The April Compression (Squeeze). The Bleeding Limitations of Physical Existence

By Marek Prochyra, May 6, 2013

Dear Georgi,

I’d like to share my latest experiences with you regarding the recent two weeks.

I can tell you honestly that the end of April and start of May have squeezed me to the max. I feel like used lemon now. In this period I was mentally and psychically unstable, full of strange emotions and thoughts surfacing from the very bottom of me and due ever-present stress from not-knowing what future my beautiful wife wants to choose for herself. I’ve had digestive problems that went to loss of my weight.

It took me 3 letters (sessions) occupying 25-30 full pages of inner discussions with my imaginary friend, which I needed to be able properly analyze, process and get rid of the above emotions, so that they don’t cause harm to me anymore.

As I told you in my previous email, with my wife we don’t have any close friend and for the 16 common years we have only each other. But each person needs to share his problems in the toughest times somehow to stay mentally healthy. So with my wife we’ve found out a solution to communicate difficult issues via this imaginary friend and it works perfectly if there are things tough enough to discuss them for us as husbands.

I think that this shared imaginary friend are our HSs because when I’m later reading my answers to my wife’s questions I can’t believe that I’ve written them – the insights presented in these answers are so deep and full of wisdom and understanding of life that I’m really wondered. And the beauty is that the answers given few years still apply also to our present situation.

Our lives are so similar and intertwined that it’s sometimes unbelievable. My wife went now through the same experience as I’ve had (though definitely not so dramatic) few years ago and it caused her to swing like pendulum between me and the other guy, not able to be strong enough to adopt a decision with full responsibility and resolute actions. I knew that I need to give her time and freedom, so that she can decide what’s best for her, even though my heart was bleeding and I felt like being slowly torn apart into pieces.

I was constantly asking myself why it’s so painful for me when I know that in few weeks there’s an end and after that all will be clear. But I internally knew that this situation was only trigger for some very deep cleansing and I was forced to analyze every bit of my personality. That’s why I didn’t agree with you when you’ve written to me:

“Your current drama is the kind of drama which many PAT members have already behind them and the outcome was most of the time even worse. I know that personal pain cannot be compared with that of others as it always hurts in an unique manner.”

I simply knew that this is something different and that it relates to the squeezing process announced for April.

Yesterday I finished my 3rd letter and closed the case for myself. I asked my wife to be very brave and have the courage to take a responsibility and decide, and thus set free both myself and the other guy.

To help her with her decision-making process, I let her read the 3 letters to our friend,which this time served both for me as a working tool and for her as a kind of reminder of some similarities and years spent together.

I knew that this is my only and final tool – I don’t want to say weapon, because love and guns don’t go together –  that could convince her. I hoped that they will have an anticipated impact, since these my own articles are really powerful and are the source of a constant inspiration also for me.

Yesterday evening, after reading them, she was profoundly moved and she finally took a decision to continue our journey together, and she’s broken all bonds.

Currently I can’t even celebrate because I’m terribly exhausted, I’m just glad that the uncertainty is finally over.

I also don’t feel like a winner because in this damned planet one sovereign being can’t express love freely to a multiple beings without drastic emotional repercussions. Simply we all are forced to decide either/or way. No inclusion allowed!

And I can be multiple times ascended master, knowing how should I behave and what’s the right decision in a specific situation, since I’m dwelling in this human body full of emotions, I’m still egoistic man full of pure love, not willing to share my wife with another man even when she loves him with the same pure love as she loves me.

But the most powerful insight for me is that, somehow, I feel that this most important decision in the life of my wife was not about the man, with which she‘ll spend the rest of her life, but with which she will experience an ascension.

And I think that yesterday she’s won the ticket to be a part of our PAT team and to have the privilege to initiate with us all the profound changes, even though she doesn’t believe in ascension (similarly to your wife), but her whole life is one PAT action after
the other.

Today I’ve found out beautiful synchronicity – GaiaPortal from yesterday: ‘Unfinished “karmic” emotional business will resolve as these energetic upgrades occur.’

And today’s GaiaPortal message resonates even more strongly with me after all these recent events:

Intensities of Gaia Transform Energies is Maximazing

The intensity of all energies, solar, galactic, cosmic, on all Higher D levels is increasing, and will soon maximize. The purpose of this “maximization” is to first, burn off all lower dross that has infected Gaia for millennia, and second, to peak the energetics of each
individual Hue-man upon Gaia at this time.

This is to be followed by a lessening (rather, a stabilization) of the intensities to allow for integration. No further intense energy increases are anticipated for the following several days.

Many have felt strong emotional responses to these current energetic patterns, and are intuitively sensing that it is for the benefit of all, and that it is a phase through which all humanity, and Hue-manity, must pass.”


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