3D Planet of the Dogs

Asana Mahatari
channeled by Jahn J. Kassl on May 26, 2013

first published in English on May 31, 2013 in

translated by Björn Kurt

The decisions that had been taken weeks ago are now coming into the first manifested physical forms. The EarthS 3D (plural!) have been detached of all connections with the 4D, 5D and higher vibrating levels.

This means that the 3D-Earth script may now start to unfold.

The Ascension of mankind, which began with the 18.5.2012 made this first step of the separation of the worlds possible. Further steps and all further events will follow now.

The worlds are decoupled, the time of truth has come, humanity finds itself on their new chosen levels of light. For truly I tell you: the announcements prove to be true, are about to happen and to become utter reality.

And clearly as never before in the history of humanity, a real job is made of it and the one who still fears the light and has closed his heart for the love of God, finds himself there, where he can feed his life with new experiences of darkness.

A clear and unequivocal metaphor which points directly to this synchronicity of the visible and invisible level, was given to Jahn and Noah today and I would ask you to tell about it:

Report I:

My beloved son Noah and I use today’s sunny Sunday afternoon as so often also during the week, to take a ride with the Lilliput Railway in the Prater Park (it is a small railway, with open wagons only from April to October driven by a Miniature Steam Locomotive and is a real tourist attraction). Noah as almost always (we live nearby) could hardly wait to take the train.

Once in the Prater, we went straight to the train station and waited some moments for the incoming train. NOAH was riding his scooter on the opposite side of the platform, at the point where the first train was supposed to arrive, according to the information from the stewards.

On a bench, we saw a plump old woman sitting with a small dog at her side. Immediately the dog started to bark when Noah and I approached. Then the woman said, we should go away, because this is a dog area and people are not welcome here, “Dogs do not like children and no people either, so you better go!”I was absolutely stunned and flabbergasted, which for me is rarely the case otherwise. NOAH, intimidated by the barking of a small dog found some comfort in my arm and slowly we turned to leave the platform. I told the woman:

“It’s not the dogs that don’t like humans and children but it’s the people which do not like children and dogs. So you better stop finding excuses since you are the one despising people and animals.”

Then we moved on, the train arrived and we got on board. (End of report)

Interpretation of Asana Mahatari

Yes, in fact, this symbol indicates that the level of 3D is left to itself and that is by design of the people. Here it is important to make clear that it is not the (Ascended) Masters who have opted out not to have an incarnation within the next 1000 years on 3D-Earth, but it is the people of 3D, who are at the very base of that decision not to admit any Masters at their level. Which means that the Ascended Masters are being banished from 3D Earth because this humanity has chosen to be cut off absolutely from the light of God for that period in the linear time.

An Ascended Master is full of love for all life and would never step back from of a task –  this fact is alone the effect of the decision of the people remaining on 3D who claim their “dog zone” for themselves and will not tolerate anybody interfering in their drama.

Dogs are supposed to guide people to find unconditional love: a “planet of dogs ” shows that the path to unconditional love is going to be an extremely painful one. Dogs are the friends of the people, and on the Earth 3D it will be the dogs that may bring comfort for many people and make the pain more bearable.

The plump, unkempt woman – sick in mind and body – reflects very clearly the state of the society of this 3D Earth and the dogs will hardly have a better fate. But they shall be on this level in a huge number in order to love the people because the people reject the direct love of heaven and do not want to open for this level or they are not able to open up.

The wheel of Karma on the “3D super-earth” shall be turned by dogs and humans. This means that the entities that will die as dogs will be reborn as humans and vice verse. A yet unprecedented compensation of Karma will start on this level of existence, so that the major disruptions can be straightened to the greatest extent and thus, the amount of suffering for humans and animals will exhaust itself for good and in due time.

In today’s metaphor it is clearly shown that even if these people are confronted directly with two masters’ face to face they are not willing to abandon their claim, neither for their territory (dog zone), nor for their decision (choice of 3D).

In sum it is the people on 3D who – driven by their ignorance and ego – want to live certain experiences here and all alone and by doing so, they have ousted the Masters from the planet of this 3D earth. Thus, the Masters cannot do anything. A truly unique situation that illustrates how profoundly the effect of these decisions are.

It is the only way for these people to awaken – in more than 1,000 years. And not earlier than a single human soul of this dire 3D reality awakens under the most adverse conditions that ever existed for the human race, may this humanity be able to ascend.

Truly, the day of the separation of the worlds has arrived – heavy loads drop (5D) and new loads must be shouldered (3D). And it now applies to all people who chose the 4D and 5D level to close their hatches and to demarcate!

To this point, the passing child today which told Jahn and Noah to hook up the chain for of their ride on the Lilliput train (a safety chain which must always must be closed while traveling) as the journey began. Set your limits, close your doors, the journey begins and for those not being on board – you missed the ride.

And the extraordinarily beautiful, sublime, yet well aged dog which came along on the train (during the third ride of the Lilliput train) in the neighboring compartment and which was at first rather shy, but then enjoyed the ride even more enthusiastically, points out that some humans may board the train for 5D earth at the very last moment. And it also means that your siblings from the animal realm are able to ascend with you and shall do so.

Report II:

On Sundays there are always two trains running on this track of 25 minutes because of the larger crowds on weekends. First, Noah and I went out with the pink train, Noah, however, wanted to get right back. Only when we switched to the second, the yellow train, Noah was happy and we enjoyed the 90 minutes ride. It occurred to me that the second train people very relaxed and in a happy mood. A motley mix of families with children, older people, couples in love and some “lone wolves” occupied this train; and if the pink train had two unfriendly conductors (NOAH and me already know them only too well) we changed on the second line, where two friendly conductors were in charge.

The meaning of this scene gradually dawned to me as the path of the two trains crossed again and again which gave me time to become aware of that. When we got out of the train after this ride, the dog park in front of us (the new Planet of the 3D humans) was orphaned, while all around the life was throbbing. (End of report)

Interpretation of Asana Mahatari

Yes, the worlds are separated from each other and the orphaned dog park testifies. The trains have left, now the whole attention is on the 4D decisions and also there, everything goes very quickly. The light was victorious and at the level of 3D it shall also win – from that day forth – in a very, very distant time.

God is great, we are all in Him. Know especially, there are neither the Ascended Masters nor is it God who keeps away from 3D, it is the people who choose to take their last journey through the darkness, to pass through pain and fear all alone.

How could it be otherwise, the one who loves can not help but to bring his love to the needy and the one who loves may only be held back in giving his gifts by those who need it themselves.

The table of the Lord is ignored by many people even if they are directly in front of it and the lush fullness is overwhelming. New earths are being created, new worlds have been created and the trains are leaving and bring the passengers to their destinations in the realm of Being.

In this world the great plan of creation is coming to fulfillment. Even though many things will be much different than foreseen so everyone will wake up at the end of time exactly in the world he was dreaming about.

The sleep is past – the dark of night has crept away. Rise up, mankind, the new day is breaking and your thoughts, words and works take shape in the daylight.

It is me who loves you infinitely. And I am with you, who you are serving the life and having shown death the door. I had been ascending myself in those realms that you now expect – after the last veils of mist before your mind’s eye lift. Let there be light and there is light,



This is the message I wrote down after dinner and immediately after our trip described here with Noah. Noah was brought to bed by his mom when he woke up again and came through the door into the living room, where I was sitting and about to write this message. Noah headed straight for me and made himself comfortable on my lap. I guessed that he wanted as usual to have a look with me at some family pictures until he eventually falls asleep.

However, far from it. This time he says, “work, work, work, ” he invited me to write down the message that I had just begun. I asked him to be calm and to keep sitting quietly on my thigh. After he agreeing to this “working mode” I wrote this message. Astonished, I could witness in which peace, in which ease and joy he followed my work (NOAH is 25 months old).

Several times he requested to be put on the the floor, he then circled the table and looked at me full of delight before climbing back on my lap. As I typed the last sentences, NOAH was finally really tired and went to bed with his mom.

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