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Asana Mahatari
channeled by Jahn J. Kassl, May 24, 2013

translated by Björn Kurt


I am shown a home where homeless and penniless people find a shelter. The home manager leads me through the big house and is proud of what he and the society is doing for all the outsiders. I see fairly clean rooms, blankets and all in all, satisfied faces. I do have the impression this scene takes place in Romania. Then the manager leaves me on my own and I stride alone through the house. Suddenly I am approached by a totally neglected figure. A woman, and as I can see in her eyes she had lived through a fair share of ugly destiny but without having lost her inner glow.

She leads me to a lower level of the house which cannot be seen and where unbearable misery reigns. People live there in burrows and real holes in the ground, without food, without water, without clothing, without blankets at least to cover the bare ground which is muddy, uneven and wet. I see people sleeping on the ground and right in front of me a 10 year old girl covered by flesh wounds trying to find some sleep. An oppressive and ugly scene. This level, the woman tells me, is hidden from everybody, nobody on the outside knows about this level and it is concealed from the public. This is the truth and we have nothing. Pure misery. Then I try with all means to help these people somehow by organizing blankets and beds. However, all attempts are failing and come to a dead end. (Vision End. This vision is repeated throughout the night over and continues in the morning, after I had been on the toilet, and went back to sleep in an endless loop)


There are crimes against humanity, committed by the elite – the Satanists of our time. They want to keep their true intentions secret under all circumstances until the very end. Outwardly, they present themselves in a nice appearance, charitable events are booming (in the home dream).

People in the burrows have no chance to help themselves and also outside help fail s(in the dream by Jahn). This is the scene that 3D offers and that’s what it means to be stranded on 3D. The woman keeps her inner radiance, which means the spiritual fire of the people never dies – not even in 3D. The dream indicates that currently everything is done to hide the true intentions of the elite and shows that the people who agree to this slavery get redeemed at a later time because their internal fire never dies. The hole in the ground symbolizes the tight ring and the darkness in which these people vegetate, with no prospect of relief. For a certain lapse of time this plan will be working on the Earth 3D level but only up to the day when these people will have exhausted all experiences.

Help for those who have decided to stay on 3D is not near for the time being. Even if the woman in the dream is looking for help. That means – that the people who are stranded on 3D and call for help will not get such immediate help.

The many repetitions of the dream represent the many incarnation cycles of people that remain on 3D because their experiences will be repeating over and over again within the next 1,000 years, until once again an Ascended Master will incarnate on 3D (see message 7 x 7 GENERATIONS) and these people turn away from 3D. An enormous amount of suffering and misery to awaken – almost unbearable for a human due to the choice of the individual groups, becomes now the only option to occur. (interpretation of JJK)

Loved ones,


Yes, a part of mankind has chosen a new chapter of their history full of sorrows. This request is granted and the heavens bow to you who choose suffering and pain until the bells of freedom will ring for you at a great Age of Love and Light. The interpretation is correct, the dream is a clear mirror of events, which are currently still in the background and remain invisible for many of you.

Furthermore, this dream points out the specific mission of Jahn and shows that the hidden horror that characterizes the 3D plane has to be named and shamed, so it has to be acknowledged. Jahn’s role as a channel for spiritual light levels of Being is to be open for all that is coming from Light levels of Being.

To that effect, he had been trained and this is his essential part of his direct missions during this time. To deliver messages, free of “esoteric softeners”, in the “we-are-all-so-nice-to-each-other” -diction.

Imagine an alarm clock which you have set nicely on the time you want to wake up. If this alarm clock is set too low, you will go back to sleep – for only a clearly audible ringtone guarantees that you can wake up. This unique task Jahn has taken over and so the word of the Higher Realms is brought to mankind by the Lichtweltverlag (Light World Publishing House) and the whole Team. These messages are free from fear and not afraid to be straight and clear. As a result, people can see what is going on and so they can avoid having their destiny, getting mashed up in the esoteric merry-go-round.

I consciously choose those words, so that each can clearly decide what he wants. And I choose these words to you in the messages to Jahn that have been published in the recent days and that will be published in the days to come in order to prepare you. Because those who suspect in these truths any kind of fear mongering instead of looking forward to ascending is well advised to turn his attention to his unredeemed fears. A thunderstorm is only feared by those whose painful memories are still lingering unresolved in the energetic bodies and need to be cured.

Let me point out that a big part of the Esoteric Scene is “contaminated”. This means that many people, who believe to serve the light with their best intentions, are in fact part of the program of mind control exercised through the dark forces which will prevail on 3D Earth.

These days the Earth 3D, 4D and 5D will separate and no stone will be left unturned.

All the messages that are given to Jahn have the deeper sense of breaking through the ice of ignorance and the thick walls behind which esoteric oases of wellbeing without any actual power have been flourishing. This resounding alarm cannot be overheard as it is supposed to awaken those, so they can – at the last moment – bridge the time and master space, so they can at least make it to the 4D level. Whatever knowledge is given to you in the next days has to be placed in the proper context in order to be absorbed in love and joy. A cleared heart manages this with ease, while a unreleased heart is rejecting such truth by all means.

To the people who – driven by either motives – read this blog and which doubt again and again in these messages the heavenly gifts or the comments written by the author. To those people who drift away into vague fears as soon as things are named, which is guaranteed by the highest realms to be happening – let me recommend you:

Stay away from this blog!

It is a time in which the foundation for the truth must be established in your hearts  because every unresolved fear is creating fearful reactions in the most inappropriate contexts. The current priority of the “Light World Publishing House” whose patron and protector is Me – ASANA MAHATARI, is to describe and expose these “abominable burrows” where beings vegetate which are totally destitute and had been left by all – as depicted in the dream.

It is the task of this medium to expose to the daylight all dark deeds which are too keenly kept out of the public attention, and therefore the readers’ letters and comments in the future will be point-blank and for some also “fear provoking”. You have to let go off the idea that everyone has chosen the light. Absolutely not. All men are in their essence pure love and light. However should this core be veiled because an individual has made this choice, then this individual is beyond the reach of the energy of love. To accept this, many “light warriors” have troubles – same as to accept the term “light warrior”.

And so the satanic elite were very successful in infiltrating the esoteric scene and they created this level of “we-are-all-so-nice-to-each-other” feeling, just to be working secretly for the advancement of the New World Order.

There are still Obama advocates among channels and Obama is still considered a shining light, where even the blind can see, whose servant Obama has decided to become, to be and to remain. This as an example, that you may pick up more easily the track that leads to a message full of light and discern it from the messages being manipulated by the dark forces.

There is no negotiating, nor arranging with the dark forces – on the level of spiritual realms we had to make this experience repeatedly. Countless opportunities remained untouched – again and again. They are parasites that continue to enslave humanity on 3D Earth to an extend yet unheard of.

This can only be confronted with an absolute fearless attitude and by public exposure of their crimes in order to remove them. This is done in the light world-blog – and not only there – until the moment where the levels of 3D, 4D and 5D have completely detached from one another. And so it happens in order to wake up people until the very last moment.

For the loud alarm clock ringtone urges you to awake. The “master of healing shocks” which Jahn is, acts on Earth. Pursue the path of light or keep away, as you still wish to create other or new experiences in the world of evanescence.

Please, become a self responsible being – for what you read and for what you do. It is neither Jahn nor the light world publishing house, nor an individual member of the publishing team that is to be held responsible for your fears – you are solely responsible for them. You read where you all-knowing soul will take you and if this should be the abode of your fear – please resolve this fear instantly or:


I am the One to witness the cool wind of creation coming down upon the 3D Earth. I am the One describing the Masses of Waters, Fire Storms and Earth Movements from the Now. I am the One which has left no stone unturned – with the help of countless light warriors – to spare humanity from this coming experience. I am the One who knows what we are talking about here.

“No stone will be left standing” – this is exactly what is meant to happen in the time to come. There is no room for illusions nor excuses. It is about having done your home work and not just starting to do it. Or to be stuck in the middle of long lasting transformation periods.


Ascend and come – there is yet an opportunity! Get hold of your self responsibility and come for you alone, decide at which window display you dwell, which shop you enter and which spiritual gift you offer your own self.

I am, who loves you infinitely, who loves the clarity of words, so everything can be understood.


Dear readers,

all messages which Master ASANA MAHATARI spoke about through this channeling were already received and will soon be published on the light world blog. It’s all about the 3D/4D/5D earth split. Which means, these layers of reality will be separated.

For the fears, which may occur along this reading, you have my compassion, since I know about the source of those fears. But I have no understanding for people which feel a need to confront us with their anxieties or blame the messages, the publishing house or me for their unredeemed fears.

Therefore I request all those concerned to refrain from any harassment towards the team of the Light World Publishing House and me in form of e-mails, telephone calls. In this way we can continue to do our job far from the influence of any kind of external fears. One of the most important duties of the Light World Team is to keep our energy fields clean, fearless and full of light, so we can do our work.

In this sense be assured that I will continue and I’ll keep my channel pure to keep naming things by their names. I shall pass on the gifts of heaven meant for mankind and I shall take no false considerations.

So to speak for the coming messages, which may completely upset your spiritual conception of the world, it is left up to you alone whether you would like to be a hindrance or a help, while we are publishing these messages.

If you are among the helpers, be honored If you are a hindrance – that is also honored. Because there is one fact and this is that all people are at all levels of being unique. Now you can look forward to everything coming and it’s a lot.

And look forward to creating more experiences whether you choose to stay or to ascend. One thing is certain. At the end of all times we find ourselves all in the original source of all existence – God.

In love
Jahn J Kassl

PS:. All here pre-announced messages have already been published in English in:

An Internet portal, which I would like to warmly recommend my readers if they want to learn more about the events of this time, because often it is the angle that determines the understanding or not-understanding, and one more perspective, particularly of this power, clarity and quality, can solve any blockages.

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