The Psychopathic Merry-Go-Round of the US Orion Cabal is Finally Coming to an End

by Georgi Stankov, May 8, 2013

It is truism that all ruling cabal are psychopaths, whether they are called Reagan, Bush, Clinton or Obama, not to forget Tony Blair and Giulio Andreotti, the Pate of the Italian political and real mafia, who has died two days ago, only to name few of the psychopathic, mad men that have governed this toxic planet so far, but must now finally face their dire destiny.

We, the PAT, will detonate our supernova very soon and thus trigger the ID split that will  heave Gaia and humanity to paradise, while we will catapult at the same time this bunch of rascals into the hell-earth B, where even no plant seeds will grow as Asana Mahatari tells us it his latest message. There is no other way how to get rid of these psychopaths. This clean solution is not only part of the divine plan of Godhead for these dark entities, but can be also easily concluded when one applies a common sense from a conventional, though educated point of view.

The following video discusses the psychopathy of the current ruling elite in the USA and explains why their full separation from the rest of society is the only viable solution to guarantee a healthy social progress of a civil society. Hence the ID split and our decision to create a new timeline – the balanced earth A/B – where some dark entities may be allowed to dwell, but will not be permitted to infest with their psychopathic thoughts the society or even rule the people as is the case now, where the one percent psychopaths contaminate the 99% of the incarnated souls with their imbecilities:

Psychopathy in Politics and Finance

Á propos, “imbecilities”, watch this next video on the FBI sponsored terror in the USA and how this psychopathic aberration of the darkest US minds was deliberately instrumentalized to create a massive programming to dumb down the US population to accept the collective lie of Islamic terrorism and to give their consent to declare a world wide war on the rest of humanity:

American Terror: Manufactured by the FBI

Psychopathic ideas have the tendency to expand and encompass the whole mentality of
the ill individual in order to eliminate the schizophrenic splitting between some healthy ideas/views, which the mentally ill person acquires from his still uninfected surroundings and the distorted perception of his expanding pathological mind. This inner psychological dynamics of any human madness is known as early as the late 19th century when modern psychology was developed in Austria, Germany and France.

What is the purpose of sponsoring state terrorism by the FBI, as is the case with Boston bombing lately, if it only serves to put only the US population in perennial fear, to limit their civil rights through new draconian anti-terror laws and install the NWO in the end, if the rest of the mankind does not play to your rules of madness.

Being mad entities, who have taken full control over this asylum called Terra, the dark cabal must take care that all people are imprisoned in this same asylum, so that there are no normal voices heard that might claim the opposite and thus challenge the “only true” reality of their perpetuating and deepening madness.

If some normal and critical persons are too freedom-loving or stubborn to be imprisoned or even decide to fight for their human rights, the self-imposed ruling cabal believe to have every right to kill such people without a remorse, be they astronomers, who discover in the sky their lies about Nibiru or US presidents, such as James A. Garfield, 20th US-President (1831-1881), Abraham Lincoln, the 16th US-President or John F. Kennedy, all of whom did not want to play any longer to the heinous script of the ruling 13 families of the financial Orion /Reptilian cabal and planned to challenge their monetary monopoly by bold financial reforms, as Jahn J Kassl writes in his latest essay of today.

The final solution within the psychopathic cabal mind can only be the Jewish “Endlösung” by the German Nazis, the annihilation of humanity, the perpetuation of human genocide through false flag wars as this video explains:

Faking It: How the Media Manipulates the World into War

The most staggering fact is the complacency, with which humanity allows to be mired by the mainstream media, who are fully subjugated to the hidden Orion dark cabal and are in the possession of a few sinister dark moguls (Orion clones or shape-shifters), such as the most infamous mass media criminal Murdoch, who should have been put to prison long time ago for violating so many Orion laws that it is a crying scandal that this man still walks free and continues with his stenching work to suffocate the minds of the Western masses.

Unfortunately the masses allow the greatest psychopaths on the earth to manipulate their minds, only to become indignant when they are made aware of this stark fact, as recently this stupid goose Desiree did, who is now continuing to bother me with further idiotic emails that only document my diagnosis of her progressive, productive psychopathy. The main symptom of all psychopaths is their persistent, expanding “Zwangsneurose” (forced neurosis).

Apply this diagnosis to the ruling cabal in the West and you have a very precise picture where the catastrophic timeline B is heading to: To a society, where the future human slaves will have to pay money to a central Orion bank and then they will receive just enough to survive and work, but will be regularly punished by withholding their existential minimal account of money when they do not fully obey to their Orion masters. The template for this future slave society was first laid and tested on the small island of Cyprus, but, as I have written in previous publications, this template is planned since long time ago to be applied to the whole humanity as this video explains:

“Financial Cleansing”: The Cyprus Bail-in Global Banking Template

Do you want much more proofs why earth has been the planet of psychopaths? Only if you are a psychopath yourself and indulge in this mind state, you would demand for more, like a masochist who asks for more pain. Precisely this conclusion was made in the higher realms and it was decided that a substantial number of human souls has reached the potential to be the ones to “Flow Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”  (a famous film with Jack Nickolson, directed by Milos Forman) and liberate themselves from this perennial psychopathic nightmare.

But that this liberation can only succeed, if many sane, highly experienced souls with the abyss of human psychopathy enter this asylum and help the less affected psychopaths awaken to the truth. This is the reason why we came here. The good news is that we have accomplished our mission beyond our wildest expectations – ascending almost half of the current population to the balanced 4d-earth A/B, whereas initially these souls were supposed to die in the End Time and return to Celestria, before they make a new decision on which timeline to incarnate.

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