The Flavour of Adventure and Reward: Why the PAT Chose to be a Midwife of Mass Ascension on the Densest Planet in This Universe

by Georgi Stankov, April 28, 2013

This is an excellent and very enlightened explanation by Brian, the Dragon why we, the PAT, have signed (as some of us believe in a drunken state) our current incarnation contracts to be the midwives of the most complicated mass ascension adventure /birthing that has ever been undertaken in the last 100 000 light years in this universe. 


The Tickling to Become Ascended Master in One’s Lifetime
by Brian, the Dragon

Hi everyone, this is the dragon.

In your linear time, we gave a previous message about how this event of your mass ascension was not such a rare experience that “it has not happened before”, but we also said that it is something that is not altogether common either. If you breakdown reality based on a dozen or so generations of lifetimes in linear time, then there are an infinite realities of mass ascension in the universe, and there are orders of infinity more realities where it does not occur. That is because the universe is infinite, and you can actually compare infinities to other infinities and say “it’s a greater infinity” which really means that this infinite thing is more likely to be come across. So we’re going to involve topics where we are really linearizing things that are much more complex, and this is necessary to turn things into human language in written form. Not necessary for you to understand, since your minds are capable of so much more, and can integrate energies carried on the word and not just the word itself. But language in written form as you use it, is limited. For those who can, we recommend pulling in some of the energy that goes with the message.

Before we get into anything, we think it’s all to common for people to think of ascension is a one time thing, or even a state that is achieved. It’s not quite that way. Ascension/ descent is a continual process. Your entire soul has a specific vibration that it oscillates at. For simplicity, think of a sound wave or radio wave. These involve time, which is a misnomer since vibration doesn’t really include time, except at the lowest of vibrations. However, it’s still not too far off as an analogy. Within that single vibration, there are sub-harmonics that oscillate. This is part of the natural ebb and flow of the universe. If it doesn’t vibrate, it is dead. So naturally, your soul oscillates. And even the vibration at which it oscillates, which you may think of as fixed, is not. The vibration itself oscillates as well. It even goes up and down. Not only for your entire soul, but for the sub-harmonics as well, including your current incarnation. So naturally, some parts of your being are moving up in vibration, and others down.

So, with that, we get back to the message…

In your own galaxy, in the time as you see it for light to reach you from the far reaches of what you see of your galaxy, which may be in your past as you see it, there are many societies evolving even in what you see as your own timeline, or that which the light reaching you matches [Brian: 100,000 years or so, in our linear timeline]. So there are thousands becoming more self-aware, as yours has, learning to use tools to manipulate what they can see, then tools to manipulate what they can’t. There are also small groups that ascend within a larger society here and there. However, the spark to become fully aware as a collective, to transcend the physical as an entire society, to ignite into something that shines across the cosmos. Only happens usually a few times in the time we discussed [Brian: 100,000 years or so] on a single timeline. Of course, even a timeline isn’t linear, but we’re trying to do our best to limit the discussion to what makes sense, for now.

So, what is so interesting about this mass ascension? You may notice, old souls, ascended masters.. Yes, you are, and don’t let it bloat your ego… that all the stuff that worked in other lives just isn’t “working” here for some strange reason. It is borderline frustrating, and your frustration may not be as much with society as with yourselves because you have maybe ascended but haven’t broken free from the chains that bind you. What if we told you that you weren’t meant to, and put safeguards in to prevent that? “Oh, how dismal”, you may think. But it’s anything but. The reason is this: No matter how high on a pedestal you put it, breaking free individually or in small groups is really no big deal. Even for a soul with little life experience on Earth, but definitely for souls like you. It’s all about picking the right initial conditions for your birth, and then incarnating in a perfect scenario for ascension. Then, it’s more like a miracle if you fail than a miracle if you succeed, since things are already set up for success. What’s the challenge in that? It feels good, for a second, then you’re thinking have I learned enough to make this a little harder.

So maybe you set up some incarnations where things are stacked against you a little more, but after a few times you have success in that as well. Now, we don’t want to give the impression that the only goal of incarnation is ascension, or growth towards ascension. Incarnation is all about experience, sometimes just for the sake of it. For smelling the flowers, feeling the breeze, and swimming in the mountain streams. However, one of the games that your souls do play to keep themselves busy is ascension. You wouldn’t be here at this auspicious time were it not for it.

So instead of going for a single ascension out of physicality, which makes you yawn, you are going for millions of souls and billions of incarnations, to do it at once. What you don’t realize yet is that it’s not only in your own timeline, but in others as well, which will come together. And all your egos, will essentially at different rates expand into a consciousness of being fledgling creators, building your own experiences, creating your own worlds. Yet, through it all, you will be birthing a collective consciousness. Essentially, a living being that is fully self-aware of itself as a spiritual being and made up of the consciousness of all those ascended beings who make it up.

Now, here’s the kicker… Many of you call this consciousness the Christ consciousness collective. The ascended masters you talk about from the past, some of them just being other incarnations of yourselves, they have already seen it. You have all already seen it. But were you part of its birth? Or said another way, were you part of its integration into this reality? In a sense, you were, because your other incarnations have helped bring this about… Yet, you get the fun now of enjoying the fruits of your labor, quite literally and figuratively. Of being thrust into it as a large group, sharing in the experience together incrementally instead of just at the very endpoint. The potentials for diversity of experience that comes with that is nearly unrivaled.

And with that, we really can’t go into much more detail. There is nothing that can really express how amazing it will feel. We could try. We could talk about things like making love, and ice cream and winning the lottery and swimming in beautiful lakes high in the mountains and traveling to other worlds and anything else you’d consider positive and then tell you to imagine doing that all at once and then multiply that feeling times 100 and let it never end… Yet we’d still fall short. You cannot possibly prepare yourself, in a life like the one you are experiencing, for how amazing it will be. And that’s part of the beauty of it. [Brian: I cried out of joy while writing it, trying to translate the beautiful feeling into words]

All we can say is big things are coming, and you’ll love it.

With love,
The dragon

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