Energy Update of the PAT – April 4, 2013

Letters to the Editor

Dear April,

I would like to send you two emails from Jerry and Tim Murrin of today, which are representative of the mood of the PAT, and my answers to them. Obviously there is still a lot of purging going on, although I am not personally involved in it after the last dark attack two days ago.

Can you please consider this information with your HS as we are now four days in delay from March 31 and according to my estimation it may go on like this for a while. I cannot assess myself if we are ready for ascension as I am ready for it long, long time ago and am only kept in waiting mode at a very high energy level since then.

With love and light


I have read with interest the comments from others concerning 03/31/13. I agree there was and still is a “white-out”. I first wrote about this on Sunday 03/31/13 when I said it was so bright too bright to see and I equated this with knocking on heaven’s door. But something happened and I first mentioned this to you on Monday 04/01. Something that we were missing at the time, but is more clear to me now. We almost made it this time to our full ascension, closer than we have ever done before.

The dark however put up a tremendous fight and used every thing in their dwindling arsenal, including massive use of chemtrails. Our ascension was stopped in its tracks right at heaven’s door. What I am picturing in my mind is a huge trainwreck more like a derailment. My body also feels it with dizziness, severe fatigue and massive gastro-intestinal clearings. In my opinion, these are not symptoms of impending ascension, but battle scars and wounds from the fierce battle. The bad news is we did not make it this time.

But the good news is I do not think that we lost ground either. We do not have to go back to where we were on 12/21, but we do need some time to recoup before we can make another attempt. The dark did not win, but they succeeded in delaying the detonation and ID split for now. They are losing ground everyday and they know their days are numbered.

The main problem that I see is the emotional, physical, mental and financial condition of PAT. After each of these battles the higher realms do nothing to help our condition in 3-D. We have to maintain ourselves here, but they don’t seem to get that. I don’t see that we have a choice but to get back in line and continue as there are no other options open to us. We will have to keep going as long as we can and fight each battle to the best of our ability.

George, I know this may not be a popular assessment of what has occurred and you may choose not to publish it, but it is what I feel has happened and we cannot ignore the fact that we are still on the ground.


Dear Jerry,

while there is no doubt that there was one final abortive effort by the dark ones to hinder our ascension, I do not see them successful. It may be that they have postponed it for a couple of days, but I am not sure if this was not already calculated by the HR.

I however see/interpret the current situation on the ground completely different from you. If the HR would open new chances for the PAT members to better survive in this reality, I would be very much disturbed, as this will be a powerful indication that we have another delay.

The fact that they do nothing for us to ease our situation, is the most clear proof for me that we are bound to ascend any moment from now on. But we must give up any expectations now and let being carried by these waves, we do not fully understand. This also includes any expectations about dates.

I personally noticed the last two days that I am constantly ascending and that, apart from the enormous intensity of my vibrations, my body is in good physical shape and this is also confirmed by other members of the PAT. I know that not all respond in the same way and there are some who still have pains and symptoms and this is the reason why we need some more time to reach collectively the peak of this last stabilisation wave.

With love and light


Here is an overview for your consideration and critique-response, with my gratitude and all my love to you.

Past several weeks since first of new year, I have been in a near constant state of carefree euphoric joyousness, experiencing loads of fun and good humor at the craziness of the world and silliness of the people around me, with hefty dose of compassion and empathy for the travails and despairs for so many souls.

Such state of Being because I was soon to be set free to a level of unlimitedness and creativity, the fulfillment of lifelong dream and efforts, with allowance and acceptance of ascension.

The PAT collective of dreams, meditations, HS messages, the incessant energy build-ups since spring equinox, all indicated the soon to coalesce as/at the ‘snap event’ by the end of March.

We embraced all indications of final culmination as the end of releasing all the energies and activities of this life down to the no-thing-ness to reach the still point of cross over – a dissolution of physical form into Light.

An understanding We, the PAT had finally established the finish line, the goal line in the ever shifting sands of a very unimaginable complex dynamic evolving activity… the ascension individually and as a collective first wave prior to ascension of humanity.

I was so confidant of success to be attained by Easter Day that I confided as much by sharing my experience with two others. It was a big risk for me to ‘go public’ and to my surprise was well received, supported and encouraged for sharing such aspirations.

Over 60 hours laying on the ground in the tent Friday afternoon until Monday morning. First time alone and isolated like this since leaving mountains six months ago. Fasting on fruit juice, sleeping, dreaming, and meditating as energy waves grew more intense and more into climax late Sunday evening as I held vigil for the crossover, the dissolution of physical form. There was a profoundly deep oneness with Gaia and PAT — all one and same as my so called Self — ALL THAT IS.

In the wee hours before sunrise Monday a message was received as voice in my head with the visuals of printed words on a ticker tape.

Message from HS/HR that regards the ID split, overall the vehicle is all assembled and ready to go, except only two of the four wheels are currently mounted, two more wheels must be mounted before vehicle is ready for road. Apology for the delay as HR are still wet between the ears, overwhelmed by the success of PAT, as PAT is now all ready to go into ascension, but HR not receptive for bigger picture at current time.

Estimated date for attaining next energetic threshold crossover event / ID split to be late Spring. Advised to consider remaining weeks as time for a Victory lap, the opportunity for humanity to see us – PAT one last time before ascension.

Then for me Monday was a day of total discombobulation energy wise, but without embarrassment. Tuesday and today Wednesday are stabilized as if all energetic processes are on pause. Energy is again as usual, very high, intense and calm, expectant.

I do not currently feel or know to claim victory or success and thus to get on with creating a life of my dreams. My only dream and focus is ascension, the completion of the process with the end event of physical translation.

I am faced with what has been the most persistently difficult aspect of the entire process, staying awake and focused in the NOW, maintaining Unity Consciousness with the unknown unknowable of when, be it hours, days or weeks yet away until the process completes.

SOAR messages April 1-3 with GaiaPortal say it all about my perceptions experience. We PAT are all in sync, and I am still hopeful ‘snap through’ is this week and not some far off future.

There was a lot of energy build up the 40 days of Lent to Easter, and Easter Season as Paschal Time continues for another 50 days to Pentecostal Sunday 19 MAY. Though Jesus is a myth, the Christo archetype is true and deeply embedded in consciousness such that our ascension may perhaps follow the energetics of the season, and thus be late Spring or weeks away from completion.

I am aware that for PAT and myself the process in now on about the progress of humanity rather than about the PAT and Gaia, who are waiting with baited breath for the Event.

The message in the wee hours of Monday may have been my deepest fears of more delays, or it may be a more realistic assessment, but then we PAT are the HS/HR and we are the one we are waiting for, waiting on and who are creating all this… so we are all ready when we are ready and the process is in time, yet beyond all time/space. Maybe as you, DrG in dealing with Orion final defenses, perhaps I faced down PATs or my own deepest fear… that of an endless delay.

I am glad for the stillness today, pray it is temporary, last moment before the storm breaks, or the waters of the womb break.

My sleep dreamtime last two nights was nothing but silly and fun experiences with many people…

Tim Murrin

Dear Tim,

thank you very much for sharing your ascension visions with me and the PAT. I have read them very carefully and take them very seriously. I have now no idea or expectation how this process will proceed in the coming days, but I find it rather improbable that we will have to await for another month or two before we ascend. All the sluices from the source have been fully opened now and earth and humanity are flooded. Hence it will be impossible to prolong this process one more time by barring this inflow. And for what reason?

I personally am ascending constantly in these last two days after the last purging wave and my body is almost dissolved. I do not see how this process will continue unabated for another 1-2 months till late spring. Besides the idea that the masses should get better acquainted with us on the ground does not make any sense as they are not aware of us. As long as we do not ascend, there will be no major changes and the people will not begin thinking properly.

The more I consider this part of your vision, the more improbable it sounds to me. But of course we have our past history, which is full of such delays. Hence I have to consider it in the back of my mind.

I am glad though that you feel well and are in good spirits.


Dear Georgi,

Thank you so much for sharing Tim and Jerry’s latest messages. Wow, so much to consider and respond to here.

Per Jerry, I too experienced some additional dross clearing yesterday, but it was not as intense for me as the day before. I am rather certain that the dark have definitely not won anything, simply based on HS’ s recap of the confrontation. However, even though they are scared and shitting their pants, some of these idiots will still try to enact part of their harvest B strategies. And of course the masses are reacting to both us, and the dark. But it is too late, and any perceived success by the dark is only in further sealing themselves on timeline B.

Now as to a delay in general,  I’m just not sensing it. We are still very much in the 3-31 moment. And in fact today I feel wonderful! The fog is lifting and we are very much leveling off now. Perhaps this is the stillness that Tim is picking up on, as it does feel much quieter energetically for me as well today. But I still feel the initial pulse from source surging, carrying me higher and higher. I feel that Tim’s message was a perfect example of the doubts and fears that are beginning to creep in for some of the PAT, as we picked up on the other day, and HS addressed.

I will check in with HS today for an update. For even though I don’t sense a delay at all, I take all PAT member observations very seriously, and there could be something there we missed. It’s happened before.

Be back in touch later this morning,
Much love and light,

Dear April,

thank you very much for your very helpful comments. I was asked half an hour ago by Dennis if there is another purging wave today as he sensed it personally very strongly this morning CET, but I answered that this is the usual background cleaning we always have when we increase the vibrations. However at present this cleansing wave has augmented its intensity rapidly. Unfortunately it is difficult for me to discern whether this is part of the upward movement and the stepwise splitting of the two timelines, thus releasing additional dross or another purging action of the PAT due to repeated attacks from the dark ones.

When one considers the escalation on the earth with the conflict in North and South Korea, the civil war in Syria, the simultaneous and unannounced military exercises of Russia in the Black Sea and of China near North Korea and Japan as a response to the escalation of the war mongering of the USA in these both regions (Syria and North Korea), this all must contribute a lot to the surging of huge fears in the collective astral atmosphere of humanity before being released and extinguished. This trend points to an end game posturing of the dying cabal and I have no doubts that everything will be dissolved without any residue in the black hole of dark cleansing, which the PAT has expanded around the earth with our web of light.

Nonetheless, it will be helpful to hear how your HS assesses the situation at present as the energies are undoubtedly very tense and taxing for the entire PAT.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

Thank you for sharing these impressions from Jerry and Tim.

As you know I am aware of this battle two days ago. I feel that we were absolutely right on the cusp of our ascension when the planet B citizens acted to prevent the next phase of separation. They simply do not want us to leave because they know that our higher evolutionary frequency is required in order to ride the wave to timeline AB/to prevent their immediate separation for timeline B. In no way do they want this separation to occur, so whatever was necessary to stop this forward sudden expansion was carried out and has resulted in this current delay. I am being shown that they are “hooked in” and do not want to let go at all cost.

I do agree though that we have not lost any ground. It is just the case that this forward momentum has slowed down. I am being told that it is like the water coming to a boil on the stove. When the water is boiling at the desired temperature, one can merely drop the burner temperature by half, to maintain the desired soft boil stage.

Georgi, I know we are ready for ascension. Now the HR have had to change the tack of this sailing ship. We have changed our tack to a downwind tack – in other words we are maintaining our speed more or less in our desired direction, without all the battering winds and water crashing over the bow of our ship, which came from our forward, direct-on tack.

I sense that it may be some days on this tack, before we will be able to change our tack again. How long, I am uncertain. When the time comes, the HR shall quickly adjust the course, and the sails, and move into a position to carry out a full ascension.

With much love and light,

Dear Carla,

thank you for your insightful presentation of the current ascension process. The metaphor with the tack of the sailing ship is very precise in terms of what is at present occurring on the energetic front. I also sense the reduction of energetic stress and effort since yesterday, which has a very beneficial effect on my physical condition.

Today I managed to finish with my spring cleansing, while my wife is driving our daughter to Vienna, in half a day, and I did it with great pleasure. This is my first homework for the last half a year since we moved to this new house, and this circumstance speaks thousand words. To be honest, if I continue to feel as good as today, I do not care much how long it will take. But it can’t be very long as the system is crumbling in front of our eyes and one must be blind not to see it. I am an experienced analyst of social collapses and can assure you, this system will not survive the next two weeks.


Dear Georgi,

I had to drop everything to write a short note to you, even though I know how busy you are answering letters from PAT members, all over the world.

I usually get up between 01:00 to 02:00 EDST to start whatever I have to do for the day.  Well, when I got up this morning I was quite depressed for no reason and developed a huge pain in my left shoulder. So I lied down on the bed to get comfortable and found myself drifting off in some sort of mobile device that flew close to the Earth.  I soon found myself in the midst of a group of the PAT who were having a meeting of some sort.  I thought that was OK, but I wasn’t getting any attention from anybody and walked to the side of the room to pout.  Suddenly, a woman walked up to me (I could draw you a picture of her!) and said to me “Why you have just saved 100 million souls!” and congratulated me. I was so shocked that I woke up into 3D immediately. It was a wonderful lucid dream (astrally). The woman was about 5 feet 3 inches, with brunette hair (plainly styled), a smooth German-type face, brown eyes and very pleasant, about 26 yrs age.

I had been dreaming to fly again all over the Earth, like I used to years ago, and there I was flying in this low-anchoring vehicle! Anyway, I feel invigorated now and thought to write to you immediately. This happened around 08:30 EDST on April 4th. I had said months ago, when I developed speed-reading overnight, that PAT people would be developing wonderful powers, such as bi-location and other paranormal qualities.  And I think that we will see more of that now.

In Love and Light,

Dear Henry,

this is a wonderful experience in the dream state and I congratulate you. It is true that we still do a lot of cleansing as I will publish today, but the dark ones are in their last throes. That is why you were depressed at midnight. Then in your dream you have realized that this tedious work has led to the saving of 100 million souls. This is not an exaggeration at all, as we are now reaping the final harvest and this figure is representative of how huge the stakes (ante) are at this very moment. This also explains why the ascension process may extend a couple of more days

Well done!

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

I have read both letters (from Tim and Jerry) and will sit in meditation with them. I need to sift out what it is that I’m feeling and receiving from the fear that the PAT Is feeling and get back with you shortly.


Dear Dorie,

thank you very much for your effort. I am eager to hear how far the candle wick has burnt in the meantime.



I can at least tell you that when I woke up this morning the first thing I saw was that only 1/8th of the wick remained before igniting the dynamite. Imagine my surprise then, when I read your email this morning!

My first instinct tells me that what I’m reading from Jerry and Tim feels more like they might be misinterpreting some of information that they are seeing and feeling due to previous delays.

I’m still putting all of the pieces of the puzzle together! I’ll be in touch soon!


Hi George,

Thanks for the new updates. Really helped, as usual, to bounce back from some low points and the confirmations also are a needed reminder of the unified field and work of the PAT.

Before I came to Tenerife, I was given a list of things to focus on while I’m here. 2 of them were to keep me from becoming mired in doubt when the linear date of March 31 didn’t manifest in the way we expected. The directive was a) let go of any preconceptions you may have about how ascension should be  and b) let go of the need to be right.  Sure enough, these directives were again repeated by the HS of other PAT members.  We didn’t need to be blindsided at such a crucial time and succumb to these low energies. I thank you also for addressing this in your urgent update.

Also, last night was indeed full of cleansing/ battling in dream state and I woke up exhausted after 8 hours.

I wanted to ask if you could give my email to Carla. I was told to help balance the volcano, el Teide, while I was here, and also to work with dolphins and whales. At the moment I’m doing this work rather blindly. Perhaps she has some tips or guidance? I think I may have had some success yesterday as today there is a blasting wind everywhere, the whole day. Since this is an arid region, I sense this is much like a rainstorm. A windstorm to get rid of energetic debris. I especially worked with an “infinity rainbow”.

Thanks for that and for hanging in there! It’s great to see how everyone is holding their own and I’m grateful to have the posts and this correspondence with you, even if I seem to be on the periphery.

Love Debra

Dear Debra,

thank you for your email from Tenerife and your validation of the latest energetic developments. I will forward your email to Carla.

I hope you enjoy your time on the island and please do not take your energetic obligations too seriously. Most of the job is done by your presence there. When there is anything particular for you to do, your soul will inform you in due time.

I hope that the weather is much warmer than here in Germany and in particular in Bavaria. This is the coldest spring I ever remember.

Enjoy your short time on the earth as good as you can.

With love and light

Hi George

Thanks for passing on my email.

No, not taking anything too seriously at the moment, but I appreciate the concern.  Life has become rather silly in its simplicity the last few years. It would be stupid to try and create some drama out of boredom. Therefore I look for things to enjoy myself.  Sometimes I feel a bit guilty for all the time I’m away from my clients, but what the hell. No point keeping the money in the bank, where it could be appropriated at anytime to appease their creditors! I might as well spend it and enjoy the sunshine. Yes, the weather in Berlin has been dreadful this year. It was snowing when I left. I am taking full advantage of the sun, but not to the extent that the Britons are – I watch them skulk off the beach as red as lobsters!

Love Debra

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