Living Without Any Control

by Georgi Stankov, April 29, 2013

Living on the cusp of the detonation of the PAT Supernova, the ID split and the magnetic pole reversal (MPR) is living consciously without exerting any control on our lives or striving to take any influence on the huge energetic transformations that accompany our ascension process. This is a truism that has been reiterated infinite times on this website. 

The whole LBP is an endless release of any conceivable control over our destiny as incarnated human beings. This is the most difficult exercise in the whole universe of 3d-space-time, where the incarnated mind is the master of the show of illusion. And yet the mind is like a foetus carried in the secure womb of the mother-soul and cannot exist a single moment without her care as a clandestine regulation of the brain and a fine-tuned coordination of the mind’s illusory reality from the higher dimensions.

I know this is also not new to you, but the ramifications from this realization are often forgotten in daily life. To live on the cusp of ascension and have faith in all energetic processes that take place behind the veil, while only the tip of the cosmic iceberg looms in our personal energetic fields, causing mainly physical symptoms and leaving us without any reliable reference of how far we have progressed in the ascension process, can be rather disheartening to our minds.

And yet we must let go of even this ultimate search for greater awareness and succumb to unconditional faith that everything will be perfect. It is like bungee jumping without seeing or feeling the belt with the elastic cord and yet knowing that you will never crash on the ground. The spirit mind must overcome the mind of survival – the EGO-mind – before it can ascend and merge with the Source.

Below I will publish a third article in a row today from an external source that succinctly elucidates this issue one more time.


Hell And Illusion Are Her Children
by Hilarion, April 29, 2013

What scares the mind most is to have it’s very existence questioned.
What scared the mind most is to have it’s very experience questioned.

The reason you attach to belief systems usually is inability to directly perceive reality. Not perceiving reality, the human mind must guess, guess as best as it can according to it’s level of inner health and well being.

The human experience is that you are indeed “out of control”. Out of the control that comes with ease as all is perceived as it is. And that is the edge of the jewel also, the uniqueness part of it, that you have allowed your self to experience in the physical, in a body, as a body, being “out of control”.

Interesting, … yes?

So to bring your self full circle, grant yourself the experience of feeling okay that you, it, is “out of control”. Not perceiving reality, full reality, at all levels and in all ways, is not a dance taken lightly… Yet you have chosen all it’s aspects.

The “striving for healthy control”, is alike to steering a ship, until full realization. But this is the moron’s mind’s belief, a false belief, as inner realization, direct perception of everything, is not attained,… it is dreamed.

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