My Trip Down the Rabbit Hole Started in the Pharmaceutical Industry

by Gwen Olsen, May 10, 2013

Since I began speaking out about the drugging of our children with the publishing of my book,Confessions of an Rx Drug Pusher, in 2005, I have been labeled a lot of different things. First, I was accused of being a Scientologist after receiving a human rights award from the Citizens Commission on Human Rights in 2007. Subsequently, I was dropped like a hot potato by a mainstream Christian publisher that I was negotiating with to re-publish my book. This label greatly amused me considering I had previously sold psychiatric drugs for Pharma.

Next, I was accused on a number of blogs and viewer’s comments under YouTube videos I released, of being a radical, charismatic Christian because of my upbringing and use of Biblical scripture in response to the fundamentalist critics who had accused me of being a Scientologist!

Then, I was accused of attending a New Age church when a popular Christian poet declined my request to use of one his poems in my book. Apparently, the Web site of the Unity Church I attended did not pass muster upon review and he deemed it to appear “New Age”. None of these characterizations of me or my belief systems were accurate. In fact, I consider myself a sovereign spiritual being.

However, there is no label that makes me chuckle harder than to be called a “conspiracy theorist”. If they only knew, I think to myself. There are many days that I would gladly put that rabbit back into the hat if I could! It is painful enough to be awake and empathic to the horrors taking place all around me. But to be attacked and ridiculed by a zombified collective of brain-dead idiots while I am trying to alert their asses to the dangers all around them, can be very frustrating at times. Yes, I realize that I must forge on and continue to sound the alarm to whomever is willing to listen–labels and personal discomfort be damned! So, I do it for our children. I do it for the human race!

I never intended to become a whistleblower or an activist of any kind. I considered myself an over achiever and aspired to attain a higher socio-economic standing than birth into my family of origin had provided. I never really felt like I fit into the whole corporate America “suit” role but I was a good actress. I had grown up on the stage in various capacities such as musical performances and pageantry. In other words, I knew what was expected of me in order to succeed in the control matrix and I played my part well.

When I left the pharmaceutical industry in 2000 with a DSM label and a shattered self esteem, I never dreamed of becoming a psychiatric poster child, or even considered where this activism journey might take me 13 years later. My trip down the rabbit hole began long before I wrote my book in 2005. But I really only started to connect the dots to the bigger picture of harm when I began research for my niece who was withdrawing from antidepressants. She was suffering from manic psychotic episodes coupled with suicidal and homicidal ideation and she eventually died from self-immolation.

It was utterly clear to me that a meta-analysis of all the clinical evidence of the dangers of antidepressants versus the nominal efficacy should have truncated their use in the general population–particularly in children–except for the treatment of severe episodic depression. However, the risk-to-benefit ratio of these drugs was completely ignored and a massive marketing campaign ensued, by the pharmaceutical industry and their lapdogs in the APA and the FDA, ensnaring consumers into believing they could “design their own moods” with a feel good pill. Prozac even graced the cover of Time magazine being promoted as a breakthrough designer drug for personality.

None of the decades of cover up and stone-walling to warn the public about antidepressants made any sense to me. Even for economic gain in the billions of dollars, it didn’t seem logical considering the degree and extent of public harm that appeared to be taking place. There was so much evidence accumulating surrounding the negative safety profile of these drugs, and literally tens of thousands of lawsuits pending that alleged causal damages. Yet few of the providers of psychiatric services were expressing concern for their patients who suffered horribly from the drugs’ side effects. Everyone seemed to be focused on the promotion and use of antidepressants maintaining “control” of the patient’s moods and behaviors.

In fact, there appeared to be a concerted effort taking place to expand the use of several categories of psychiatric mind-altering drugs into younger and younger patient populations pathologizing many normal childhood behaviors and diagnosing them as psychiatric disorders in order to “treat” them. Children who were once deemed shy were now being diagnosed as mentally ill and labeled with social anxiety disorder. As a result, they are forcibly given dangerous, mind-altering chemicals to alter their behavior and make them more socially acceptable.

From 1994-2000, I served as a volunteer Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) and worked with abused and neglected children in the Texas foster care system. I was immediately alarmed by the excessive prescribing of major psychiatric drugs to extremely young children–as young as two and three years of age. The harder I fought in court to prevent children from being drugged, the more drugs were added to their treatment plans by the attending state psychiatrists. Drugging these children was the rule–not the exception. Unfortunately, a disproportionate number of these foster kids were children of color and some of our most disenfranchised citizens.

Often it was the foster parents that lobbied to have the child drugged. I soon found out that children on psychotropic drugs are considered a higher level of care and garner more monthly income for their foster and/or residential care. Additionally, because of the Texas Medication Algorithm Project (TMAP) in Texas, these kids were receiving the newest, most expensive branded drugs available on the market. There were many other more cost effective and older, generic alternatives available with proven track records and safety profiles.

I did not, at that time, suspect a larger social agenda or government conspiracy of any kind and, quite frankly, had myself made light of the “tinfoil hat wearers” on occasion. Until in 2007, I met Dr. Colin Ross from Dallas, Texas. Dr. Ross is a psychiatrist who has written and spoken out extensively about the CIA-sponsored, “MK Ultra” mind control program and how the use of psychotropic drugs and hypnotic suggestion are covertly used.

MK Ultra research eventually led me to whistleblower testimonies by Cathy O’Brien and Jay Parker, who had been ritually abused and programmed with the use of trauma and drugs as children. They were able to undo their programming through alternative therapies and counseling as adults. They have since recalled their abuse and are now speaking out in graphic detail about their abuse and abusers. It is up to you to use personal discernment about the credibility of their testimony. However, many of the details they have disclosed are congruent with other survivor’s reports.

At first, discovery of these witnesses created my own case of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). I had a very difficult time assimilating the depravity of the information contained in these personal testimonies. But additional due diligence on this subject matter proved to uncover yet layer upon layer of this onion that only got stronger and stinkier the deeper down I peeled.

Sometimes you encounter information that completely alters your concept of reality. Such was the nature of this information for me. It changed my world. I spent weeks of sleepless nights pouring over documents and historical data reported online, in journals, TV and newspapers, searching for clues and connecting the dots of this terrifying issue. I tried to prove this couldn’t possibly be true only to come to the steadfast conclusion that, not only were children being used as a profit-center for drugging, but they were also being utilized and abused by an extensive network of powerful, elite pedophiles worldwide; serving as sex slaves and pornography subjects for “snuff” films and Satanic ritual sacrifices. Does that suggestion offend your sense of decency?

I hope so, because I’m counting on it! This behavior is beyond sick. Pedophilia and other depraved sexual acts are the preferred method of control and blackmail used among many of the world’s politicians and powerful elite. Investigation after investigation has revealed that information about these practices has been squelched and covered-up for decades by the Catholic church, state and federal politicians, the judicial branches, law enforcement agencies, school and child care facilities personnel, the media, and anywhere else that a victim might turn for help (for further information watch this video). No wonder they are drugging and programming this nation into an apathetic, robotic stupor. Otherwise, pretty soon someone was bound to take notice of the bodies piling up!

If you don’t believe me, it won’t take much effort with a computer search engine to see how rampant this problem is worldwide and how authorities are handling it. Google up the Franklin cover-up in Nebraska, the Jimmy Savile case in the U.K., the Jerry Sandusky case at Penn State, in the U.K., the Dutroux case in Belgiumthe plethora of Catholic priests convicted of sexual abuse in the past decade, Boy Scout leaders and pedophilia,  Satanic ritual and trauma abuse, and then see what a putrid can of worms you have opened. But please don’t bury your head in the sand hoping that it won’t ever happen to any child you know and/or thinking that these are rare and isolated incidents of violence and perversion. According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, over 800,000 children go missing every year in this country alone. That’s roughly 2,000 children every day!

Granted not all of these children stay missing as roughly half are run-away teens and another 200,000 are illegal parental abductions. To further confound the statistics the FBI designates some missing personsincidents, both children and adults, that are most dire as “endangered” or “involuntary”. There are over 100,000 such cases categorized as “endangered”–the vast majority of those being children. About 30,000 are categorized as “involuntary”. Only about 100, however, fit the profile of the stereo-typical abduction by a stranger or vague acquaintance.

One thread leads to another and soon it begins to unravel the established version of reality that we have been programmed to believe. Mainly, that we are free moral agents, that Americans are the champions of the world, and that our government leaders are benevolent benefactors and servants of the people. (I will pause here if you would like to put on your boots…) Once you have connected the dots you cannot ignore the bigger picture that’s revealed. There is a small group of psychopathic personalities ruling our world.

The heinous crimes being perpetrated against our children are unimaginable to normal hearts and minds. We reject the very idea that authority figures we admire and trust would treat us, much less our kids, in such a sick, calloused way. But I have discovered that these people do not have normal human hearts and minds. They are not capable of compassion and empathy. These people have inbred psychopathic and sociopathic personalities created by generations of ritualistic abuse and trauma-based mind programming.

Remember the old adage, children learn what they live. These psychopaths are only concerned with themselves and their acquisition of money and power. They could care less about the “useless eaters” of the world which are mostly comprised of the poor, the children, the infirm, and the elderly.

Did I aspire to join the rank and file of the so-called conspiracy theorists such as David Icke and Alex Jones? No. I did my best initially to distance myself from everything but the issue of psychiatric drugging, in an attempt to retain whatever remained of my professional credibility.

But I cannot stay silent about the most shocking details of my discovery into the nefarious underworld that affects our children’s health and welfare. Some of my followers have suggested I should stick to the subject matter I’m best known for, drugging our kids, and avoid discussing some of the more difficult aspects of the bigger related conspiracy–the sexual abuse and even murder of our kids by men and women in positions of power and wealth.

We have been socially conditioned to defer our power to authority figures like our priests, our policemen, our political leaders, our teachers, our scout leaders, our coaches and our caretakers making it easier for them to prey upon our defenseless, obedient children. Think about it. Better yet, be bold enough to investigate it. Peruse and read the links contained within this article and stick with it no matter how deeply it offends your senses. Imagine the impact this moral cancer has had on our society as a whole. It makes the insanity projected all around us–the senseless war and violence, graphic images depicted in media and music, corporate and political corruption, the celebration of gratuitous and perverted sex, children and teenage girls encouraged to dress and behave like prostitutes, rampant drug and alcohol addiction among our youth–all become a little more comprehensible in light of this information. Again, children live what they learn.

I have always let my heart and my conscience be my guide when speaking out about hard truths. May all of you reading this have the courage and conviction to do the same for the sake of the children. We are the many and they are the few!

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