What Other Sources Tell Us About the Impending Ascension

by Georgi Stankov, April 15, 2013

There is a flurry and excitement in the HR and the channeling sources have attuned one more time to the theme of ascension, after they had dropped this refrain from their past messages.

This is the latest from Jahn Kassl from Vienna as translated one more time by our PAT Member Björn Kurt from Bern, Switzerland:

An excerpt:

15th April 2013  THERE SHALL BE LIGHT – Archangel RAPHAEL

One reality behind the Change is that in the same way the darkness seemingly grows, the power of the spiritual light is expanding. This situation is a “rocking buildup” and the formula is:

The longer the shadow, the bigger the light that is throwing that shadow

Many of you may ask: How much longer is this “rocking buildup” going to last?
As long as the planet has overcome the polar structure and time and space are being left behind.

Because Newton’s law of attraction works on this level until the one Earth has “blasted” off from the other Earth – which means waking up in 5D (a clear confirmation of the impending ID split which this guy does not consciously realize. That is why this text is an excellent evidence, comments George)And I tell you, you will not believe your eyes, how this will happen. Once the critical point is reached it shall happen within the blink of an eye and the time shall cease to be. Until that moment in time what can each of us do to progress?

1) Keep going. Failure is impossible, because the light always wins.

2) Know that everything is OK, that even the greatest imposition is a part of the Truth and that wherever the darkness emerges, the light is very close.

3) All concerns, doubts, your impatience, disappointment, anything that puts you in trouble and away from love can be handed over to God and the Divine Realms.

Handing over all your ego issues to God is the true healing which takes no effort, no sweat, no suffering. Healing is prompt and real if you do it with all your heart.

The light has won, because where your life is fulfilled, there is no shade.

In infinite love for you,

Hilarion / Marlene Swetlichoff also confirm that many LW are ready to transform their carbon-based bodies into light bodies and are waiting this event to occur any moment:

“Many of you are ready to move into the more refined energetic bodies you have been building and have chosen to continue in your efforts to bring in and anchor more Light here on the planet. This is also part of your reason and purpose for being here during these times and it will become clearer to you as more of humanity awakens and the Light expands even further. You have begun to move into more sustained states of peace and calm and you know that whatever is transpiring within those in the world around you is the process that you are now at the end of in your process of refinement and purity of Being. You are ready for the next step and the new beginning which now lies before you.

The new beginning gives each of you the opportunity to become conscious co-creators in your new world. There is a period of grace in effect which will allow you to practice this new ability without harm to yourselves or others. You are learning to control your thoughts and keep them balanced in a neutral manner, for the new world requires this self discipline so that your creations are always for the highest good of all and do no harm. This is a most exciting adventure that is before you now and we remind you that it is a learning process so be mindful of what you are creating.


Aisha North has channeled her celestial sister, who tells us in a highly metaphoric style that we are on the cusp of becoming multi-dimensional beings. This is in sharp contrast to her usually channelings of the Manuscript of Survival which are void of any factual information and only deal with the hardships of the perennial LBP cleansing:

“As above, so below. No more incorporating for your own pleasures only, but for the rest of the Universe also. This we say. Do not forget your origins as we are not forgetting your exactitude. The synergies are expanding exponentially as we write these messages not only on your computer but on the very origin of species. The mass distinction of everlasting life is what is being written out as the chain of events are subsequently linked to the chain of letters on a web page. Therefore the human race has attained its ability to leap out of the 3D and into the immortal abyss of multifaceted realms of celestial stargates and immersing themselves in layers and layers of reality. As foretold, this is like pulling the wool from people’s eyes. For the first time seeing who they truly are will scare many shitless – if you pardon the phrase. The shit will truly hit the fan (This sister must have read the HS’s messages from our ladies). We are overusing a vernacular being used and well known to you, wink, wink. Yes, the human body is excreting not only digested foodstuffs but digested old patterns of belief. The disbelief is an intricate part of this transition from hu-man to new man, to celestial beings on the planet Earth, being aware of their inheritance and being respectful of their host.”


Another, somewhat obscure and unknown to me source has channeled Gaia which also heralds ascension:

In the meantime you should know that you have brought about the current transition phase and that Heaven has given consent. This short period will not take years – we are talking about months in your timing. During this period more of your brothers and sisters will have the opportunity to  board the ship with the name “Ascension”. This fact alone should show you what mighty and loving Beings you are.

There are some more recent channelings that go in the same vein and this is a significant new trend, given the total silence of all such sources on the topic of ascension for the last three-four months since Dec 21, 2012. Of course none of them is giving a coherent picture of what will actually occur. In this respect our website is the only source of true and consistent, ongoing information worldwide. But let us also consider that most of the readers of such messages will most probably not ascend with the first wave to the 5th dimension, but will first move to the higher 4th dimension in preparation for mass ascension to the new earth in the fall of this year.

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