes, it seems we are on the finish line … and this message points out to this fact.

I thank you for your letter, yes, calmness and serenity, these are the best companion during this time, because that is how any news or changes can be mastered well – our arrival in heaven is certain, when and how is (at least for me) still a little bit uncertain.

I send you joy from the Kingdom of Peace of the Lord

Dear Jahn,

the subject of the last message is my favorite theme. It is a leitmotif in all publications, in which I criticize the esoteric scene. I would like to refer one more time to this article, which I translated into German, since the comparisons with your message are startling:


English version:

I have sent your last message to Björn for translation. I have already translated and published the previous message from Sananda yesterday.

This night  I was repeatedly given two dates for the ascension process – 21st / 22nd of June and June 26/27. The second date was related to upheavals of the masses and how I had to calm them down. Although I cannot say what exactly will happen on those days, these must be important dates because I dreamed all night about them.


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