Energy Update – May 17, 2013

Letters to the Editor


Thanks for posting April’s last message. I will write her an email as well. I knew last weekend something more was up than what we had so far reported. The waves were just too intense and different. Today seems calmer so far. As you have said we are “burnt children” who are now afraid to report anything  because we do not want to disappoint anyone or ourselves, so I commend April for continuing make her dialogs with HS available to us all.

I think if we pay close attention to the news, we get hints of revelations that will soon be made known. Right now they are just reported but not really revealed as in how deep the Orion Cabal has interfered in our lives and how deeply they are embedded in our institutions. Of course the IRS scandal and the Armed Forces sex scandals have just touched the tip of the iceberg into how evil these two institutions are. But one other recent news story is of a beautiful American actress who has chosen to undergo  the butchering of her sexual organs to prevent a genetic mutation from manifesting. I know this story all too well. She has the same genetic mutation as Anita did and statistically it gives up to an 80% chance of cancer. Anita knew she inherited this gene but the grim statistics were not available until years later. She chose to keep her organs intact and lived for many years a healthy lifestyle until the mutation manifested in 2009. What is so distressing is that women in this position think they have no choice, but to mutilate themselves and in the current system they do not. What caused the genetic mutation in the first place? No one has bothered to determine that. This is not the only genetic mutation in our DNA that the Orions placed there long ago. Thankfully our DNA is being cleansed and women in the future will not have to face this hard choice.

George, I agree with you that anything our body has manifested during the ascension process will not be resolved until we ascend. Anita and I often talked about this. Any condition from cancer to eye disorders can not be cured during the ascension process. You know more the medical reasons for this but I would assume that part of it is that our energies are all consumed by the process. Also these conditions manifested for a reason during this time and must remain as we ourselves do. These conditions however may be lessened at times but never completely removed. Anita’s cancer got much better at times during the 3 1/2 years but always worsened during the high energy periods. I know a decision was made by her HS to exit after the 12/21 ascension could not be achieved.  All of our HS knew we would have to endure many more cleansing waves in the months ahead and our bodies had to physically endure them.  I am cautiously optimistic this time but as you say I am one of the burnt children. Let me know but I think that you may be feeling a little lighter today?


Dear Jerry,

I definitely feel much better today (May 16, this changed in the evening when another massive cc-wave hit me) and I agree that last week was a solitary peak in the worst kind of cleansing. One only realizes this afterwards. As April’s HS has said, this will continue more or less till our ascension. there is no way to be exempted from this dirty job as a PAT member. This is what I also told Sarah in the latest report.

Now about diseases during LBP. I do not know, and I am reluctant to make any generalizations. My eyes definitely deteriorated at the beginning of the LBP, but they improved somewhat afterwards. Now I have a tumor in the left inguinal region which has started growing last year and now is as big as a chestnut or even bigger. I do not know if it is a bone cancer as it is rather hard and seems to grow from the pelvis or something else. As I do not care anymore about diseases, I do not bother even to go to a doctor and check it with a scan, as there will be no consequences as I will not operate it. If it is part of my destiny to die of cancer, so what, so much for the better. But as it does bother me much until now, I simply do not think about this tumor, but the more so my wife who is afraid that she will have to care after me when I become a clinical case. Although I tell her incessantly that this and next month the story is over.

As you see there is a lot of sarcasm on this earth, especially with respect to human health and I have given up thinking on this matter.


Dear Georgi,

The past several days has been extremely difficult. I have been so exhausted and the usual symptoms have hit all at once. I was worried that maybe I wouldn’t be strong enough for my up-coming trip.

But this afternoon I had a welcome resurgence of energy and vitality. Thank goodness.

I feel the oppressive (and depressive) energies have now been replaced tonight with a very high frequency inflow. It feels as though there is electricity flowing through the air!

So right now I’m feeling as “charged” as I did around mid December last year.

I am keen to see if this in-flow of highly kinetic energy will continue to build over the next hours and days.

I do hope you are feeling these energies now too.

With love and light,

Dear Carla,

since yesterday (May 15) the situation has improved a lot, but if you have read the latest message from April and my response to Sarah in the latest report, there will be no real respite for us till the bitter-sweet end.

April’s HS says that the events will begin to unfold this weekend and thus confirms what we have been discussing before, namely that there is an acceleration of the events as announced in the last dream of Jahn. It is getting very exciting now and at the latest on Sunday we will be wiser.

With love and light

Dear George

I felt tearful and emotional reading the latest postings, we are finally on the last leg.

I can confirm how things have been energetically, although I seem to have been on the receiving end of anger as opposed to fear. As I am calm for the most part and centered I have been able to still reach out with compassion and diffuse it to a large extent.

It is very difficult to carry on with a 3D life and do this not knowing how long for and yes don’t let any of us volunteer what were we thinking?

Coupled with the above though there is a warmth\ tingling in my heart area and I know we are on track.

I can’t thank you enough for your tireless work.

In love and light

Dear Maria,

read also the latest channeling from April which confirms what we all sense – that the events will begin to unfold this weekend.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

Thank you deeply for your ongoing forum for us. Your words are like water in a dry desert to me. I, who used to read anything I could get my hands on regarding higher truths, now find spiritual sustenance only on your pages.

I write this morning to relate something significant that occurred last evening. My husband said something to me that triggered the most horrible emotional and mental meltdown I have ever experienced. The matter was not all that significant, but my response came out of nowhere. It was like I wanted to die, I was in such a dark place. I weeped uncontrollably for about an hour while my husband tried to placate me.

After a night’s sleep, during which I awoke to understand the situation, I am feeling only slight shell-shock. During one of the night’s awake times, I knew that the whole mess was not ME, but my getting rid of some very dark emotions for others, even Gaia.

I know you and others have had this many times, but it came out of nowhere and then left. Thankfully.

Here in the western part of Virginia we have just had the emergence of the 17-year cicadas. You can hear their beautiful deep hum throughout the woods in the daytime.  It is a very comforting sound. Also, during the last few days, I have seen a portal over the mountain – huge swirling cloud formation on two separate days – sooo beautiful.  Between those two days, we saw a double rainbow out of the blue, no rain, Gaia’s gifts of promise.

Wishing you and all infinite love and gratitude…

Justin Ann Hayman
Blue Ridge Mts./ Virginia

Dear Justin Ann,

Thank  you for your appreciation of the posts on our website.  it is common that such negative bouts come all of a sudden and then disappear. But they may be very traumatic and I have had similar episodes in the past. There is nothing you can do about it, but the knowledge that this is not you helps a little bit.

Otherwise one should always ask loudly for help from the angels and the higher realms whenever there is a difficult situation as now this help comes quicker and is more effective than in the past.

Let us see what will happen this weekend. It s getting really exciting now.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

Please thank April for her inspiring message this morning. Nice to see her back in the saddle again! I have missed the updates from her HS.

Thanks so much for your help and for keeping us all abreast of key developments!

Love and Light,

P.S. I had a vivid dream a couple of nights ago that I was on a military base and talking to a group of soldiers when all of a sudden a missile flew in and landed in the distance. There was no anxiety on my part as I realized I was merely an observer of events and was not on location, so to speak.

When I woke up I had the instinct impression that this was a prophetic dream…much like the one I had recounted to you last year when I saw people’s belongings piled all along side the road, just piles of stuff like lots of exercise equipment, bicycles, washers and dryers, tons of boxes…meanwhile, I was observing a menacing, storm and tornado in the distant horizon.

At the time, I had interpreted the dream to mean that is was necessary to leave behind all 3D attachment on the road to ascension. However, as I sat watching the news in Long Island following Sandy, there were news photos of the belongings from people’s flooded basements, that had been piled at the end of driveways and all down the road awaiting trash pick up. It was mostly washers, dryers, exercise equipment, bicycles and boxes kept stored in the basement. The whole street was like this as far as the photographer lens could see! I was flabbergasted by this but failed to share it at the time.

Now, I wonder if my interpretation of this new dream is correct or if it may be the premonition of an event that will soon transpire. At first, I thought it was a clue to me that the West Texas fertilizer plant explosion was in fact a military operation and had been intentionally blown up. There has been a video circulating and conspiracy theory to that effect, saying that the explosion was created by an incoming missile. I had not viewed the video recently so it should not have influenced this dream two nights ago.

Anyway, I just wanted to share this with you as it felt so very real as an observer in the dream. If there is a military base here in the U.S. attacked by false flag terrorists blowing something up, I will know that this is what I have prophetically dreamed and why.

Dear Gwen,

Your recent dream may be very realistic as it is highly probable that the dark cabal in the military are trying to launch some rockets and create havoc, but are hampered all the time by the forces of light who have explicitly said that no nuclear or other major explosions will be allowed in the End Times.

With love and light

Thank you, Georgi!

I hope you are right. The explosion in West Texas is still under investigation and they arrested a first responder EMS manager (most likely a patsy) with explosive material last week.


It was a horrific explosion that killed 14 and wounded 200 others leaving a massive crater in the ground, but it received hardly any national news coverage in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing. They also “locked down” the city, just like in Boston, from 7 pm to 7 am the following morning. Now, I find out there is also a historic connection to a lawsuit with Monsanto that may be involved. The plot thickens!



Thanks for your reply the other day. It is always comforting to hear the synchronisation from others and yourself when things get tougher. I still don’t have much to say, I don’t feel very coherent! That plus my left arm ‘stickiness’ makes it hard to type, so I end up typing with my right hand only.

Firstly, I too an tired of patriotism. I’ve never really felt patriotic even from a young child. I grew up in Australia and it is a  wonderful land but that’s it…the earth is beautiful…not the ‘country’ if you know what I mean. I left for the UK when I was 21 and never felt drawn to return, yet I’ve never felt ‘at home’ anywhere… that all makes sense now. I have most of my family in Australia and from what I see, they’ve become just as bad as the US, thinking their country is the best etc etc. It literally makes feel physically sick.

George, in the last week and a bit my balance has become even worse than it has been for the past 1.5 years.  Particularly lately I literally cannot walk 2 steps without losing my balance ( really pretty embarrassing when outside as my left leg also behaves strange and feels very weak, looks like when you miss a step, kind of stumble, can’t explain it.)  In addition to this I have often felt like I either fall through the ground, or like the ground raises up. Do you think as well as the LBP this relates to the MPR? It’s almost like the matrix is becoming less solid, very new feeling for me.  I hope it’s a sign things are finally going to change!


Dear Kate,

your imbalance and coordination difficulties are definitely related to the LBP and the full implementation  of the MOS (multidimensional operating system) which substitutes the old 3d-system and this causes such problems. I don’t think that the magnetic changes of the earth contribute to this much, but one should not exclude them. I have also each morning my problems with my body and need a hot shower first to make it somewhat functional. This is a very unpleasant “collateral damage” of the LBP and there is nothing one can do against it.

It is deplorable that some people still think in national categories. When the national state will be abolished, 99% of all social troubles and problems will disappear overnight.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

Just wanted to let Bonnie know that we (Kiran and I ) share the same birthday as him. Kiran turned 44 and I am 37. Last year we had hoped that we don’t have to celebrate another birthday on this planet but unfortunately we are still here.

From Yesterday afternoon till today (May 16) the wave is so unbearable. My feet are swollen like melon and every piece of the bone on my body feels like breaking. Can’t even breath properly like having asthma. Kiran had to take leave from work to take care of the baby even though he has also been effected by the wave. We must be very very close to the end by now.

With love and Light

Dear Rosha,

Bonnie is she and I will forward your email to her. I can also confirm the huge cc-wave that started last evening with me and peaked throughout the night with unbearable headache. This is another ascension test run in the preparation for the announced event over the weekend.

With love and light

Beloved Georgi…

I love your writing, and enjoy your integrated insights. Having read “Jahn’s Dream Messages and the role of PAT in the Historical Perspective”, you gave me a foundation for what I appear to be doing in this life. It is in your astute historical perspective about how we were/ are being hunted down when we show up on earth. These several years, I know I have had to move suddenly to evade ‘them’. As a child, my dad and I had a soul contract for him to keep me hidden for that reason as well. The pieces are all coming together now!!

This game of ‘moving before they come’ was orchestrated by my HS, so that there was nothing to be discussed, just done; so I became homeless at times, and forced to move several times. On the surface it just looks like carelessness on my part, or just hangup in the systems and yet, I know on other levels something was amiss. The last several moves, I have felt this pending need to go before something or someone starts trouble. It was not until these last two moves did I clearly know we were being hunted down. Strange things have gone on as well. I know I am protected, but up to a point.

Two week ago, I was thinking about us having to move again… because of the pending threat of murder… and I just got angry. I shouted in my kitchen to my spiritual team  “So what!  I do not care if men are coming to murder me. I am not moving again for that reason. What a load of feces! They can come and shoot my ass dead. I do not care any longer. I am tired of this and I would rather be dead than living this half of a life.”

Moving so often prevents me from painting or practicing my harp, and so many other things. I live with half of our junk in boxes. I told them “I will move when I can live in a safe and serene place and no longer need to move. Where I can garden and be at peace. Otherwise let them shoot me, I cannot keep doing this!”  (although I know in the back of my head my HS would make it happen whether I liked it or not!)

I am pleased we also got a higher level of protection as stated and I can feel that shift too!! I had been putting myself in bubbles of invisibility, me and my car… works but a pain to always be doing it. YEA I do not nee to do that anymore!!! I feel Freeeeee!

So to read your historical perspective, made me know I was not going crazy… for I once mentioned this plight to a friend and he looked at me like I was crazy!! And since there were no bullet holes in my door (yet), I questioned my own sanity!

I appreciate your depth of knowledge in world history and the society changes that ensued. I feel like I have had mysteries unfolded and then wrapped up neatly and placed in one pile or another. I sense an order to this chaos of our walk through many lives. Thank you!…

I totally concur with April’s latest message and it helps me to place in order what I have been receiving. I am so grateful to you, April and all contributors, thank you!

I am grateful for the legions of unseen entities who work beside us, guide us, protect and whisper to us, so that this all works in harmony. I could not be where I am at today without their assistance!

~ Love, Carolyn

Hi George,

I wanted to write you last weekend on Mother’s Day, but we got home so late and then the hecticness of the week started all over again… My oldest daughter, who is more verbal about everything, has been really complaining a lot saying ” I feel weird” but can’t describe it…a lot of outbursts, crying, then apologizing for her behavior, and it seems it’s very in tune with the PAT “episodes.”  Hugging her and both of us asking for help from source helps get her through it.  What I wanted to tell you is what she told me, just as a matter of fact, “I really feel good right now, but why do I feel kind of sad too?  Like this is the last time we’ll be here (we usually visit grandparents on weekend) should I be scared? Huggy mommy”. I told her it’s OK to be sad and kind of scared too, but remember we always have help when we need it…

After reading on your website these past few days about this new window “May 17-20” I know that’s what she was talking about too, not to mention all the huge solar activity, and their prediction for another x flare on the 17th (60% chance)

Petra Margolis is talking about the sun too today.

Like you said, it’s reassuring to have “outside” confirm “inside-what we know to be true!” – In this case my daughter.

So Ready,
Los Angeles

Dear Margie,

our souls know at the higher level what will come very soon and this knowledge trickles down to the conscious mind. Especially children are very sensitive as they have an open channel to their HS. The sadness is a very common feeling that many of us share and this is a clear indication that we are saying now farewell to this earth and life before we move forward and upwards.

I read this channeling by Margolis yesterday and it is good.


Dearest Georgi,

It has been a good while since I last contacted you. However, I have been here all along. I first awoke and regained my knowledge of being a starseed in the fall of 2011 when many of your readers also awoke. My first sign pointing to immediate ascension started in October of 2011 when I developed a small wart on my left arm that was not like those I had as a child. This one became red right away and I took it to be a sign of the impending doom that seemed to loom in the fall of 2011 when the masses first were nudged to wake up. This wart loomed until recently as an odd dark spot of skin, but, about a week ago I
put some lotion on it and it felt as if it wanted to be removed. I pulled it off, and my skin is now completely normal in this spot. I take this as a clear sign of what started in the fall of 2011 is next to complete now.

My next sign came in the form of a dream that occurred a few months ago in the beginning of this year. In my dream I was on the dock of my lake house where my family goes every Memorial weekend. In the dream I recall shooting into the sky and knowing that I was ascending. Two months or more have now passed since this dream occurred but I am well aware of its meaning now. I will be ascending prior to memorial day.

Lastly, the energy hit me so hard yesterday that I could barely contain myself. The energy is building to a point that I can not bare. I am certainly ready for ascension and always have been but not until recently have I truly felt how magnificent this will be. I know
ascension is right around the corner and I have been wanting to write you for the last week.

I will end with my dream from last night and its clear interpretation about ascension. In the dream I recall being told that I would serve a prison/jail sentence but it would be split amongst the five or so people I was with. I was not aware of the reasoning for this nor if
those with me were responsible. But I do recall that I was with family, friends, and some I did not know. I have interpreted this to be a sort of “sentencing” to ascension that not just those I know are apart of but those I do not know as well. The dream concluded with my
running and hiding from a man that was perceived as threatening with a gun. I understand that this is the final cleansing of fear for both myself and the masses prior to the PAT supernova and the MPR. In the dream I was hiding from death and I know that I can hide no longer in this vessel. The time has come and I expect ascension in any moment

Theodore Visger (crystalline child)

Dear Theodore,

thank you for sharing your recent experiences and dreams with me that clearly point out to our imminent ascension. I can confirm that this event is on its way as this night I had another massive cc-wave with a severe headache as part of the huge thrust of source energy on the earth in preparation for the announced event this weekend.

Let us see what will come next.

With love and light

With you as always,

glad we may go sooner than expected and be back for family and friends, as that is what I have been praying for the past two weeks. Glad to wake up this morning and see my dream desires reflected on PAT’s SOAR. What a relief we may be in last 48 hrs until the big event our very own personal A-DAY


Hi George,

I’m quickly checking in. Today there are many lenticular clouds in overhead. It’s windy and eerie.

Thank you for getting April’s message to us today. Both her reading and Jahn’s regarding 18 are just amazing. I feel the undercurrent of tremendous excitement, our dream of ascension coming to fruition beyond our imagination. I also feel the anxiety of humanity being generated.  I’m looking in people’s faces today realizing they know at an unconscious level what is about to occur yet they continue with their daily lives in their usual manner.

The quick ups and downs do feel bi-polar as April said. Like you and other PAT – within a day’s time I’m down and then back up again, sick and then better than ever, dizzy, stomach upset and then energetic again, etc. I’m letting go, letting go, and letting go some more. Several people commented I looked wonderful. Honestly? I observe no change.  Yet I see clearly my husband is changing. The sclera (whites) of his eyes are whiter than I have seen them in many years.

Last night my husband and I both had ascension dreams. There was a different color in each of our dreams. But each dream had the distinct experience of high velocity. My dream gave the message to become as children and ride with it.

I’m sending love to you and PAT and wonder how your family is moving through the latest changes.

In Light and Love,

Dear Marilyn,

I can confirm that we are in the most intensive preparation for the detonation of the PAT supernova. This night I had a massive cc-wave with a huge descent of source energy through my left brain portal and with an unbearable headache. It began last evening as Jerry informed me and I am still dizzy this morning. This was definitely another ascension test run in preparation for the announced event that is scheduled to begin this weekend.

Let us see what will come next.

With love and light


I have a question for you… when the split happens, do you think that physical things from those who do not go on the split to B, will remain on B?  For instance, if I have a huge archive of writing in a box, will it exist on A/B and B?  or will it only exist where I exist?  And if what we leave such as writing and art, which has been destroyed before on other time lines during other events, if these things left behind will be triggers in the celestial memory of those who have chosen to endure timeline B?

I hope that makes sense. I have been wondering this for sometime, but after reading Jahn’s most current dream, and all of the historical background that you added, the question seemed appropriate.

I also use to joke to people that the lives I have lived on earth (previously) are always during war, and that I have a penchant for being able to “play” both sides like a middle man.

It also confirms my avoidance of lifestyles more in the lime light of inner workings of the matrix.

Again, a large thank you for all that you do. Your ability to compile and reiterate this information is an astounding blessing!


Dear Mandie,

this is a very good, key question and it has two parts to answer.

The first one is that everything we create in the 3d-reality, which as we know is illusory, is first created in a more perfect way as an original in the higher realms and is stored there for ever in the Akash. From that point of view, nothing ever gets lost in All-That-Is.

If the person now moves to the 4th dimension /Earth A/B after the ID split his art and creations will also move with him to this timeline and will be most probably more perfect than he made them in the 3d reality – books, paintings, etc.

The second part of the question is whether these pieces of art and creation will also survive the ID split on 3D-earth B. My guess is that most of them will not survive the physical destruction as it is not planned that these artifacts interfere with the survival mode of life this portion of humanity has chosen for themselves on this debased catastrophic earth.

I hope that I have answered your question to your satisfaction, but I know that there is much more to this.

With love and light


Hi Georgi,

I’ve been wanting to be in touch all day after reading all the new updates and reviewing many old ones as well, but I’ve been at a loss for words today. there is some lingering sadness combined with the inevitable feeling of waiting and expectation.

I am sending you this second movement of Beethoven’s triple concerto, especially the first part of the second movement, as I think it so beautifully conveys the tenderness and poignant sorrow and exquisite beauty of every human heart.

if you can’t open it, simply type Beethoven’s triple concerto, second movement into google.

goodnight, sleep well, may your dreams bring you ever closer to our ascension,

love, Sarah

Dear Sarah,

the sadness is ubiquitous these last days and cannot be neglected. I was hit this night by another massive cc-wave with energy descent from the source in preparation for the announced event this weekend, most probably.

When I was in my soul catharsis in 1972, I visited very often symphony concerts in Bulgaria and Beethoven was always my consolation. Since then I went regularly to concerts for another 20 years and stopped it when I began to discover the Universal law in 1992.

With love and light

Good morning Georgi,

how are you today?

Do you mean that you don’t feel Beethoven has much to offer you anymore, or just that the Universal law overtook your whole being and nothing else was important anymore, including music?

I’ve had strange dreams lately. a lot of dreams about my brother, who has struggled with undiagnosed mental illness his whole life. lately I’ve figured out he’s probably autistic on some level, brilliant but unable to relate to people, and extremely self-absorbed. That’s another long involved story. In one dream, my brother told me that his wife says I’m a “terrible communicator”. (interesting b/c I’ve been told my whole life I’m a gifted communicator. i also had a “falling out” on email with her recently over what happened to my nephew, so the dream is realistic), and then my father said, unequivocally, “no, Sarah is the best of us and she has the strongest will and she will outlast all of us.”

I find this interesting that my father is the one who said this in the dream as in real life, he is always the one who is trying to control me and has been a great source of disapproval and rejection.

Since 2002, when I told you I had that possible “walk-in” experience and finally realized and accepted they (parents) would never accept who i am, i have come to terms with this fact, and accept that they will find their own way through the fog and I need not waste too much time worrying about them.

I remember once a fabulous email from Debra from Canada on your website in which she described how the soul of her own father who was similarly controlling, insulting and abhorrent in her 3D life, was actually her biggest support and friend in another dimension.

I wonder, how is this possible that the 3D personality acts totally opposite to how the soul feels, or how the soul is actually operating? Is this a function of the soul teaching the incarnated personality lessons that need to be learned?

In short, why have so many of us PATers been given families in which we are crucified… are they (the families) souls’ secretly supporting us in another dimension and their crucifying nature in 3D is a means for accelerated growth? In other words, without these limitations on our 3d lives, we might not have grown into the mastery that we now have.

Anyway, I know you may have addressed this before, and if so, don’t bother replying. I just hope all these soul-mysteries will be solved after our ascension very soon. Perhaps my father’s soul (although he is still very much alive in 3d) is cheering for me in another dimension and this is what the dream was about.

it certainly feels like the calm before the storm here. the whole Bay of Kvarner is enveloped in a grey “Jugo” cloud these days and it has been raining. It is as if all is quiet in nature, waiting for the big event. I try not to get my hopes to high, but I”m preparing myself nonetheless.

love, Sarah

Dear Sarah,

I still love Beethoven, but I  do not need his music as much as I did at that time as the angle of my perceptions shifted.

Our families are part and parcel of our experiences, which we wanted to make in this incarnation. The decisions were made at the soul level and are not easily perceivable at the human level.



FYI, hopefully this is part of the “nastiness” needed to come to the surface before the big event…

Chris Hedges on wiretapping journalists, Julian Asange and the fact that Obama has used the espionage act to spy on people 6 times in his administration, more than all presidents combined!

Journalist Allen Nairn on how the US must account for it’s role in the Guatemalan genocide


Dear Sarah,

AP is an US state controlled mass media and have been instrumental in promoting the policy of Obama. If they now cry foul, then it is a kind of sarcasm, but still a good plot to oust this morbid administration.

As far as I remember, I published an article from global research on the Guatemalan genocide during Reagan.


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