The Chronicle of a Death Foretold. The Irony to Be a Paid Internet Troll

by Georgi Stankov, April 21, 2013

The Chronicle of a Death Foretold” is a famous novel written by the Nobel prize winner Gabriel García Marquez. In this novel the main protagonist Santiago Nasar receives a note from the Vicario twin brothers of Angela. The latter as supposed to marry a wealthy foreigner who returns her back to the family in disgrace as she is no longer a virgin. She then tells her brothers that it was the innocent Santiago Nasar who disgraced her in order to harm him. This story is known to the whole town’s population when the Vicario brothers begin planning their murderous revenge on Santiago in the wake of their family’s disgrace. Everybody knows that Santiago is stigmatized to die, including the victim himself, but nobody comes up to help him. The novel begins and ends with his funeral. This is a masterpiece of human tragedy as only the karma lords in the HR can write for incarnated human beings.

A similar tragedy is now unfolding with the Internet trolls who are paid by the dark US and German secret services to harass us (actually only me as none of the PAT gets it, I am so to say the puffer between you and these idiots), in the hope that these nasty activities might have any positive effect on their collective “death foretold”.

They come each day with a new sarcastic question to me when the PAT would finally ascend, not realizing that the sooner we will ascend, the sooner will they be dead. Although I have answered to some of them in this sense, they do not seem to get it. But this is not new, as they do not behave much differently than most “human wannabes” that run onto your car for no apparent reason or “human lemmings” that jump collectively in the abyss. Hence the necessity of the magnetic pole reversal and the retrieval of one to two billion souls through death experience from this planet in the wake of ascension.

These pitiful Internet trolls are really between a hammer and an anvil. Secretly they hope that we might be wrong in our ideas and predictions about ascension. On the other hand they are paid by their dark masters to harass us precisely for our ideas and participation in the ascension process. This fact tells them that there must be some truth in our ideas, otherwise they would not be paid by their insidious bosses for this dirty, unworthy job that makes them the scum of society.

How to reconcile these divergent facts? If  the Internet trolls were not as stupid and blocked as they actually are, they could have started reading more carefully and with some understanding what we are writing on our website and this would have already helped them save their lives.

However as they are unable to discern our discussions and publications, they will need another 26 000 years incarnation experience on hell-earth B before they reach this point. This overwhelms their poor minds to such an extent that they can only become ever more nasty and outrageous in their idiotic verbal harassment and coarse swears, worse than that of the most spoiled harlots.

I must admit that I only rarely read their stupid statements when I am very depressed by another cc-wave and want to laugh a little bit about human imbecility and lift up my spirits. Most of the time I delete their emails immediately. These guys are so stupid that they announce themselves with such bombastic names as the “Terminator” or the “Lachnummer” (a person to laugh at) etc. that makes it very easy for me to detect them at first glance and to click just once on the delete tab.

The Internet trolls are now like a paralysed rabbit in front of a cobra and do not dare to blink as not to be devoured. They have to go with the PAT through all the ups and downs of our ascension process and each time we are disillusioned by another delay, they begin to pray to god that their death sentence would be postponed one more time, like a convict in the death tract walking the green mile in horror to encounter his death sentence. It is an unfortunate and grotesque situation, but this is how karma works on this planet based on human illusion and delusion. The Internet trolls could have changed their destiny immediately if they start learning something from us and expand their bio-robotic mind-set of unripe baby souls. But they are so mired in their illusory dark reality that they stick to their shit like tapeworms in their assholes.

Well, I never stop admiring the ape theatre on this planet ,even in my final hours. And it is good so, as there is nothing worse than boredom and this planet may lack almost everything, but it never stops amazing me with its richness of human imbecility.

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