My answer to a Young Man Trapped in Spiritual Self-Aggrandisement

by Georgi Stankov, April 30, 2013

Dear Georgi,

The pole shift is not necessary, my friend had sent you an email with codes and illustrations pertaining to this, and we both fully understand your universal law, but I feel as if the email was never delivered, so I will try to summarize.

There is a level of hyperspace reality or godmind level, where anything can be changed in harmonious ways – this is done at the level of conscious command, because of the free will agreements involved in this. So, command what you seek to manifest in this reality…

The levels that wish to evolve and experience are those that are engaged down here. The use of very high levels is for certain circumstances, one of which includes the reintroduction of us and others, to use those levels.

Hyperspace is a subset of that which is timeless and spaceless, but is in direct relationship to all timelines and realities that can be imagined… all infinite realities… a network of realities.

This message is in that sense an initiation to this particular level of reality, reintroduction.

Same with humanity’s collective consciousness level… we have the free will via spoken or telepathic command to change reality at a level where individual free will cannot be broken, but yet the higher mind’s free will is put into effect at the level of godmind – changing reality completely.

Events in the past can be timeline healed, changed and time/timeline portals closed where necessary.

Sincerely, Justin Watson

Dear Justin,

my response to your first email is more than valid for this email. As I suspect that you may have not read it very carefully, I will quote it one more time:

“Dear Justin,

Let me be frank with you on one issue. When somebody is as young as you are and has very little personal experience on this planet, he may feel attracted to one or another source and idea for whatever reasons and consider he has discovered the ultimate truth. It is part of the experience you have to collect on this planet. I am personally beyond this phase and you must have that much understanding as to accept that I cannot accompany you at your random search for knowledge and cannot help you to establish clarity. 

If you feel attracted by this information that is OK. I know these sources you have mentioned and I do not have a very good opinion on them. They do not even deserve any discussion on my part as they are below my radar. There are 500 million websites on Internet with all kinds of ideas and I cannot comment all of them. This does not mean that some of the ideas of the websites you have given me are wrong, but that the overall presentation is not satisfactory from my point of view and there is no systematics whatsoever. 

It is up to you to decide whether you will follow our discussions or if you feel less represented with your personal views you may go to other sources. But I am not intending to open the door wide for such mental confusion on my website as you suggest. This is the brand name of this website to keep it logical and clear-cut and it will stay so. If you have any personal unique ideas to share with us, I am ready to publish them as I have done with other teenagers with clear minds, but you have to prove them substantially and in a visible logical manner.

With love and light

Now to your suggestion to use the “hyperspace” to prevent the magnetic pole reversal. Young men like you tend to consider the ocean to be as deep as their ankles. This is a typical expression of their flamboyant tendency for hyperbolic exaggeration and self-aggrandisement by presenting weird ideas they have coincidentally come across their short life on this toxic planet as their own and present them as panacea for all problems and evils. This is not new and this behaviour is not void of irony and sarcasm as the world literature reveals, e.g. “Die Leiden des jüngen Werthers” by Goethe  or “Die Verwirrungen des Zögling Törleß” by Robert Musil.

Now let me comment on your statement: “we both fully understand your Universal Law“” I am afraid, but you understand nuts. If you have understood the Universal Law and its theory, you should not bother me with such crap. But I will be the happiest person in this world if you prove that I am wrong on this issue and that you have really understood the new physical theory.

The word “hyperspace” you propose is meaningless, unless one has a real physical understanding of its nature. I have no idea where you have snatched this term in your short conscious life, but this term circulated in the esoteric literature since the late 80s and early 90s, i.e. before you have incarnated on this planet. Recently it has been discussed by Juliano, the Group of Forty, and I have published this article on our website. Find it and read it.

Many participants in the esoteric scene believe that they only need to reiterate a weird idea that they have snatched somewhere often enough and present it as their plagiarism and they will be automatically accepted as knowledgeable and highly evolved beings. They believe that if they repeat like New Age apes any stupidity they come across that they somehow will activate the 100th monkey’s mechanism and will be able to expand their confused consciousness in a miraculous manner. Miracles do happen, but not in this way.

I do not know what to think of such flawed tendencies in some young crystalline children. We have in our group crystalline children who have made the huge effort to learn and implement the new axiomatics of the Universal Law in their thinking and to achieve some remarkable results as published on this website. You will be deprived of this success, if you continue this path of pseudo-knowledge and self-aggrandisement.

The term “hyperspace” has no meaning in itself. What is however true is that there are lower dimensions that have forms as holographic realities and there are higher dimensions, where energy exists without any forms. As all systems and levels of All-That-Is are U-sets, they contain themselves as an element. In this case the higher, abstract, formless dimensions contain the lower dimensions of forms as an element. Now we may define these higher formless dimensions as “hyperspace” that encompasses the lower dimensions, or use any other word for them, it will not change the reality.

The lower dimensions of forms are characterized by their constant change of forms and realities (holographic models). Ascension of planets and sentient beings is one such particular change of forms and reality.

Each change in All-That-Is has two dialectical aspects – destruction and construction. You cannot have any transformation without first destroying the old form and substituting it with a newly created one. Why?

I leave the answer to you to prove that you have understood the new theory of the Universal law.

Now the ascension of Gaia to the 5th dimension can be done only if some destruction and transformation of the old matrix and dense 3d-reality / space-time is accomplished first. To this belongs the magnetic pole reversal that will eliminate the current duality /polarity which is artificially created by the particular characteristics of the electromagnetic spectrum on this planet.

In the new theory I define the EM-spectrum also as photon space-time. I explain its nature and behaviour by deriving all known laws of electromagnetism from the Universal law, but I have also discovered some new physical laws, which conventional physics does not know yet, e.g. Stankov’s law on photon thermodynamics. You can read all this in volume II, as this will give you the explanation why the MPR is an inevitability in the process of ascension of Gaia to the 5th dimension. The MPR is a physical necessity if one wants to transform the current EM-polarity /duality into a new form of harmonious  photon space-time (check in this respect the difference between fermions and bosons).

As all energetic phenomena are multi-dimensional, the MPR has also an additional function – to cleanse the crust of the earth from past dross by triggering some natural cataclysms that will also reshape the earth’s geography. This  has happened many times in the past and even current failed science cannot negate this fact anymore. This topic has also been discussed on this website in the past. Use the search function and find the articles and read about past MPR.

Finally I recommend you that you re-evaluate all your suggestions to me under the premise “human ego” and the false conviction that limited human mind has any influence on these cosmic events that now shape the destiny of humanity and Gaia. We, the older and experienced PAT members are happy if we gain some glimpses behind  the veil, knowing poignantly well how limited our human consciousness is and never make the fatal mistake to resort to the kind of self-aggrandisement you now profess in your email from the position of unanalysed personal ego-mind and post-pubertal ego-personalty.

With love and light

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