Our Analysis of the Current Energetic Situation

by Dorie Bowlin and Georgi Stankov, April 13, 2013

Dear Georgi,

I find myself once again in a fog from the recent wave we just went through, so there still seems to be no clear connection to HS right now. However, I would very much like to share some thoughts with you as that always helps me to open the channels back up! (pun intended!)

First off, I think you are absolutely correct in your assessment that we have moved out of the energies of the March 31st wave. I believe that wave ended on April 11th, at which point the ‘last wire’ would have been connected and we SHOULD HAVE been able to detonate the supernova of ascension and ascend. Up until that point I truly feel that we were IN the same energy wave, as we all were sensing the physical changes going on within our bodies, and synchronicities that we were all experiencing were just AMAZING. There truly is no denying that for the last 12 days our physical ascension/ dematerialization process was in full swing. The Gaia Portal messages were also in alignment with everything we were experiencing during that time period and on April 9th even suggested that our physical ascension was upon us:

“Spheres of Light are released from Gaia portals at this time. As shells of old paradigms are cracked, Spheres of Light are released, as well, from individual beings.

This may appear to some as an effervescence of Light, appearing in regions formerly viewed as stagnant or neutral or dark.

The Effervescence of Light spheres results from release of ego pressure from individuals as well as cultures of all types throughout Gaia.

Resting during periods of physical “tiredness” encourages ego shell cracking.”

Wednesday I was hit really hard by the huge tsunami energy wave and I fully expected to ascend by today (Friday). But this morning I woke up extremely depressed. For the first time I felt that something was amiss. I had read your email and the Gaia Portal message, and what had sounded like our imminent ascension only a few days before, was now sounding like the same old broken record again.

So I went back over the last 2 weeks to see if I could pick up on something, ANYTHING that I had been missing. The only thing that came to mind was a nagging from HS last week, actually a repeated message that I chose to ignore, and it came up when reading some of the emails in the forum last. She kept repeating:

They need to be reminded that it’s time to put down their swords. You are no longer warriors or rebels of old looking for revolutions to fight or battles with Darkness to win, your focus needs to be on your appearance as Ascended Masters.

I couldn’t exactly see where she was headed with this then, but I can see NOW that it relates to the channeled message from Petra Margolis that you posted today, and especially to the Gaia Portal message from yesterday (April 11th).

Multiple timelines are being exhibited among Gaia inhabitants at this moment. Displacement of Light Intender Beings from negative timelines is occurring via rapid unveiling of potential results of negative timelines.

Such was not deemed necessary a few years in Gaia’s past; however, sufficient number of Light Intender Beings became mired in such negative timelines.

Full ascension of Gaia requires full release of all negative timelines.”

Maybe I’m completely off base here, but to me when it speaks of negative timelines, it sounds like it is referring to the type of ‘human’ war-rior mentality/ programming coming to the surface now that says the only way that humanity has ever experienced a huge change or ‘shift’ on this planet is through the creations of chaos and destruction. I feel that Petra was referring to this in her channeled message as attachments to “holograms in and surrounding earth“, and that there are those who are destined for the energies of timeline A/B and A, and yet they are still attached to the fearful timeline B scenario as this mentality/ programming is the only course for change they have ever known.

It IS obvious now that there are those LWs who believe we are moving into the new energies. Hell, there are even those who believe in ascension and are experiencing some of the LBP symptoms, however, they still have an unconscious need, desire, or belief that says in order to create change you have to do so WITHIN the boundaries of 3D. Perhaps they are even hoping TO SEE with their 3D eyes the ultimate victory over the injustices that we have all suffered at the hands of evil. And yet, it is this ‘attachment’ to 3D that is keeping them from the very thing that will create what it is that they want to see and experience – it is keeping them from their own physical ascension!

And so here is where all of this ‘thinking’ is leading me to, Georgi. I feel as if we are absolutely READY to go, all things are in alignment, all downloads have been received, all battles have been fought and won, but the last and final wire has not been fully connected, reason being that there are those, maybe even within our own PAT, that are still struggling to detach from this illusion. I also feel that the HR are trying to run the show again by attempting to detain us one more time with another OLD scenario, hence the meaning in the last line in the message from Gaia Portal, “Full ascension of Gaia requires full release of all negative timelines.”  Aren’t WE, the PAT, the ones who are in charge???

I could be VERY wrong about ALL of this! These are just my thoughts and I wanted to have the opportunity to have a dialogue with you about them, before I even tried to make a connection with HS. I would really appreciate your feedback on this Georgi!

As far as what I’m ‘feeling’, I STILL do not believe that we are headed for any type of long delay, even though it is now evident that we have moved out of the March 31st energies. I still feel VERY STRONGLY that ascension is in the process of moving forward, as I feel the ascension energies coursing through my body even now as I type. I am very adamant in MY belief that the only way to create change on this planet is with my physical ascension and reappearance as an Ascended Master. I intend to ‘make it so’.

Looking forward to hearing from you Georgi!


Dear Dorie,

thank you very much for your excellent, very comprehensive and stringent analysis of the current energetic situation. Very insightful indeed. Fortunately, I woke up this morning in a better shape and my mind is clear again, so that I will try to address all the major aspects you have discussed as well as push the barrier of our understanding of what is ongoing at this very moment a little bit further.

I am very glad that you fully coalesce with my assessment that we have left the 3/31 wave energies when our bodies, especially our brains and CNS  have undergone a massive physical transformation as to incorporate the new abilities of the divine mind of Christ consciousness, as your HS and the Elohim have announced on April 9. The completion of this process was then confirmed by the Elohim on April 12. This is a key process that will help our understanding of the intricate energetic processes that are now running behind the veil.

I also fully agree with you that the last Gaia portal also triggered a red warning signal in my mind that something is amiss and that the ascension scenario is not running according to the initially announced plan. As it has always happened in the past, it was related to the usual problems of the so called LW, who are still more deeply infested with dark thoughts and emotional patterns than originally expected and planned for this End Phase. I assume that such problems surge high and become visible only after the incarnated entities are beamed with a sufficient intensity of the new powerful energies before this fact can be really gauged.

This must have happened during the monster wave which I announced on April 11. On this same day GaiaPortal published this surprising message of negative timelines that must be cleansed first before ascension can take place. This message clearly deviates from the trend of the previous messages coming from this source. I am trying here to follow the chronology of the events before making some suggestions and offering an explanation.

After this wave, we both felt that something has changed in the original ascension plan and this was also hinted in the latest provisional message from April’s HS, which I forwarded to you yesterday on April 12 for further comments (I am expecting a revised message from April later today).

It is also not a coincidence that my HS nudged me to publish this latest message from Petra Margolis/ the Sphinx yesterday, where a full detachment from all earthly affairs is discussed as a mandatory prerequisite for individual and mass ascension. It reaffirms what we know all along – that the masses will only then make this leap in consciousness and confidence in the unknown future, after this will be first demonstrated by a few ascended masters in a most dramatic manner.

By the way, this is my invariant argument since the sprung of last year when I have always favoured the mini-version of first ascension wave with one or a few ascended masters who will trigger a profound change in the collective world view. It is an ample fact, and a source of constant frustration for all of us these last days, to observe that until now nothing has changed in the prevailing collective human weltanshauung, notwithstanding the opening of the last stargates 12.12.12 and 21.12.12 by the PAT and the huge shift in energy frequencies on the earth since then.

In fact these new energies have prevented on a higher level that humanity and most LW truly awaken, as they started to feel very comfortable and cosy in these new wave of cosmic love. This lead to a new and unexpected trend, where the majority of the human population returned to their old Orion habits after the broken promises of a shift on Dec 21. They are now doing business as usual, although the energetic prerequisites for this old holographic model have been eradicated by the new powerful source energies we are incessantly transmitting on the earth for almost four months since then.

This is a real energetic paradox that, to my understanding, lies in the core of the current problems and causes a huge headache to the responsible councils for ascension of Gaia and humanity in the HR. This is what I sense for some time and I have never been wrong in this respect in the past. The silence of my HS on this issue is the most conspicuous answer that something has gone awry again. But I do not believe that this time it will have this same profound negative impact as the failed two ascension test runs around Dec 21.

Now let me elaborate on an issue I wanted to address in my answer to Joe several days ago to his appropriate objection, but then decided to postpone it as to contemplate one more time on it.

There is no such thing as “ready for ascension”. As April’s HS has assured us, we could have ascended years ago. The PAT is ready for this transformation at least since the opening of the stargate 11.11.11. But we are kept on the ground in order to prepare mankind optimally for its mass ascension and to complete as many energetic preconditions as possible as to make this transition as smooth and as sucessful as possible. And last but not least, to reap the best possible harvest of ascended souls. All alterations in the ascension scenario so far have followed this objective and inner logic.

From this point of view, we could have indeed ascended in March, before March 31, as initially announced by your HS, although all these subsequent transformations of our physical bodies and brains as discussed by your HS and the Elohim would not have been   accomplished on the ground. And here I come to a pivotal conclusion /acknowledgment that I have not made so far.

Every necessary transformation of the physical vessel and its adjacent ethereal fields and chakras can be accomplished much more easily and immediately in the higher dimensions in an excarnated state and thus cannot be a mandatory prerequisite for ascension.

This is deliberately omitted in all messages from your HS  as to keep us on the ground under the pretext that we have not yet completed all phases of our LBP on the ground before being able to ascend.

This is a “white lie”, and an useful distortion of the reality employed by our HS that fits well into our limited human awareness used to interpret this 3d- and higher realities in a causal relationship, in this particular case between ascension and full completion of the LBP. However we never learn when the LBP is really completed, so that each time new demands are raised by our HS to justify the next delay and excuse our prolonged sojourn on the ground for the sake of higher purposes.

In fact, all these energetic prerequisites and processes are only an optional condition for ascension.

But there are huge advantages when these transformations are accomplished on the ground, even by a few entities. In this way we open new energetic avenues and pathways for all the laggards (still slumbering star seeds) to follow our established LBP and meet their original goals with less effort and stress. If these transformations would have been done by us in excarnated state, the star seeds on the ground would not have profited from them as we would have already detached from the holographic model of the earth after delegating our three lower chakras to Gaia at the moment of our physical transformation and ascension.

Without the opening of these new energetic avenues by a few wayshowers such as the PAT, all LW would be left on their own and would most probably utterly fail without our energetic support on the ground. Now we have Incorporated all of them in our web of light and thus stay in direct contact with them through the unity consciousness of the PAT. We can transform the LW and all ascension candidates very effectively with these powerful energetic means to a positive end, without them being aware of this influence. just as they were mired in a clandestine manner by the dark forces and archons in the past. Thus we are already the legitimate and very active Earthkeepers of Gaia as your HS repeatedly stress in their recent messages.

This is the rationale behind all delays in our ascension scenario so far. I have mentioned on numerous occasions that I was ready to ascend in 2010 as announced by my HS more than 20 times in the course of that year and how this decision was then overturned during the second harmonic convergence in the summer of 2010, when it was realized that only a handful of incarnated human entities had qualified for ascension in that year, which officially ended our soul contracts for the End Times.

Then we collectively decided in an act of huge personal sacrifice on behalf of humanity to perform our ascension one more time in an accelerated fashion as to give the chance to all other, still slumbering star seeds to follow our example and footsteps and finish with their LBP till 2012 as to qualify for mass ascension. This was the most exhausting time – between 2010 and 2012  – for me in my whole LBP since 1999.

The connection of the entire PAT to the source fulfils this same function since Dec 21 – to provide the most conducive energetic situation for the other LW-laggards to follow our footsteps and progress in their LBP in an accelerated fashion, which they have neglected and misinterpreted for many years due to the expected personal and inevitable hardships they were not ready to undergo, as we have discussed extensively on our website.

Now when I consider all these past data and chronology of events, I automatically come to the conclusion that the transformation of our brains and CNS these last two weeks since March 31 and the implementation of the divine mind of Christ consciousness through the subsequent golden-yellow light waves from our Monad were not initially planned and necessary in this form for the detonation of the PAT Supernova, but an added value to it. For what?

And here I come to my pivotal insight in this elaboration, which also touches upon your comments. It has become crystal clear that humanity cannot change its collective mind profoundly enough as to realize all the lies and deceptions behind the current reality and thus to reform this reality in a collective tour de force. The people will continue to feed this waning and crumbling 3d-holographic model infinitely, if nothing substantial happens. But what should happen?

Actually there are only two principal alternatives:

1) The people have to change from within – expand their awareness


2) The people have to act in a consistent manner and implement /manifest these changes at the societal level.

These external changes at the societal level can be triggered by global external events, such as a global financial and economic crash or from the fulcrum of the inner knowledge and insights of the people, this time with less dramatic economic and social effects. Therein lies the key to an understanding of the current strategy of the HR.

That is why I published the message from the Austrian guy Jahn Kassl, where this issue was succinctly tackled, and also the last message from Petra Margolis, where this aspect was  reaffirmed one more time. As long as humanity deliberately closes their eyes for the Orion enslavement of humanity with all its repercussions and prefers to live a good, hedonistic life, as my daughter and wife told me indignantly yesterday evening for the n-time, while juxtaposing it to my painful (and in their eyes despicable) existence as a light bearer, nothing tangible could be achieved on this planet and ascension will remain a chimera. Hence the necessity why we will have to ascend asap and trigger all the change as the Sphinx suggests at the end of his message.

I suspect that initially it was planned that after our ascension, there would be an immediate collapse of the old Orion matrix and economic system with all the negative consequences for humanity, such as total crash of the bank system and a complete loss of all savings of the people worldwide, temporary hardships before the new just, transparent, digital system of payments and exchange of goods is installed by us as ascended masters, etc.

Then I assume that as early as March 21 – 31 it was realized one final time in the HR that this scenario may not work well, because the people are too mired in their negative timelines as GaiaPortal has suggested in its latest message. But this fact must have been known to the HR as early as March 21 and surely after the failed attempt of the dark ones to prevent ascension shortly before March 31 which we all felt in a most painful and disgusting manner.

From this I conclude that the scenario has been changed one more time after March 31 as to provide for real structural changes of all human brains with the aim of enhancing their very limited consciousness. Without this improvement of the human brain, the masses would not be able to process the huge tsunami of revelations that will sweep over them after our ascension and appearance.

This was the reason why we had to undergo these transformations of our brains and CNS and at the same time transmit these codes of neuronal and DNA changes to the masses and all LW. When we ascend and the system collapses, these people will be mentally and emotionally better equipped to comprehend and accept the new changes without falling in old negative timelines and thus jeopardizing the ascension process with their negative, fear-based responses.

The second change of the original ascension scenario must have been that this first ascension wave will be much bigger than initially planned as to provide the energetic background for these huge changes to be successful at the societal level.

The third reason for this change in the scenario is that the HR have obviously decided to restrict the time of tribulations and hardships in the interim transformation phase to a minimum and this presupposes a careful and detailed preparation now, so that the new 4d-technologies, social, and economic reforms could be implemented by us as the new Earth keepers and our human helpers more rapidly and on a broader scale than originally planned. As usually it is an optimization problem to solve that has now been solved at the expense of a later detonation of the PAT, but with a maximal impact on humanity when it occurs.

A bigger enhancement of collective human awareness due to the current three golden-yellow waves of Christ consciousness transmitted to humanity by the PAT and the shortening of the transition period of tribulations and hardships for the masses seems to be the optimal alternative and a proper answer to the deeper confusion and infestation of many LW with dark Orion thought patterns than originally expected for this late End Time. The masses will have to undergo a profound shock therapy, to which also the recent introduction of “no-escape paradigm” and the “release of spheres of light” as announced by GaiaPortal contribute prior to the detonation of the PAT supernova.

The bottom line is that we have indeed left the 3/31 ascension wave and have entered a new energetic level, where we now heave the masses not only to higher frequency levels than initially planned, but also to higher levels of human consciousness, as similar transformations that have happened in our brains and CNS are now also taking place in a more modest manner in the physical bodies of all LW and most candidates for mass ascension later in September this year.

Your HS have explicitly told us that there will be only two pulses from the source leading to ascension:

1) This one that will trigger the ID spilt between earth B and the current balanced earth A/B

2) The ID spilt between earth A/B and earth A that will lead to mass ascension to the 5. dimension probably in September 2013.

Now the first ID split will be bigger than planned, as more people will participate in the first ascension wave to the new earth A. The awareness of the masses ascending with earth A/B to the higher levels of the 4th dimension will also be more enhanced as to process more effectively the new revelations and react more positively to the inevitable tribulations associated with these revelations.

This birthing process of mass enlightenment is inevitable, as nobody will ascend to the 5th dimension without clearing his mind and world view, and this includes a full knowledge on the dark human history and a full assessment of the present-day massive level of human deception and clandestine Orion enslavement, to which humanity has been subjugated for eons of time.

From this analysis, it follows succinctly that we have again another small delay of the originally announced dates of ascension, while this time we are fully in the ascension process as experienced by all PAT members, because the source pulse cannot be halted anymore. But we are now performing many of the physical transformations, we would have normally done in an excarnated state, on the ground as to propel the new collective consciousness of humanity to higher levels and thus make our job easier after our ascension and appearance as ascended masters.

I think that this analysis fully coalesces with your elaboration on the current energetic situation and also addresses some new aspects. I hope this information will help you to establish a more clear contact to your HS and that you will be able to gain some more insights into our ongoing ascension process.

With love and light

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