How Ascension Feels

by Frank Boyle, April 23, 2013

Hey George,

I have not had any intense experiences like this in some time, apart from the ongoing energy waves which are normal life now days, so I thought this experience it was worth reporting and was wondering if any one else had something similar at the same time.

On the night of 21st April (UTC+12:00), I was lying in bed waiting to fall asleep. All of a sudden all my energy and it also felt like more than my own, as if the whole planet or whole web of light / ascending humanity was involved. I was immersed in Ecstasy and a fast, powerful vortexual feeling, rushing around at all levels of my being. I couldn’t see anything in the room anymore, could only perceive a sort of vastness of space and/or energy. There was an all encompassing feeling of falling, however falling upwards rather than down.

I don’t think this experience lasted very long, but in the moment I thought “holy shit, I am leaving the limited 3d human experience forever”. I then came back to 3D reality with adrenalin pumping, heart racing and whole body felt as if it has just been free falling, its a weird feeling to describe, but every cell knows it has been happening. I immediately turned to my girlfriend and asked if she just experienced anything, she was half asleep and said “yeah some sort of massive energy blast”.

I still felt extremely elated and my ears had that feeling, where they need to pop from going up very high, very fast (this proved to me that my whole being did physically experience what it perceived as a very fast uplifting). I have not had an abnormal concrete experience like this in a while. I was also given the feeling that rather than ascension that this is how the Final ID split might be experienced, as if when the Ascending Earth’s finally split from the Earth B, there will be a fast slingshoting upwards effect that results in a full and distanced separation.

It felt so real that I thought everyone on the planet had experienced this to some degree or the other option is that this was simply a display from my HS to me as a concrete confirmation that things are still moving forward and that this Ascension idea is very real indeed and that it will be fully experienced at the conscious level when we are released. I guess I needed a good confirmation like this as after all the recent negative energetic experiences as reported by you and everyone else, I was left in a bad state of mind with doubt and maybe I am crazy old game. I love how the Soul seems to always give me the exact proof I need when I am at rock bottom to pick me back up, refuel all my energy tanks with incentive and knowing of Truth.

Even my most ‘awakened’ friends are actually still in deep slumber as to how deep in the Orion maze they truly are. There is a very interesting confidence/ assertiveness as to how far ahead and awake they are compared to the masses, with those who consider themselves awake and that they are creating their reality as they want it. They obviously have never had Utopian visions as to how good existence could be compared to their perceived comfortable, good life they ‘create’ now.

Once again realising these sad truths still hold, even after all Higher PAT work since 21/12, was indeed the cause of all recent depression, and indeed leads to the only thing left, which is to shake Humanity awake and force change quickly for the best of all. I don’t know why, but my soul has always favored this scenario as it always feels very right and exciting to me when it is discussed, perhaps my HS was prepared to try alternatives, but always knew from living here immersed in the system that the Orion grip was too strong and it needed something chaotic and disheartening to cause radical growth (as all my own biggest growth has happened in this way).

I am aware it will be very ‘scary’ for all, including myself, but I know for sure that my Soul will guide and allow me through safely to the other side. I have been in many situations where chances were against me to come through alive and have learnt that if the soul has already chosen to make it through, then that is what will happen against all perceived dangers with ‘no way out’. All who have chosen to make it, although there is a mountain of hard work to do as we have all done in upgrading our entire Incarnated Beings, will enjoy the most exhilarating ride of their lives as Gaia puts on the show and then will quickly find themselves in the Bliss of the HR and will go from there to a much easier state to do their paper work in a more enjoyable creative environment.

I only intended to talk about my experience and end up ranting / re describing what you have stated and all with Higher Perspective know as the proper way to view such ‘chaotic’ events.

Much Love and Light to all

Dear Frank,

you have just experienced your personal ascension test run and have described it very precisely and eloquently. I will publish it as a separate publication today as it very well presents what we all will experience at the moment of the detonation of the PAT supernova, before we merge with the higher realms and experience an incredible relaxation and expansion of our energetic fields and awareness.

But this process will not be scary at all as you have gone through most of it except for the final release from the physical vessel and the occurrence of the incredible expansion of consciousness, while fully and irrevocably merging with All-That-Is. This is the cosmic orgasm – the apotheosis of our whole incarnation cycle –  that awaits all of us upon the detonation of the PAT, as Dorie has also recently discussed it with her HS.

I had a similar, though not as intensive ascension test run yesterday, a day later than you, in the afternoon, when I was unable to really awaken, although I  was not really asleep for three hours. I was practically all the time in the higher realms and my feeling was that some vital final preparations had to be made for the shift and the magnetic pole reversal, but I do not remember what, as it happened in dimensions beyond the normal human dream state.

With love and light

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