All New Ascended Human Masters Are From Now on Protected by 144 000 Light Warriors on 3D and 4D Earth

First Dream Message
by Jahn J Kassl, May 10, 2013

Dream Interpretation by the Ascended Masters and ASANA MAHATARI
first published on May 13, 2013 in

Translation: Georgi Stankov

Loved ones,

One journey ends and the other journey begins. I am Master ASANA MAHATARI. You’ve been given a dream today …


I dream that I have arrived on 5D. I fly freely without the solid physicality that I’m used to here on earth, I fly like birds in the sky. And the sky is blue, with isolated white clouds, the sun and the light are of a kind that we do not know here on this earth. Everything is bathed in a deep peace – “ideal world” describes this scene probably in the most accurate way.

Although I have certainly the impression of being on a “kind of Earth”, it is the vibration that is so different, as if love is everywhere … I feel the atmosphere is soaked of love, it seems quite different to here on this daily earth …

I am aware that I have overcome the 3D reality and I cry incessantly – with joy and gratitude, “We really did it”, I think without interruption, and I cry with happiness, I wake up with watery eyes.

Interpretation of Asana Mahatari:

In fact, your reward is great and this first impression of 5D shows what awaits you – peace, happiness, joy and light – and everything is backed by the love of God – this vibration is truly a blissful making. In this message I convey to you the knowledge that from today (May 10) the new Ascended Masters, those humans, who will soon come to us, the already Ascended Masters, enjoy a special protection.

The time of transition is exposed to many twists and irritations. Thus, at this interface of  time the Energetically-Factual Protection for the coming new Ascended Masters is completed.

This ensures that, after obtaining their mastership, they are safe and sure to accomplish their lofty aim to serve the people of the earth 3D and 4D. Still want the forces of darkness, until the last day, to use the time for themselves and to dissuade from the spiritual path numerous people, even those, who are far advanced. The pitfalls are versatile, although the opportunities are decreasing day by day in time.

Thus the original source of all Being has dispensed the perfect protection for all people who now take the last steps of their mastership. The Galactic Federation of Light, with all the levels that are subordinate to the Federation and serve her, are entrusted with the implementation of this divine dispensation.

This protection consists of 144,000 light warriors from the higher subtle realms – standing at the side of every human being described here. This “Army of Light” is ubiquitous in the lives of those humans who are under the direct protection of God, and this “bodyguard” is empowered to intervene directly in the material world of 3D and 4D, and even to manifest there when needed. That is, this protection works on all levels of human existence. This ensures that this hand-picked group of people can now exclusively prepare for their ascension and the new tasks that are associated with it.

It is not necessary to call for this protection or to use it, as the Masters of the future time are now brought into their new homes in Heaven  – and exactly that is what Jahn’s dream from this morning indicates. White clouds, with which you paint your light trail for all generations to come. You are heaved, you have returned to us, we, who have preceded you –

The Ascended Masters
who I am one of you and one among you.

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