April’s HS Confirms: Big Events Will Peak in May. Detonation of the PAT Supernova Scheduled for Early June

by April Bender, May 2, 2013

Dear Georgi,

I finally just took down a full length message from HS. I believe it confirms your dream experience and also the last couple messages from GaiaPortal, Carla, Dorie, and yourself. I’m glad to say that today I feel like I managed a breakthrough with HS, and it’s about time! But also knowing how long it’s been since my last full length message, I do acknowledge my rustiness at it, and hope that this message is clear and makes sense to you. Please don’t publish it if it something seems wrong off about it. I’m happy and should have additional time today to ask for clarifying information, if something does seem off, just let me know.

I’m so relieved to finally be feeling wonderful today. Upon waking I just knew that whatever had been keeping me weighed down or disoriented was now over, and I was grateful to also have HS confirm this.

I hope you’re feeling well today and look forward to your initial thoughts as well as what others pick up on in regards to your dream.

Much love and light,

HS Update 5/1/13

HS: Happy May Day child! And before you need to even say a thing, I know what a difficult and challenging month April was for you. Many times it felt like you were being attacked and/or triggered from every angle and on every level. For a time your faith wavered in me, in yourself, in many people and circumstances around you, and in the overall ascension plan. So thick was the forest of trees you found yourself in, that you could not get your bearings and so you became disoriented several times, and yet you still found enough faith and courage to continue to walk the path, one painful, disorienting step at a time, without throwing your hands up in the air in defeat.

You are to be congratulated for making it through the worst of the compression – the compression that you as masters and the new Earthkeepers must trek through first, before the masses are able to travel/ withstand this same road and/or compression process. Every one of the PAT members experienced this compression phase differently – unique to their own energy make-up, plan/contract, and experience. For some the month was full of the best and worst of experiences, or one or the other with little in-between.

This compression (and one could also say healing energy), which utilized all portals/code carriers, had to do directly with the squeezing/balancing of polarities within your realm into more of a neutral/middle space, as exists or is grounded in the higher frequencies/ dimensions, more specifically 5D-7D. This compression/healing process, in short time, will manifest physically on your earth as the MPR.

Again, as it is first manifested energetically through you, the frequency carriers and transmuters, to the masses and to Gaia, the physical results soon follow. And again, all of this activity further drives the overarching ascension/ID split process. And also explains why some, like yourself, experienced the full swing/dynamics of polarity within your life at this time.

Now upon entering the energies of May, this compression phase, for you, comes to completion. Does it not feel like you have awoken to an entirely new/clear experience as of today? Can you not see that the forest has thinned, and now you have a much clearer view of the sky and of your true orientation? The picture will only get clearer for you as you more fully enter this month of May. For you will become re-empowered, re-centered and grounded within this more neutral/higher space and will become much stronger, powerful, and lighter than ever before – in final preparation to exercise your role as Ascended Master and Earthkeeper.

However, May will be a time of great compression for the ascending masses. Some of their triggering/ sense of attack/ duality swings will come from the ruling elite and their minions, as they attempt final posturing/ harvest moving into the MPR event itself. Please keep in mind that the ruling elite are very much aware of the impending MPR. They have been all along, and time grows very short in their estimation, and in truth: They’ve been posturing incrementally for this, for years, however now it has never been more critical, in their eyes, to make their final moves, even despite knowing on some level that they have already lost. But at this point many of them figure, “I have nothing to lose, but only to gain by trying.” These final moves include things like – attempting to clamp down and exert more forceful control over the global population, an orchestrated economic collapse, or war, just to name a few.

However, their attempts will be futile, as catalytic geophysical and celestial events leading up to and part of the MPR, will soon overtake such dark initiatives in both intensity and duration, leading to the full ID split/MPR prior to or during the first week of JunePlease note the MPR will continue to manifest in stages over the course of May, but with much more intensity and visibility until the point in which it cannot be denied on a global scale, and this could be a rather large, multi-day precursor “event” leading into the actual finalization of the MPR/ID split. 

Currently we anticipate that the elite initiatives will be the first to hit the global scene, causing a great deal of inner turmoil for the masses, soon to be overtaken by geophysical/ celestial events. So as you can imagine, the intensity will only continue to rise for the masses with each day that passes within this month, leading into the full split/MPR by early June.

We in the HR’s feel that the masses are now as ready as they’ll ever be to experience this shift/split, in the full glory in which it will manifest itself. They have made tremendous strides since the first of this year, and you, the PAT, have laid an excellent foundation and support system energetically for them. You have just emerged from the compression/balancing/healing process of duality, and soon they will walk this same path and emerge as well onto the timeline of their choosing.

This is how the removal of the veil will manifest itself in the psyches and outer experiences of those inhabiting your world in the next 4-5 weeks.

So I urge you to rest, recuperate, and allow yourself to be built back up, stronger, more empowered, joyful and much more “visible” than before in readiness of your magnificent supportive role that you will shortly be asked to step into, with all the tools and resources that have been promised to you as an Ascended Master and Earthkeeper.

As always, more instruction will be forthcoming in the days a head. For now, simply enjoy the fact that you have crossed this most critical compression/ duality threshold of balance, healing, and integration.


Dear April,

this is an excellent message and it confirms the scenario I got from my HS today, including the confirmation of the latest message from GaiaPortal that the final ID split and MPR will come on 6.6. 2013 (6).

I am now writing an article on this topic and when I publish it first, I will publish your message as a confirmation and further elaboration on this same issue. Now we are about to get full clarity on the End Time scenario and even if it may take some more weeks, the path is firmly established now and the events will begin to roll over humanity. The worst was the current stalemate and the perennial cleansing.

With love and light


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