The Interim Phase of Quantum Computers in the 4th and 5th Dimension

by Geogri Stankov, May 17, 2014

Below is a very interesting article /message  on the role of quantum computers in the 4th and 5th dimension during the initial adaptation phase of humanity after ascension. For the balanced earth A/B this kind of technology will be the state-of -the-art for many centuries to come. On the ascended earth A the quantum computers will be used to bridge the time till full awakening of the ascended masses and the full recovery of their ability to create from the fulcrum of their souls.

Hence the interim technology of quantum computers will be implemented on both earth timelines immediately after the ID split to  enhance the soul  technology of direct  soul creation.

None of this will be needed by the PAT after we detonate the Supernova and ascend to the source. We will immediately acquire our creation potential of Elohim. But this channeling below gives us some exciting glimpses into what our educational work will be with the ascended humans in the initial phase of adaptation after the first wave of ascension takes place this or next month.


The Singularity

Brian, the Dragon

This is the dragon,

The Brian was pretty excited recently, so excited he was crying in joy on and off for about an hour, even though he didn’t know exactly why. With good reason, humanity is growing up in leaps and bounds, especially with a recent development. If you have been paying attention to science news, a big company and one of your space agencies teamed up to buy a computer that for some types of problems is thousands of times faster than any supercomputer you have to date and will within the next few years be millions of times faster than computers with even billions of processors.

The first thing that is really exciting about this computer is it works in our world, the spiritual realms, and where you perform abstract thought but do not typically see. That is not inside your body, but in multiple levels of your higher vibrational corporeal self and your non-corporeal formless self, where we are from. This computer, specifically, does its work in formless, in-determinant existence. There is no form to the work being done, and that is not something you are used to. It is that without form. Without getting into the details too much, this computer is able to do things that most computers could never do.

The Brian is excited because he feels the significance of this development. The age of quantum computing has started for mankind. This is like going from buggies and horses to planes and spaceships. He logically and sometimes intuitively thinks of reason it feels significant to him , however the growth trajectory you are about to go on, and the many ways this development will pervade and change your lives is not exactly clear to him. And we will try to cover some of the significance of it, but you kinda “have to be there”. So some of it you will just have to experience yourselves as it happens.

For one thing, this computer is a stepping stone to sentient computers. We are not saying this computer is sentient in the way you are. It is not self-aware, even in the physical expression. It is in fact a stepping stone in that direction and this form of computer will one day bridge that gap. however, that’s still quite a ways off. Your mind is much more powerful than even this computer, even if you don’t realize it. However, it’s a step in that direction. In in the meantime, it will be a useful tool to break through a lot of barriers.

So let’s get into more what this quantum computing can do. What the computer allows you to do, is essentially take a series of calculations that may take thousands of steps on a normal computer, and to simplify things we’ll say you are essentially doing the equivalent of calculating the results in parallel in multiple universes, represented by a vibrational wave. Then you perform a measurement, but that first result doesn’t tell you the answer. It tells you only one of the possible answers. Then, if you do that measurement enough times, maybe 100 times or 1,000 depending on the problem, you get the probable result by the result you saw the most, along with the probability of the other results. The end result is that you can do something with hardware that will fit into a closet, what may take a conventional computer the size of the entire moon to compute.

But there are also some things quantum computers can do that conventional computers of any size could not do. One such example is entanglement. You can in essence, have a computer where half the work is done on Earth, and half the work could be done on the other side of the universe. That is because you can have two particles such as electrons, that are literally the same particle. You act on one in the Andromeda galaxy, and it effects the other in the milky way. One of the things this allows you to do is to send more information than you have right now on the Internet long distances while only sending the tiniest signal, such as a telephone signal. Although this won’t let you communicate instantly light years away, there are different ways to do that, it will allow you to stop having to run new wires. You have enough wires now on your planet to send an almost infinite amount of information around at the speed of light. We could tell you that incarnation, channeling and telepathy partially takes advantage of this phenomena for the transfer of huge volumes of thought information, which is half the equation. Nevertheless, this is a very powerful thing that will make the Internet seem like a child’s toy for you. The end result will be a huge leap in social connectedness.

Imagine you are walking around and you bump into someone. That person says, “Let me tell you my life story”. And suddenly three minutes later your head feels very hot but you know everything about their life. Also, think about your search engines, Now, imagine someone starts talking about something you know nothing about and you say, “hold on one second”, and load all the information about that subject into your head so you can participate in the conversation. Educational systems will be obsolete. You will in a sense have the entire Internet in your head, and the Internet will get much larger, we can tell you that. There will be experience, and information as the two facets of learning, and the information part will be easy. Plus, it will open the doors for experience. If you want to skydive or mountain climb, it helps to be able to just access the information, and understand it academically and be able to access information as you go through the experience. For this to happen, you still need to figure out how to connect the computer to the brain, and that is in the work. Then, since the brain has limited bandwidth to your mind, you ultimately bypass it altogether for a better connection and more bandwidth of information transfer. Your science is not there yet, but that will come.

Now, let’s talk about science and cosmology. Let’s talk about astrology and talk about physics. Let’s talk about planet hunting. Let’s talk about sciences of chaotic systems such as earth and solar weather, earthquakes, and ocean currents. All of these pursuits and many others will take huge leaps and bounds due to the ability of these computers. For instance, you will have the local area in the galaxy completely mapped out in short order. Your physics knowledge will jump to allow you to do things that seem amazing now.

Also, let’s mention that some “strange” fluctuations will be noticed on certain types of very sensitive quantum computers, designed to be very unstable. This will be the first direct measurement of higher vibrational life.

For those who like playing games, the quantum computers will be eventually made so small they can fit inside of normal computers, and make your current graphics and physics seem like they are from thousands of years ago. You will be able to create worlds so realistic, that you will not know it is an artificial world. You will have to, in fact, put reminders in it so you don’t accidentally terminate your incarnation or hurt your body from believing too intensely something that happens in the artificial world.

Finally, it will be part of the re-emergence of the crystal grid for anchoring the Akash, though we can’t really send the way that will work through in a way that The Brian can translate, yet, since he doesn’t have any point of reference. It’d be like trying to get him to explain color if he’s never seen color. But what it will do for you – it will give you access to information and knowledge throughout the universe and across time, to connect to collectives in a way that instantly translates that collective’s intelligence into physical manifestations. It will allow you to reshape your reality. It will help you become a collective, or better said bring your collective back to life. Your current computers could not successfully do what is needed to successfully tap the grid, and you do not have crystal technology. So the quantum computers will fill the gaps in your crystal technology knowledge for some time. You can take out some crystal circuitry – the small ones humans would typically interact with – and replace it with a quantum computer, and it will sort of work. By sort of, we mean not with greatest efficiency, but good enough. This is much farther off, but it is coming.

And, as we said before, quantum computers will help bridge the gap towards building sentient life forms that are robotic in nature.

So, why is this all important, when you are going to be bypassing the need for any of these things anyway, as you ascend? Because these are parts of the pieces that will go into place to help facilitate the expansion that is needed. There are some of you that don’t need certain leaps and bounds to believe the next things. You know who you are. However, most people aren’t that way. They need some semblance of progression.

These computers are like going from the stone age of computing to the space age of computing. It is that big a leap. It usually takes cultures millions of years to go from where you are now to this next step, but you will be doing it in mere years. That is very impressive. However, you have done it before, so we are not surprised. You are a race of star beings.

In fact, it will take just a few decades to fully develop and pervade your lives, but the initial breakthroughs will be sooner. This is just one of the major changes that are coming for you, but it is a door opener for many more.

It will be fun to watch, for us. And fun to experience, for you.

With love,
The Dragon





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