Why the Soul/HS is the Ultimate Master of the 3d-Charade

by Alex Golowyn, April 11, 2013

Hi George and the PAT,

It’s been a while since I last emailed you. However as is the case with all others is not necessary anymore given our connection to each other. I have been experiencing much the same as others that have reported generally around the same time and I would also agree that we must be taking shifts or doing specifically related duties. I got absolutely clobbered with the second last cleansing session which almost brought me to tears with the pain and pressure of the common CC wave symptoms. The most recent round for me lasted about 3 days and confined me to a bed for most of the time. Same symptoms as before however the nausea was very strong. Anyway old news.

You might remember when I wrote to you near the start of the year that I mentioned I had developed a means of constant connection to my HS by feel. It would actually shake my head in response to a question, thinking, saying, reading or doing limited by a yes/no response. This has developed into my HS now being able to manipulate my body if I “allow” it – quotations because I have been made to bump my hand or kick my toe gently that many times and repeatedly to get my attention that I unequivocally know that my ego is not ultimately in control of my body however free will is still king here (as far as this is concerned. The CC-waves kept coming regardless as you well know). This realisation through personally experiencing this is quite exiting and disturbing at the same time for obvious reasons.

So what have I been able to do with this new ability? It has only really ramped up after the last wave and I have been fine tuning, experimenting and also letting my HS work though me. The first wow was when I let my HS drive the car almost completely a few days ago. I had to learn to trust and let go but it was turning the wheel, braking and accelerating all on its own. The more I let go, the better it would drive. It would even use my mirrors and turn my head backwards to look for traffic – I will explain why in a bit. It has also brushed my teeth, cooked (heated up food, made breakfast and coffee etc), drawn me a diagram, learnt to automatic write (see attached which I will explain further later) and even given me the ability to walk around with my eyes closed – with limits. Being possessed is the best way to describe how it feels but in a good way. It is a real partnership with give and take, but I will say that with my limited experience that fully coalesces with your thoughts on the HR running their own agenda my HS will do what it wants unless I consciously put the brakes on. It’s kind of strange dealing with it as if there are multiple personalities agreeing and disagreeing – which I suppose is technically correct. Something it/he did last night and wants to keep on doing is quite interesting.

First I will explain why it needs to see through my physical eyes as best I understand it. It sees the 3D hologram energetically and therefore with no spacial orientation to interact directly with the environment as we see it. For example I tried walk around my coffee table in my living room with my eyes closed with it’s guidance. I made it around but bumped into the coffee table and couch a couple of times which puzzled me as it should be able to do it perfectly. I then asked what was going wrong. It scanned the coffee table from different angles of the room and it did it perfectly. It drives also in real time reacting with what it sees through my eyes and does not predict traffic that it, I, can’t see. It can however predict with accuracy what another driver it sees will do and reacts accordingly.

OK back to the room scanning, last night it led me to one room and scanned the walls, floor and ceiling a few times in a to and fro motion using my head and eyes and in a sweeping style moving in one direction to cover the whole surface. I was then guided to another room and the the same thing happened. It actually scanned the whole house this morning in an abbreviated way to get it’s bearings to help it with navigation throughout the day. What it did last night was pick the optimum sitting position to basically use me to build some energetic structure. I have no idea what it is. It starts by putting my chin to my chest and moving my eyes in the direction of my heart chakra. It does this in order to charge my eyes. It then moves my head and eyes in a sideways upward zigzag pausing, looking at other energy centers which are many and returns back to the heart for more charging to continue moving to other centers. It goes back and forth zigzagging up finishing at the crown chakra. It moves my head in a random swirly motion which seems to throw an energetic rope to loop around the energy centers. I sense the loop is thrown like a lasso at varying distances all starting and ending at the heart. It also sometimes moves backwards and forwards from the heart chakra to the other energy centers directly. When returns to charge my eyes at the heart chakra it moves my eyes in an oscillating fashion with my chin to my chest. These seemingly random movements are actually not random at all and the whole thing repeats in a cycle. It finishes the pattern by charging the eyes again at the heart and throws a series of energetic loops into the air and ground charging in between each throw. I had to mentally visualise what was happening as i was given no visuals.

My HS now constantly wants me to do this repeating pattern with a cycle that lasts as long as my head and neck can manage. It would do it all day if I let it and it went for 2 hours straight last night with HS guided stretching in between. I stopped because my neck was sore, felt nauseous from moving my head so fast and sensed it wouldn’t finish. This is mainly the reason what I meant about my HS doing what it wants. It put me on a diet of all things for days after the last wave, mind you I didn’t eat for a couple of day during the wave from feeling so ill.

The drawing you see in the top left is what my HS did when I asked it to draw something. It’s a bit rough but basically shows what we are building. The next one on the right shows the plan view from me. The top right is my quick interpretation of these diagrams and my HS is not to thrilled at my authenticity. It basically shows big spirals and small spirals all connected in one continuous style emanating from a central point. The bottom right shows how quick it learnt to write automatically. The word written is what it drew. I then asked again a word from my vocabulary and it wrote my surname (close with the spelling). So it drew me as it sees me. The bottom left is what my HS wrote when I asked what it wanted me to do next, basically my email address. It also wrote out my password which I obscured. I wrote the yes/no to make my life easier.

This might all seem pretty cool on the outside looking in but as I am quickly finding out abilities can also be not without their down sides. That said this connection is quite new and I’m still getting to know my HS and it’s intention but is improving very quickly throughout the day. A good sign we must be getting closer to ascension.

And as you might have predicted the answer to the obvious question is – yes no yes no yes no yes no!

Warm regards



Dear Alex,

I can fully subscribe to your experiments and results revealing practically why and how our soul /HS are the ultimate masters of this 3d-show and how they totally manipulate the incarnated personalities. Although I have not done this kind of experiments as diligently and systematically as you, I have witnessed numerous proofs how my HS immaculately coordinates the fine motor activity of the body by offsetting the role of the ego.

When one goes to the bottom of this experience, this is the most sobering acknowledgment of all, as it reveals better than any meditation or spiritual contemplation how limited we all are as biological beings and how we are carried all the time by our souls throughout life like a foetus in the mother’s womb.

It is only the illusion of the ego that makes us believe, we must take care of ourselves and make provisions for the future as to survive. This is the most flawed manifestation of survival fears that are still allowed to run the show on this planet under the banner of “free will” at the collective and personal level.

But the impending dramatic changes will manifest by significantly limiting the show of the ego by the HS, thus demonstrating to incarnated humanity who is the actual boss in this charade and who pulls the strings behind the veil – not the archons, not the dark elite, but our souls with the help of such stooges who only play their belligerent roles according to the script of our souls. Now that the script has been changed, these dark stooges were simply eliminated and the stage is set for a new multi-dimensional show.

Well done!

With love and light

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