The Explosion of the Divine Mind of an Ascended Master

by Daniel Akkerman, April 12, 2013

Dear George,

Yesterday (and still today) I experienced these waves just as described by everyone. But I was taken away to the HR and had some very clear visions. I became, or returned to being an archangel or something beyond these human definitions. There was this very clear angelic energy. Usually in channeled messages when they speak about divine energy, Christ consciousness, angelic energy, source pulses with all kinds of colors/ specific purposes, it is kind of unclear to me why the energy is of this type. But this time I feel exactly how and why this energy is what it is, like it just makes perfect sense.

My awareness then started to spread across earth. I started to have billions of conversations in all kinds of languages in every country. I learned all these languages, at least from a higher point of view. But it was more than that, it was also the culture, the way of thinking. This process went faster and faster until I could no longer discern the different countries.

It continued for a bit and then abruptly ended. Everything was processed, and a huge explosion of light commenced. All barriers between people, all that blocks good communication was just dissolved. Language barriers, culture barriers, fears, misunderstandings, prejudices, etc. Like it was balanced in such a way, that these things cancelled each other out exactly. I was holding the entire planet in one hand and saw a new unified way of thinking. I congratulated the humans on attaining planetary consciousness.

The same thing happened, but then on a universal level. I connected to all these different planets, races. Had many ‘conversations’ (conversation was only the metaphor of what it really was) in all these languages, cultures, ways of thinking. Continual explosions of light and the same barriers were removed with ease. The entire universe, so far I could tell, was in perfect alignment with no conflicts.

There was something new which changed everything, inspired everything and it echoed across the entirety of existence. Yes, even all reptilians, greys, etc. There was not even a hint of dark. I don’t know what this was exactly. Maybe it was a possibility shown to everyone of what could be, combined with a huge alignment. Maybe all dark ones are removed from this reality, and this is what remains. It is hard to say because we are still here. But, at least for that moment everything and everyone in the universe just understood each other completely.

My perspective changed as well. Previously, as incarnated in human body, Gaia was most of the time the focus of thoughts. Imagining some kind of tactical overview, the first thing coming to mind is the entire planet. We are the planetary ascension team after all. And there was always the possibility to expand the awareness to the cosmos, but it took effort. Now, by default my awareness is universal, extending far beyond the planet, very effortless.

The sensation of these strong energies are twofold. In one way I feel weak, the physical body is tired, there is pressure on it, nausea which is sometimes very strong. But in another way I feel invincible and powerful in everything I do. Even in setting one step, or saying one word an unprecedented power and divinity is emanated. This power is very difficult to describe. It is not just power, it is also like every step is perfect. The exact right thing to do.

Yesterday, it really was like “this was it” and I would ascend, but again it did not happen. But all these experiences, which are so real, definitely are good signs. It really cannot be long. For some reason I need to travel across the entire country and back in two days now and it feels like a real departure. Maybe I won’t return in a human body, certainly hope so. Now, I must make some quick preparations before I can leave. I really hope it gets easier for you and the others, and that this information was helpful.

Love & Light,

Dear Daniel,

thank you for this excellent presentation of an experience that is actually indescribable in human words. You have just experienced the unity with All-That-Is – a rare glimpse into the infinite expansion, which our awareness will undergo upon ascension when we will fully merge with the source and will experience the ultimate apotheosis of our incarnation cycle.


With love and light

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