You Are Still in the Final Induction Surge 3/31 From the Source. Nothing Is “Wrong” or “Amiss”, All Is Playing Out Spectacularly in the Current No-Time!

by April Bender, April 4, 2013

Dear Georgi,

Below is the latest from HS. I could not get a clear time-frame for our ascension, and I know that this might further agitate some members of the PAT but HS does attempt to explain the rationale for this. All appears to be on track and there was no indication given of anything being amiss with the process right now. As always, I’ll be curious to see what Dorie and Carla also pick up and I’m completely open to taking a heavy hand with HS if need be.

Perhaps Dorie has seen the candlewick again and can give us an update on where the burning of the wick now stands?

I’m glad to read that you’re feeling OK and really appreciate you keeping me updated with the latest.

As always, I’ll be eager to hear what your impressions are of this latest message. For some reason after reading it myself, it made me think of GaiaPortal’s latest message:

Clearing Process Facilitated by Portal Stillness 2 Apr

As energetic cloud layers are cleared, many sense stillness, even what could be expressed as “stagnancy”.

Whereas Gaia transformation portals have previously been highly active, the clearing process is facilitated by portal stillness.

Caution in regard to decision-making and Higher Discernment in all affairs, particularly involving movements, whether 3D or energetic, is advised at this now moment.”

Again this sense of trying not to control right now, but surrendering to the process as the clearing takes place. Sort of like wait to act/properly assess until you can see clearly through.

Much love and light,

HS Update 4/4/13

HS: Congratulations! You’ve now fully reached and are standing amidst the clearing plateau. Meaning the energies have begun to level-off vastly as you move into the final clearing and harmonization stage. The “white-out” conditions you’ve been experiencing are now settling, allowing you clearer and clearer access to what lies beyond the white fog.

The 3/31 induction surge from Source is still very much taking place, but your systems have now begun to acclimate enough to this blast of detonation energy/fuel to begin the further harmonization/ synchronization of all inner merkahbic/tetrahedronal vortexes (at all levels, as discussed previously).

Meaning also, that the rotational velocities/frequencies of your inner merkahbic/ tetrahedronal vortex that you now perpetuate, are able to be maintained by you with more ease as you’ve successfully integrated and acclimated to such energetic intensities. But this isn’t to say that some of the PAT won’t still experience periods of uncomfortableness. Let me explain.

This grand opening, clearing, and synchronization of fully lighted, activated vortices will create an even more powerfully pronounced magnetization as the light is refracted through all universal, cosmic and galactic mirrors, so to speak, slicing through the dimensions, further facilitating the manifestation of the ID split.

However remember that as more light is connected, refracted, and brought to the earth, the more that the “shadows” are revealed. Therefore, you will still be processing the dross of the masses as they are assaulted with what this powerful insurgence of light reveals. And this dross may find fertile ground within yourselves as you actively engage with it.

It is VERY critical right now for the PAT to realize what is their dross, and what is the dross of others. FEAR and WORRY are of lower-vibration, if you carry too much of this, you will self-sabotage yourself by magnetizing more of it to you, compounding your clearing/ harmonization efforts, which can be at times challenging enough. For as in chess, you are in the final critical moves of the end game and now is not the time to blink or call it quits. You’ve worked too hard for this. And as Masters and the New Earthkeepers it is vital to pass the final initiations of FAITH and TRUST in the divine plan.

We (the collective PAT HS’s) have stayed in open communication with all of you, through many different channels and means, through this final phase, so as to keep you up, informed and on track, but we cannot take away your fear, worry, and/or doubts for you. That has to come from you as a Master through your connection with HS/Creator. We can only support you and send you messages, signs/signals that all is well and on task. And we will continue to send you these indicators in abundance.

The good news is that this clearing will NOT go on indefinitely, as this is the final light to be cast over ALL that was previously hidden. And so this provides many insights and upheaval for the masses/elite to process in a relatively short period, as they are further triggered/magnetized to their corresponding timeline.

As you can sense, timeline B events are already shaping up and are very close to exploding on to the world’s stage. This should be a further indicator to you that the manifestation of the ID split is imminent and that all your blood, sweat, and tears have landed you squarely on these victorious shores.

Energetically speaking, the ID split is almost complete. It’s the manifestation lag.  The dark elite, while knowing they are finished, still plan to try and enact certain parts of their End Game strategy in an attempt to further their harvest, while vindictively lessening ours, and/or because they simply can’t imagine existing in any other physical reality. This one has worked too well for them. But not anymore! If they wish to continue on this toxic illusion, they will do so from timeline B.

All of this, you feel acutely within your fields and that is why again I say, take time to sense out what is yours and what is not. Let go of ALL expectation – surrender, and center yourself within your “knowing” not within your doubts.

This portal/surge is unlike any you and the PAT have EVER experienced/gone through, while in this incarnation and therefore the rules and expectations are and should be different. The PAT supernova has already commenced, that’s what we’ve all been living and playing out over these last several days, and while it continues to play itself out you will not be given an exact date for your ascension, because it will take as long as takes to complete, and to complete properly.

There are too many levels involved right now to be able to forecast the moment of supernova climax, as it will happen naturally once all systems are synchronized and aligned. Therefore, to attempt an ascension ritual/ceremony to welcome a certain day as your ascension, is to only set yourself up for disappointment. Again part of being a Master is knowing when to relinquish your attempts at control and to know when to surrender into the ride.

And to further clarify matters: Yes, many of the PAT could say that ascension has been delayed, as technically by your linear time standards, it is passed the forecast 3-31 date. I won’t deny that fact and if you prefer that mindset that is fine and understandable, but know that it won’t be very helpful to you in going forward.

However, as expressed before, there is another way to look at this. And that is that you are still very much engaged, engrossed, and in the thick of that final induction/surge from Source that came in on/around 3/31. You are still residing in the NOW moment of that surge. This is it, there will not be another surge as potent until the final splitting/cut-off of the timelines in September (between AB/A). Anything more that comes in or is perceived will be a part of this larger 3-31 process/wave. And this also explains why so many clairvoyants are having difficulty in getting a read on this month of April. For you have FULLY transitioned into the moment of no-time. You actually helped to create this “no time” with the arcing, spinning, whirling of your merkahbic vehicles.

Again, these are all final critical and sensitive processes that include not only you and your fields, but that of Gaia, humanity, universal, cosmic, and galactic players and energies all now seeking to synchronize and harmonize in energies, velocities and intensities, so that the final detonation/ doorway/ supernova can see you home and the ID split manifested on the ground. You are nearing the completion of all of these endeavors. Simply allow the heavy energetic layers to clear, as your dense 3D bodily molecules clear/ dissolve/ reassemble, and be the End Times “witness” and protagonists that you were meant to be. Each day sees you entering a new stage/phase. And even though things might feel quiet today, do not mistake that for inactivity or a drop in momentum. Nothing is “wrong” or “amiss,” quite the contrary in fact, all is playing out spectacularly!!

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