The Light-Years-Distance Between an Esoteric Ego and an Honest, Axiomatic Mind

by Georgi Stankov, April 8, 2013

Today I received from several members of the PAT a reference recommendation about an article on our group published on another website. This is unusual as normally we are under the radar, almost invisible to the most LW, who prefer not to take notice of our existence and mission as thus they will also not have to take notice of their stupidity and weird esoteric ideas they profess. This has been the greatest hindrance for the ascension process of Gaia and humanity – the failure of many star seeds to truly awaken – and explains why we had to suffer so many delays in the past. Hopefully no more this time.

The article I will comment below is written by an unknown Sue to me and the other PAT members, but this lady seems to have studied very carefully our website and feels attracted to our ideas. However she is still not fully free of old New Age prejudices, at least not in the way she addresses this issue. But to our unequivocal opinion, Sue and some other star seeds, who will follow her footsteps, seem to have been touched by the huge source energies we have transmitted to the LW community and the whole mankind recently and now begin to gravitate around the PAT. This trend will explode in the next days after our ascension and appearance as ascended masters in front of humanity.


Note… Kudos for you in this post, see fifth paragraph from the bottom.

Love and light,


Dear Sheryl,

very interesting indeed, though nothing new. Her argumentation still evolves around esoteric issues and does not see the bigger picture. Do you know who Sue is?


No I don’t know who she is, but there was also a post the day before from (I think ?) the same woman, which was very good. She seems to be on a similar path to PAT. It came from a post on Jean Hanes blog on Word Press.

How are you feeling today? Riding a huge cc-wave here that started at noon yesterday and is still active this morning.

Love & light,

Dear Sheryl,

I will publish and energy update later on today, but I feel very elated and optimistic on a very high energetic level.


Hi Georgi,

I was just checking the site this morning and since you hadn’t posted went to another source I frequent. Look what I found! Yes, other lightworkers acknowledging you and the PAT!

Check it out!

Love and Light,

Dear Gwen,

I read it and I have commented it already. See below.


Touche! I love your response! I was just amazed that someone else had acknowledged us in any way at long last!


Good morning Georgi,

Just read the article. Your name and website is named in the article. For myself, I’m resonating with all the PATsters. The feeling is good, but it takes too long. About 40 years of aches and pains are really much! Anyway, we have no choice and we will survive.

Warm greeting,

The deactivation and reactivation of the Earth crystalline grid and the earth ascension.


“…..I don’t know if many of you are aware of Georgi Stankov. He and his group have been key in creating 4D and readying for the dimensional split. I know many take issue with Georgi.  Well, that’s too bad.  Has he had some ego issues? Yep, sure has, he’s having a human Earthly experience like the rest of us. I’ve observed him clearing some of that since opening his website in mid-2011. But many things he is accused of being egotistical about are really not his issue, but the ego issues of those pointing the finger.  Georgi is very intelligent and knowledgeable and self-realized.  He doesn’t play small.  Like Marianne Williamson’s quote about not playing small.  (See here:

Georgi acknowledges the powerful creator he is. This doesn’t sit well with the ego issues in others who have been programmed / conditioned to think that someone stepping into their true potential somehow thinks they are better than others. No they don’t. He and others like him set a good example.

The (composite) character of Jesus also experienced this. He set the example of what a soul can do while incarnate in human form and yet he was either despised or worshiped.  It bothered him that others did not see him as an example, a teacher but instead a “god”.  Well, he was a god, but so was everyone else and that’s what he was trying to show them. “Have I not said ye are gods?! You too shall do these and greater things.

I can relate to the challenges of both Georgi and Jesus and all the many others who have had to face such challenges over time. It’s like the line “If you’re one step ahead you’re a genius. If you’re two steps ahead you’re a crackpot.” I personally look forward to a time when so many others have caught up enough that they think of us crackpots as mere geniuses.

But yes, Georgi’s site is most certainly worth more than just a casual visit. And like with any other source of information, bring your discernment skills. Take what works / resonates, leave the rest. Don’t throw out Georgi’s insight “baby” with his ego “bathwater.” He is always on point. All ascension. All the time. Which I really respect him for. If he reports on the World of Outer Effects, it is only as a marker of changes….”


Dear Charlotte,

thank you for this reference. I already read this article as another member of the PAT sent it to me as a link. This article reveals one more time how one-sided human perception /weltanschauung is.

Although this woman Sue (I do not know her) was rather positive in her opinion on the PAT (after all, most of her article she has borrowed from the information published on our website) and our mission, she also misses the key point.

It has never been about ascension in the first place, but about logical, coherent, holistic human thinking that is the only guarantee not to “fall from grace” one more time as was the case in Atlantis. The dark entities from the Orion empire would have been powerless if the Atlantean humanity have stuck to the axiomatics of human thinking, based on the “Law of One”. I know this because I was a high priest at that time.

Ascension is only a means to achieve this kind of advanced thinking.

Although I am the only real scientist in the LW community, who has not only revolutionized conventional science, but has also substituted it for ever with the true scientific spirituality of the Source, none of the LW is even able to register this fact that I am repeating nauseatingly in the last several years. This is the most convincing proof how distorted their world view is and that their awakening is not very much advanced, if they are not even able to register this simple fact. Instead they are obsessed with the most irrelevant question of all – whether Stankov has an ego or not. Let us say, Stankov has a personality and this is the 3d-expression of his HS. That’s all.

If these stupid LW would have grasped the scope and importance of the new theory of the Universal Law and were able to implement its axiomatics / logic in their daily thinking, they would have awaken much earlier and humanity would been infinitely more successful in the process of ascension than is the case now, when due to their extremely illogical and compartmentalized thinking, most star seeds have become an easy prey to dark Orion disinformation. Logical axiomatic thinking is the express way to the higher dimensions and any true awakening. Anything else is simply crap.

Now most LW still slumber in their 3d-prejudices and discuss, whether Stankov has an ego or not and take this as an excuse not to read him and not to publish his articles on their websites, as they will automatically expose the crap they normally channel.

Let me be explicit on one issue – Stankov has not only a healthy human personality, but he has also a prick and he loves to fuck as long as he is on this earth, as this is one of few things that makes pleasure on this toxic planet. This does not sound very esoteric, but the way, the New Age esotericisim is interpreted today by those stupid LW is a real hindrance for their ascension. They should fuck more than channel.

It will be shown very soon that those, who prefer sex than talking too much BS about their fainted hearts and disconnected right brains, will be the ones, who will first ascend, while the rest will be still stuck in their unresolved emotional issues.

With love and light


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