Personal Opinions – April 10, 2013

Letters to the Editor

Dear Georgi,

For several hours now I feel as though my Soul is crying, if that makes any sense. I can’t think of any other way to describe this terrible feeling.

Are you alright? Have any other PATers reported a similar feeling? I am just not connecting to anyone right now. Thanks for your input.

With love and light,

Dear Carla,

I am also suffering under this feeling since yesterday, and feel as if somebody has extracted with bare hands my soul our of my body. I was tempted to write about this feeling to you. But then I decided not to bother you as not to drag you down.

I assume that this is part of our departure from this physical vessel and the sadness is the expression of the still active ego and the biological body, which now realize that their time is over and that they will be taken over as distinct energetic systems by the higher self, respectively by the source. I have no other explanation for this extremely sad and depressing feeling, which has subsided a little bit today.

On top of it we may also experience the sadness of humanity which now knows for sure that this is the End Time of the old order and must say farewell to this old crumbling world.


Hi George

Hilarious post, by the way, on your response to whether Stankov has an ego. I laughed out loud on the tube. Brilliant.

Just wanted to give a heads up. Had an acute attack on my portal last night by some rather nasty creatures as I was in the astral getting some adjustments on my body. Didn’t seem like any damage was done, but an attack definitely took place. There were twin demons, one of whom approached me very closely and held out a metal rod. I grabbed the end of the rod and broke it in half; I was really strong. The end of the rod was white hot with light and I stabbed him in the eyeball just as he did the same to my left portal, through the ear. Then I woke up and could feel them lingering in my portal. I then did the Christ light meditation and even saw some other demons being removed from my energy field.

Just wanted to give a warning that there might be a skirmish with the dark ones ahead.

I was even told recently by my “adjustment crew” when I was practicing bi-locating to the ships for tune-ups, that if I want to really help get rid of this scum, I can attack them in this weak spot: right through the left eyeball and into the brain from here, and to shout very loudly for them to be gone.

Did you have a calm night? I don’t remember having ever slept so poorly in the last year; I was in and out of the astral planes all night getting adjustments on my MOS.

Love Debra.

Dear Debra,

you have the finest dreams of martial arts, very belligerent indeed. These must have been the last most resistant dark entities that still lurk in the astral plane. But they have no influence on the ascension process any more.

The energy intensity was enormous last night and when I woke up several times, it was almost unbearable to dwell in a physical vessel, as if my HS was vehemently struggling to leave the body. Very unpleasant indeed, but I interpret it as a sure sign that we are constantly ascending now, until we reach the tipping point of transformation.

With love and light

Hello Georgi,

I read the article by Sue; I had to tell you, through this website I have only recently had occasion to see these ‘other’ sites within the light worker community, all’ve the channeled beings and the many distractions within their realm. I never checked these prior to reading this site and there really is no comparison. All the information leaves me tired; I’ll save a page to read later and I never do, that tells me a lot.

The difference here is the simplicity, how the information is presented. I read the energy updates for months before reading your absolutely memorable publication, which at times I had to re-read in order to be sure that what I felt it said, was in fact what it said, and it was waking up, over and over. I just want to say, “Thank You” again; such a gift of knowing and no words can explain how it makes me feel.

Anyhow, what I found on this site I see nowhere else. It follows pure thought and truth. The simple exchange and validation of one another’s progress, it is everything and nothing extra; all is summed up nicely within these pages. Validation is such a rare gift, food for the soul. I remember a time I was shamed into silence, my soul was being murdered then.

I am smiling with Dories comment about, not having peace at home if she mentions, “ascension”, how true! I just had to apologize to my husband for upsetting him; I was fully excited, rambling unchecked telling him that we should buy what we need now with any money we have because it won’t buy anything soon. He was fearful I suppose and eventually blew up. Sheesh, just when the conversation was going somewhere; walking on eggshells I tell ya… Heh.

So very refreshing to know others aren’t afraid to say what they feel, it’s liberating and most amusing to get a rise out of those milling around eh? Amusement is mandatory! And I will close by saying, there will be laughter in memories of Ego, my life long friend and closest comrade. How can you ever get to know your Ego in order to form an agreement with it so as to have some sense of control, without acknowledging and validating its purpose and then loving it fully.

As always much amusement and love,

Dear Jodie,

thank you very much for your appreciation of our website and for your lucid comments on the current awkward situation on the ground with the rest of humanity which will really stipulate to a full cacophony and even collective despair very soon.


Dear Dr. George Stankov,

Hello… I am following almost all info you post on ascension news here. It’s just unbelievable… because I never dreamed to live till such grand changes. I am 65 now.

Thank you for the job you are doing here. Truly, you are a Source, Captain!…

Boris Bokser

Dear Boris,

thank you for your good wishes….

These are indeed the most auspicious times in the history of this mankind and planet, but only a hand full of people has really grasped it yet. Let us hope that this will change very soon.

With love and light

Dearest Georgi,

I am happy and delighted to report my ascension dream of last night. I was in my old high school, where my class (the PAT team) was getting ready to graduate, although I was quite worried that I did not have enough credits to graduate with my class. I was seeking the info from various authority figures, teachers, but they could not tell me. Finally I got up my courage and went straight to the principal and asked. The principal told me that I did have enough credits to graduate, but I had to fill out a paper first (I wonder what that means).

So give me the damn paper already and let me fill it out!!

One more example of lift-off time!!!

Love you all,
Justin Ann
The Blue Ridge Mts of VA

Dear Justin Ann,

This is a clear-cut ascension dream and the paper you had to fill is simply a remnant of the old Orion system.


Dear Georgi,

It’s amazing how connected the PAT are! I’ve just read your response to Sue and other LWs of the like and I must say bravo! On the very same day I experienced a similar  situation with some barely lucid LWs that still prescribe to this dying Orion matrix. It’s funny to me that many of them know that this system has and will fall, but continue to hold on to it, seemingly to the bitter end.

In one particular exchange, while explaining the importance of your work and efforts put forth by the PAT, HS pretty much told me to stop. That the ‘time to assist others to awaken is over… If they haven’t made the decision to ascend then that’s on them’.

I appreciate the codes you’ve sent out to the PAT. This download feels like the one that will lead to the Supernova Detonation. What seems different to me this time is that I’m not super excited in anticipation, it feels to me like it’s as normal as breathing and as evident as green grass in this 3D reality.

Thanks for validating the issue of ego to those who may be reading this and are not part of the PAT. I have a feeling many will be drawn to your ideas and those of the others who post here in the near future. Once we appear as the AM of this plane I feel these posts will be like a workbook for those who later decide to upgrade to the MOS, we will be masters of.

Honestly, If you haven’t dedicated yourself to this, I might have cashed in my chips a long while ago. I appreciate you wholly.

Keep on keeping on,

Hi Georgi,

I am getting hit by a huge heavy wave, the strongest in many months. I can barely hold my head up on this one, got a feeling something big might be coming…

Rick Jewers

I only found your site a month ago. Very interesting posts & conversations. Thank you for posting the messages. I do not understand all that you say, but it resonates with me at some level. I feel that I need to read it (like the way I need to read the Gaia Portal

Thank you,

Dear Julia,

you are welcome. The reason why you may have difficulties to understand everything we are writing is that we are doing this for two years now and we have collected also a vast archive of more than 1000 publications on human gnosis, upon which our discussions and experiences are based and further evolve.

Besides, the group called PAT is  the first and only group with developed unity consciousness on the earth and most of our communication occurs telepathically, so that it is becoming increasingly difficult for other members to follow our conversation. This is unfortunate, but inevitable.

With love and light


The more I read on your site, the more I understand (and I have been reading a great deal). The conversation with members of PAT is enlightening.

Thank  you for posting. Even if I just found you, I am sure it is for a very good reason. Better late than never!

Sending Love to you and all members of your group. You are all wonderful & amazing.


PS I realized that I have felt a number of the waves. I just had to change the time zone (I’m in Calif.)& remember what was going on in those moments.

Julia H Hansen

Dear Julia,

I am happy that you are progressing so quickly. Follow your intuition and you will find easily your individual path of evolution.


It is some time that I don’t wrote to you, but, I never had miss to read your site.

My last experiences these couples of months, has been very interesting, but the most important of all was one week after the catholic holly week. I was healed, I was in meditation, when a female being appear in front of me, she was a nice woman, and everything was in green, later I was in a big green room, with many letters or symbols like the Arabian letters covering the walls. and my body was floating in the middle of the room. They took away from my right leg a big leech that was between my foot and my knee, after that my physical body felt the pain in that place. But now I can feel the energy flowing throughout all my body, because before the intervention, always my right leg was numb after a long meditation.

Another interest feeling is that the energy is flowing from my back, I can feel this, sometimes painful, vortex from my back to my chest. I had to stop wearing a wrist watch. I acknowledged it gave me headaches.

Master, you are a big light for the future of mankind, I don’t know when the final act is gonna happen, but I could feel know that is very close, that is something that I don’t felt before.

With all my love.
José Arenilla

Dear Jose,

thank you for your energy update that validates our common experiences. Your healing in meditation is indeed spectacular, but a normal event on the other hand at these special times.

Everybody is now feeling that we are ascending by the hour, but this is a gradual process until the final click will be made. This time there is no doubt in the outcome as we have surmounted all hurdles and done all the job that was required from us.


Hi Georgi,

I agree with you and with Dorie about the incredible and powerful wave of energies that were coming down on us yesterday. At work I was so alive and active and suddenly I was so crushed with the wave energies that I really felt them passing through me. I was so fatigued and dizzy. This time I felt it was stronger than ever.

And the other night, I went out to take pictures of the sky and other places looking for Orbs.There are so many of them and around me. I took some pictures and when I went through the slices I could not believe in my eyes!!There was this vortex or portal above the houses, it  was so huge that it made the houses look like shrink in their size. And so because of the sky was dark and with my small cheap camera the picture didn’t have the good quality, but you could still see the large portal.

Anyway!Georgi I feel like sometimes I am fading or not connecting the things or objects. When I think I am putting the things down, they fall or I can’t remember what or what I did or sometimes loosing the days. It seems like I’ve always been a sharp mind person. but lately I feel like I am really disconnected. I guess this is what is like ascension. I hope we will all ascend soon. Many blessings to you

Ayfer Carter

Dear George,

I have not written to you in a while. I hope this message will reach you in as good health and spirit as the symptoms allow. After reading today the Gaia portal message I suddenly felt like doing it to comment on the “no escape” paradigm it references to. Indeed, in this way among others things are stipulating, one might say.

In relations with my family and friends I have always applied the law of energy optimization, engaging in proverbial battles when necessary and viable, distantly leading them like donkeys after a carrot or letting go when nothing could be done, always trying to do my best while attempting not to overspend the energy I needed focused on the ascension effort. Unfortunately most often it is like batting away moths from a flame in hope the moths will change their behavior, despite the seemingly half assed outcome of my antics.

A situation has arisen, as constructed by my and their HS in relations with my family, a drama that leads inescapably to conflict, demands resolution and leaves no ways of obvious escape that are easily available. There does not appear to be any possibility to address it, but face the truth head on. Normally that leads to confusion, lack of understanding, lack of will to invest energy to understand, but an overwhelming pressure to decide on matters of import without proper knowledge about those to be finally, or rather temporarily rid of them. Yes, like in all the governments, if somebody is wondering…

I have attempted to transform the threat of an immense destructive interference looming at the horizon into a constructive interference as best as I could. Therefore under the huge situational, emotional pressure I used verbal persuasion to allow me to engage in a discussion to resolve the issues in the spirit of dialectics, so that we may reach the truth of the matter together and take responsibility for the decisions we are about to make with as much understanding of the truth/reality as we can mutually procure. So that ignorance will not have a chance to falsely excuse stupidity in action as it usually does.

With information clearly in light of day there is no fooling oneself, no room for denial about the consequences of our actions. We stand under a wall and the moths must face the flame. I am curious what it will all bring. I just hope I can stand in the light and hold the candle straight. Well, I know I can… actually possibly the “scariest” part of the ascension process is not at all the issue if it is real or if I will break, but that I will not, and no matter how many and how big rocks/walls I hit full throttle, I will keep standing and they will keep coming… seemingly infinitely?

The situation arranged by my HS is that of “no escape”, a last chance of sorts, apparently to use the right kind of eyes and make the best decisions possible, in the spirit of oneness. It is a paradigm clearly intentionally employed by HR to bare the truth more forcefully… almost regardless of consequences. It is extremely taxing and makes me even more tired and depleted on top of all the energy waves, but despite the horrendous discomforts I feel I must trust in the process and let it unfold in hope that all this energy will meet its purpose. I wish strength to you everybody else, especially if facing similar… “Difficulties”.


Dear Piotr,

while I could follow your line of argumentation, I was completely at loss as to the magnitude and scope of the existential circumstances that have evoked your thoughts in order to assess their reliability with respect to this reality and the demands of the higher mind. This makes the glass half empty.

Of course I do not ask you to specify on the actual circumstances that have led you to this elaboration, but only wanted to make you aware of the cognitive problems one encounters, while reading your expose. It is simply too cryptic.


Fine. I did not want to bore you with the specifics of the drama, but it seems I have forsaken it at the cost of clarity. My closest friends are fine with what I am and fairly well understand it. My family is more on the downwards spiral despite little victories on my part. All I do in my life is carefully arranged and sooner or later I know to varying degrees the purpose of the activities I engage in. I adjust it all to the necessities of ascension process that has its price as we all know and use my circumstances to wake up other people as a side effect.

As a result I do not give a crap about 3d things and values they constantly seem to pamper. While they distantly somewhat realize that they do not understand it and it obviously bothers them that I might be right. They prefer however to discard this line of thought because that will make all their activities stupid and wasteful and useless. So when their HS have made their existential fears exponentially higher in their daily lives, they turn on me to squash my world views, distort my actions, blame me for everything they thing is wrong with their world I try to avoid entering. They use the excuse of saving me from “destroying” myself looking at and misinterpreting my LBP symptoms and way of life.

The most prominent person is my mother who serves as a trigger since she has the least internal discipline dealing with her irrational fears, with her blindness to force the issue on the others. They want to avoid seeing the lies in their life by exposing mine, where NONE EXIST because my essence is pure. If they cannot fine them, they attempt to create them or distort the reality to make it look like they are there and making silly excuses and waving their hands like stubborn little girls.

Since the reality is so malleable and allows for different seemingly truths to exist next to each other for people with different levels of understanding, their retarded cognitive and mental capabilities allow them for that. They see no other way but to force the issue, confront it and they confront it through me. I am the wall they hit and can’t break. The only way out of this is if I dispel their cognitive and mental “blunders” using sound reasoning not in a debate, but in a dialectical way you yourself often employ.

The alternative is more waving hands and silly excuses from my side which  I do not wish to employ and thus I am also under a wall because I cannot make them leave me alone till their fear dissipates and I does not want to because it apparently is not meant to till they FINALLY invest energy to grasp what is in front of their eyes. This is why I am slowly explaining them the nature of reality as I see it and therefore the reasoning behind all my actions and I seem to be making reluctant progress as the truth is exposed. I did it it for many hours yesterday and today I will also.

They will have to take responsibility for their accusations in light of the truth and not throw ignorance like they usually do and go on with their lives with no consequence. There is no way to not understand it if enough energy is put forward to understand it and it has to be put forward when there is – No escape.


Dear Piotr

Are you living together with your family? This makes a big difference. If you live on your own, you should simply close the door and tell your mother that this kind of discussions makes you ill and deters you from other important activities. If you live with them and even worse depend financially on them, then you have a real problem and there is no easy solution, until there is one – ascension.


Dear George,

I am. Only recently I used to have some independent income. We have several living places, so I could move out if I wanted to, but I am still financially bound and I doubt it is the right course of action. They are not inconvenienced by me in a material way by any means, also as they are relatively well off. I am really done in presently by the symptoms and prefer to engage in real life as little as possible.

My HS tells me it uses my situation to engage their attention purposefully and it is sort of supposed to be so, wherever it may lead. I had plenty opportunity to engage in hard core 3d jobs ” with a future in the system” or acquire other material baubles, but every time I had to say no, so that I could stay on my path, not to get snared in. If I started to make too many compromises, my LBP would finish me off or I would start discarding its purpose and end up like many other LW.

At the point that normal people develop their careers I had a clear view of the despicability and futility of it, full in the LBP. I guess constant stalling of the HR does not help, but every, no matter how shitty situation can be apparently used to some positive purpose. Yes, I realise the delay is not a delay and better not to look at it that way and everything seems to proceed fine explanation. I act according to that line of thought.

Should I be practically honest about this – if my dialectical attempt will fail to pierce their fears, my family will still be relentless and the stalling for some unexplainable reason will still continue. I will most probably make compromises and enter 3D life to a larger extent, with gritting teeth and sand in my mouth, but it is probable if things continue like this. If only because watching them hurt themselves out of ignorance around my issue is literally killing me, being the scapegoat. As long as I can do it without endangering who I am. They have free will to continue in their blindness.

This perspective makes me feel infinitely old despite not being old, tired and nauseous/ despicable when only thinking about it as everything here is extremely foreign and uninteresting to spend energy for. I just try to calculate everything, so that I can maintain my equilibrium and fulfil my mission. However the whole point of the “no escape” is that the situation has an aura of no escape, no half measures, no running away. On their part because their fears are making them nuts and on my part because I see no appealing ways to soothe that and continue on like usually without betraying myself and my mission and so, one might say in desperation, I employ full disclosure.

Obviously ascension would so to speak.. clear things up. Spending energy to create 3d material endeavours right before ascension is a colossal waste of important energy I could be spending on getting out of here faster and thus incredibly preposterous. My HS does not tell me it wants this, but throws at me this situation to resolve anyway and for now seems to be satisfied with attempting to dispel their stupidity. Thank you for asking.


Dear George,

I am back from a deep sleep. And I wonder…. After about a week of intensive pain, especially in my  lower back and cursing through my body, after 3 am I almost couldn’t get up. I felt as if my body is breaking down. Luckily I read your news, so I knew about the “load” my body is inhaling.

In bed my HS brought the remembrance of my experience of the backwash in the Indian Ocean, when I almost drowned in swimming back to the shore. So I asked, what is the message in this happening from then?…  There I had to swim back and that was a big challenge, keeping the pace, not letting go.

And now, with this wave?  –  I listened to the answer: this wave is carrying you beyond – no need to swim back! So I asked even AA Michael to support me in cutting the strings, which still bind me to the shore. And I declared my being open to receive.

And I felt asleep. And I woke up 2 hours later. And: the intensive pain is gone! Only few spots to remember, I can feel, I walk my normal pace again.

I had some extraordinary experiences with my body in the past years of LBP (as all of us), but today I feel overwhelmed from the loving support in this ease. So I felt to share with you.

Greetings from Austria

Dear Silvia,

it is very important to keep in mind such episodes of sudden recovery from intensive pain periods as to stay optimistic when another energy bout kicks around the corner. Actually our bodies are immortal and our souls take a lot of care to keep them alive, which is not always the best alternative. Or as I use to say: death is the second best alternative for us after ascension. The worst one is being kept on the ground. But this time we are on the ascension path and there are no obstacles anymore, although only heaven knows when the thief will come in the night. Unfortunately!…

Liebe Grüße


last night (April 9) was a very pure form of light coded energy for me, such a high frequency sound in my ears, feels clean, infinitely expansive and loving.

Yes too, headaches mild, the difficulty of the purification process might be coming to an end soon and the new light energies much more embracing… finger over lips, shishhh  can you hear the universe….


Dear David,

thank you for this validation of the pure quality of these source energies that peaked this morning (April 9). Now they have receded somewhat, but this is the kind of waves that will propel us to the higher dimensions, no doubt about it.


Dear George.

Thank you for continuing the editing of this wonderful site. It´s a lifeline. I had a dream the night before last that relates to the adjustments of our vision and the flickering between realities.

I was called into a room to adjust the lights there. Earlier when I have dreamt of lights, I have tried desperately to make it lighter. Light bulbs have been so weak, only the wire inside them faintly glows, matches won´t work and flashlights don´t have batteries. I often even turned on the lights in my bedroom, while I slept.

In this dream I switched the lights on and off a couple of times and then I left them off. This room was old and creepy and earlier I would have found it scary in the dark, but not this time. I walked over to the window and looked out. I noticed that I was high above, looking down at the clouds and a beautiful sunset scenery by the ocean. The image flickered on and off, like the lamp had, between seeing the beautiful scenery, and seeing codes shaped like beautiful scenery. Like in The Matrix I saw the codes behind the image. Only the codes looked more like static, and not numbers. It seemed like a testing of the vision.

These end times are paradoxically very interesting and very tedious.

Lots of love, Eldbjørg.

Dear Eldbjørg,

thank you for sharing your dream with me. I can also confirm that I see all the time codes and a lot of written text, hieroglyphs and normal Latin letters in front of my eyes, especially upon awakening. In fact we are now writing the history of mankind and Gaia anew each moment and the complexity of these efforts is beyond human perception. There will be a lot to learn after our ascension, until we catch up with what we have accomplished so far at the level of our HS.


Dear Georgi,

I very much enjoyed Dorie’s message from her HS confirming everything that I have heard and experienced first hand the last few days.

When she first mentioned her dream about standing at a window and looking out to see a most beautiful tree, I knew instantly that it was the “Tree of Life”.

The Tree of Life shows us that we are all connected to each other, that no one is separate nor apart. That with this interconnection we shall experience together the most beautiful rapture ever divinely conceived. We are perfectly aligned and Source knows it!  Source has finally recognized itself!

With much love,

Dear Carla,

Dorie was very content and relieved that your message has so fully confirmed hers. I personally think that it may take a couple of more days till everything is aligned and ready for a GO. But I hope that the perfectionists will not prevail in the HR and that we will finally ignite / birth the “baby”.


Hallo George,

I was also hit by this wave last night at the same time (9 pm our time), I had to lie down at once. Since Friday night, I started to feel depressed and thoughts of self ascension surfaced again running into Sunday.

I also suspect that the dark forces are getting “outside” help from higher evolved STS beings, possibly in return for “blood” energy (explaining the perpetuation of wars and killing of innocent people with drones etc.). How come we are told that they are defeated and they keep pitching up when we want to ascend?

I have read the latest info from Dorie and the Elohim. Do these latest alteration of our bodies etc. mean that we were NOT ready to ascend last week and those numerous times last year for that matter?  I am sorry for sounding somewhat negative, but I feel that we are only told part of the truth by the HRs.

Sorry, I have another question: Dorie’s HS ends with ” …….come home! Make it so!”       Does this mean it is up to us to DO something to ascend?

in love and light,

Dear Joe,

your last question also popped up in my mind. Although I have no firm answer, this is what I see and interpret.

There are infinite ways to ascend from the earth and there is no such thing as ready or not. It is a fluent affair and depends on the desired optimization and perfection of the whole energetic condition around this planetary ascension process.

Now, it is no longer about us, but about the ascension of Gaia and 3/4 of humanity to the 4d-balanced earth A/B and the final separation from the earth B. They, the HR want to make it as perfect and as final as possible, before the ID spilt through the PAT supernova happens.

You can have defeated the dark forces, but their negative thought patterns may still lurk in the astral planes and on the earth and need to be processed. This is an ongoing process, where you cannot simply draw the line in the sand. As long as the cabal are on power and the final split has not taken place, such negative patterns will hook onto our ascending timeline and will cause problems to the very last minute.

Please do not forget that we now heave a vast portion of humanity to the 4th dimension and many of these entities will continue to have dark features for many thousands of years and will evolve very slowly on this timeline. But they are still more evolved than those remaining on earth B and have deserved, due to their past karmic experience, to get a fair chance on the earth A/B. Their negative energies must be somehow also considered and contained during the current ascension process.

And then finally come the infinite cosmic alignments that are now necessary for this final shift. You do not have a well fixed energetic state when you say – now you are ready to ascend. Individually we were ready to ascend many years ago, at the latest at 11.11.11. But then we would have been the only ones. It is an optimization problem that is solved each time anew.

When we will ascend we will know more about the underlying processes of transformation. I am only telling you, based on my personal intuitive view, that we have now made the best of it in terms of the whole humanity and Gaia and have vastly extended our soul harvest.


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