The Dialectics of Becoming a PAT Member: How my Soul Pulled Away the Orion Rug From Under My Feet

by Sarah S., May 13, 2013

Hello Georgi,

It moves me beyond words that you were a “little bit” worried about me due to my silence, but that you “knew I was all right”. In the grand scheme of life, as a classic introvert, I do tend to consider myself quite insignificant, but always keep an inner humble knowing somehow that my current role on this earth is peanuts compared to what my new mission will be along with you and the PAT. In short, thank you for you concern.

I just finished reading “Dialectics of Ascension”. My first reaction is WOW, Georgi. I had been saving it to read for a couple of days as we have been on the move literally and figuratively (more on that later). I’ve spent much of the day cozied up with your website, catching up on 3D, 4D, 5D, dialectics, Dorie’s messages, updates and Gwen’s amazing article.

But your “Dialectics” takes the cake. Why? Because it so perfectly describes the trajectory of not only my life in the last so many years, but of all PAT members, as well as the rest of hue-manity and why our roles have been exactly suited to our individual and collective purpose of ascension, even if we have been for the most part invisible for much of our lives. The line in your article that strikes me the most (though there are so many!) is the following:

“When one is truly enlightened and has reached the highest possible level of spiritual evolution in a physical vessel, as is the case with the PAT, one stops changing this reality by combating social injustice in a rebellious manner.  Superficially regarded one seems to have adopted the same docile attitude to the “stings and arrows of outrageous Orion fortune”.

This exactly describes why I have not engaged in the idealistic and activist type careers that I initially aspired to after finishing my education. In a very accelerated way, one by one, all these professions and aspirations became very hollow as I quickly understood that their impact would be nil on this planet.

I did not know about ascension as you helped us understand, at that time, but I knew intuitively that I could not “make an impact” in the course I was following. Very quickly, journalism, environmental science, teaching, political activism, all became useless pursuits to me as I realized the only change could come from within. Sometimes I felt like I was checking things off a list, as if with each elimination of an outer “career” or “purpose”, I was getting closer to some invisible internal enlightenment I could not grasp, only to be derided as “doing nothing” or being a kind of “hippy”, or “spiritual seeker not contributing anything” by those around me.

Only when I found your website in September of 2011 did a kindred voice (you) begin to make sense of the invisible thread I had been following for so long. I share this not out of self-pity or self-congratulations, but as a case in point of how the outer world misunderstands so many of us as “ne’er do wells” or just as asleep and following the mainstream herd as the rest of the sheeple.

And during these years of outwardly “not pursuing” a specific career, interestingly, I was somehow led to all the right people and conclusions. I was led into lasting friendships with your Indigo generation, which helped me understand the beginning of the failed awakening of the 60s (which is not altogether a failure as your article clearly states, at least in a dialectical and over-arching way). I was led to meet a person who had personally encountered and experienced pedophilia rings in the highest ranks of especially the British elite, and who spent decades trying to prosecute it. I met loads of people from all over the world who saw through the PTW and dark cabal in its various incarnations, and I was led to understand both Asian and Slavic cultures whose history is crucial to understand what is going on now.

It has always made perfect sense to me that the more the shit hits the fan, the closer we are to ascension, which is why I think our impatience has grown the past several years that the events were taking on such a very slow-snail-like pace. I really thought things would be revealed and exposed and laid plain much sooner.

It also makes complete sense that the same process, which forces us to surrender to our souls to ascend, is also at the same time a similar process of surrender to the PTW to be enslaved on earth B. There is nothing cruel or upsetting about this very real conclusion and reality.

I could go on, but the point is that we are all on the verge of a giant humanitarian and planetary breakthrough of ascension, and I am just so grateful that I have encountered our PAT family. And your article about the dialectics is like the pinnacle of understanding what we’ve all endured, not only for decades and eons, but also in the past 2 years of our journey together.

I liken the dialectics article and so much of what you have put forth on this “universal law” forum, as a kind of spider web, whose threads we all carry, but you, the grand spider, weave together into a beautiful symphony of shining patterns glistening in the sunlight of our renewed understanding. We hold the threads we weave together, but the flies you catch in your net are also our fears, mis-perceptions, clouded views, and confusion, which you catch in the net and which die in your threads you protectively weave around them and dissolve. Sometimes you are seemingly harsh in your reprimands, but we are all the more clear because of it.

Georgi, I didn’t mean to become flowery or emotional, and wanted to comment a bit more on your recent articles, but I will stop here, because now words fail me. I’m simultaneously bowing to you and the PAT and in gratitude and humility and celebrating our victory as already won.

Much love and gratitude.

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