The Exodus From 3d-Earth Has Already Commenced

by Lisa J G-W., May 10, 2013

Dear Dr Georgi and fellow PAT-sters:

A very wise and accomplished initiate died May 1, 2013 – quite unexpectedly – from a heart attack, while on a scenic drive through the Irish country-side.

Stuart Wilde was like us; a soldier, a pioneer, a sovereign soul – and though he had a lot of mainstream new-ager support – he was definitely not a neutered follower of anything but his own HS. He was only 65, and absolutely capable of ascension; he traveled into other dimensions and back into 3D again, with his physical body intact – more than a few times.

You can find some more about him on his own website :

Stuart Wilde | The Official Author Website

And Soren Drier‘s Zen Haven :

And his “eulogy” by good friend and fellow soul traveler, Tom Tishman at:

I first became aware of Stuart and his work in the mid 1980’s, when I was only in my 20’s.  On and off through out the years I watched him, read his books, took note of him -knew this soul was traveling in the same “direction” as my own.

He recently came out of a 3 year “sabbatical” and began holding “healing gatherings” – for which he did not charge or accept donations. As his Soul progressed, he went from the “new-age /self-improvement scene” in the 80’s into this realm of “healing” service on 3D bodies, in the last couple of years or so. He developed stigmata on his feet and hands, I  believe, as a result of his close association with the Christ-Logos/ Oversoul and using this association, honed skills at physically healing the bodies of others.

I had also experienced this stigmata phenomenon in the 90’s, when I was doing some similar healing, and reading about the Gnostic Christ.  For me, the stigmata was mild and short lived as I was called into a different “space” and stopped one-on-one healing sessions (I never was paid for this either). For Stuart, I could see that it was quite pronounced and had gone on for months and months – and I knew intuitively and telepathically that he was going into these Christed-energies with the same full  commitment and selflessness with which he had ventured into other realms and dimensions before, in his time on Earth. He really was a consecrated soldier – the real deal.

I was absolutely shocked to discover that he left his body in this way – I fully expected him to be among the PAT at the ID Split.

I asked my HS what is the meaning of his death?  And what I received was this:

He is done with the physical healing of others – he can do no more here. It was actually his “reward” to be released now – because as an Empath – his body would not be able to tolerate the pain and suffering that is about to occur on Earth.”

Perhaps that is exactly what happened – his heart could not clean anymore of the enormous flood of darkness/ dross, which he chose to clean in this very personal, literally “hands-on” way.

He is also needed in the HR to assist in the ID Split.” – according to my HS.

I found this news on my birthday –  yesterday, May  08. – which is auspicious because I had a dream on May 1st – most probably within hours of Stuart’s passing. In the dream – I had called him on the phone at about 5 pm my time with a question about when he was going to be in France… the phone rang and rang which is unusual, because he always picks up. I hung up when I realized it was midnight in Scotland – where he was currently staying.

This dream was – retrospectively – significant, because the next day, and days afterwards, until yesterday, there were no posts on his daily-posted website. He “wasn’t answering”, as per my dream.

My HS also said:

This is confirmation of the timeline – the culminating events from now on will be fluid, but they are generally set as the group (PAT) has described. Jahn and his information are an important new addition. We are on final approach.

As of today (May 09), a new moon, 5 planets in Taurus, things will progress quickly in the HR and on Earth until 05.25 – the 2nd Wesak and Full Moon… and then with even greater momentum into the 1st week of June out to 06.06.2013. We are on final approach.

I don’t know if you want to publish this or not Georgi – I offer it as I rarely speak up and define what my HS has relayed to me as it is most usually in line with other PATs who speak up regularly.

This time, however, it was very clear that I should write it down and send it to you all for consideration.

I have had time to separately meditate on the feeling and energy of this event and what my HS gave to me – and I do believe that Stuart’s death is a huge sign that we are on “final approach”.

Love to you All,

Dear Lisa,

thank you for making me aware of Stuart Wilde as I must admit that I had not heard of him before. It is a pity that his death had to be the occasion to be made aware of him. I will definitely study the links you have given me to learn more about this man.

Thank you also very much for your information given to you by your HS about the impending big events that are now coming to us with an unprecedented force. One must be deaf and blind not to perceive these signs that flood our consciousness.

Even the animals are feeling that something big is in the air and behave very strangely.

With love and light

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