Recipe of Time

Asana Mahatari
Jahn J Kassl, channeled on May 27, 2013
first published on May 30, 2013 in

Translated by Georgi Stankov

We live timeless, we are timeless, we are omnipresent being in God. We are human, we are gods, we are neither and both at the same time – we are everything and nothing, we are living, peace, happiness and love, we are the Alpha and the Omega, the bliss we are in God. We are infinite consciousness. In eternity. Loved ones, whether you are caught in the human body, especially since you very often feel so, whether you are alive at the ethereal levels, whether you work in this world or beyond the veil. Everything, absolutely everything is a question of your consciousness.

Did you know that there are countless mistakes and a lack of awareness in the subtle realms? Yes, the idiocy, that is to say, the illusion that anything in the universe can separate from other existences, is not only present on earth, but also widely distributed in apparently highly evolved beings with far more developed bodies, as soon as they decide to live this state of awareness. This is the level of the fourth dimension.

The full magic and freedom of the world, in which the entities have then decided to enter into a partial enslavement, is to have an experience of limitation that will enable them to redeem karma. What is meant by this? It means that neither the skills, nor the molecular structure of a being is relevant for the level of his awareness. Subtle beings are often of such a malignancy that is rarely found on earth, coupled with the opportunities to overcome time and space at will, which is truly miraculous for those who have no knowledge of it.

That being said, never trust blindly, when you are visited by entities from the subtle plane of existence. Closely scrutinize with whom you have to do and why you were granted with this visit. That is to say, you should encounter these spirits of the Otherworld neither with censure nor with credulous confidence, but with the power of distinction, and you also will know to discern the good from the evil, the dark from the light.

Is there a recipe that unmasks each entity, no matter how well it disguises himself in the image of light? Yes, in fact – the recipe is love and light. If from this being a cool white light emanates, so keep away from him. If from this being a warm light and love emanates, enter it and speak: “I am the love, the life and the truth – who are you?” Then wait for an answer?

Currently, the phase of alien sightings has begun on the earth. Sightings of beings from other realms will increase and not everyone who is subtle, is also full of light. This  message makes you aware of this fact, so that you stay awake, alert and accurate observers of the sky, for verily: The deceptions end as soon as all levels of light are separated from each other and all soul transfers are completed, which means:

Those, who have chosen 5D, will also arrive and anchor on this plane of existence. Therefore: Stay vigilant witnesses of this time because much is not as it seems to you. The light of God illuminates your way, in Christ consciousness each light recognizes itself as such and any dark force, regardless of its camouflage can be also recognized.


You are protected beyond all measure, you who shall ascend to heaven. The time of ascension is also the time of chaos, in which everything happens at the same time and all is coming to the surface at the same time – like the water of an underground river that penetrates to the surface because the soil was carried away; by the wind of time, by the will of God, due to the change which has now fully encompassed this world.

Scan your last illusions when you have to do with forces coming from previously unseen worlds, for verily: dark and light come forth alternately and interweave the level of 4D, with which you still have to do in a massive way. This condition will continue for some time. Therefore, this is given to you at this place – the earth drifts apart, the vibrations of 3D and 5D are so different that as of today (May 27) everyone who will ascend to 5D, will no longer be reached by the events on 3D and can no longer be permanently harmed. The age of miracles has commenced.

Now you can add a miracle to this time, namely, the miracle that you can discern the good from the evil, the light from the dark, no matter from which world and level they come from. It is given.

Forever – I am the light of creation, the violet-gold ray of transformation, which is ubiquitous on the earth 4D and 5D, now that the next steps in the ascension and separation process are implemented. The Love has conquered, the light has triumphed. Everything is real, everything comes back to its original place in Being. We are all one, remember this well: We all are one in God. Besides this truth, there is no other truth that is worth mentioning. We are one in God!


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