The Abyss Between Subjective Perceptions and Consensual 3d-Reality

by Laurie Stearns and Georgi Stankov, April 26, 2013

Hi Georgi,

I don’t know if you want to print this, and I don’t even know if it makes sense – I would not be offended if you didn’t. But it struck me when I was there, and it just seemed to be saying something then.

Love – Light,

Hi Georgi,

It’s hard to feel compassion for such arrogant stupidity with regards to the masses and their deep slumber. The Orion thinking goes deep, very, very deep – It’s beyond exasperating. The magnetic pole reversal is the ONLY thing that will have any effect on these slumbering masses. The slate has to be wiped clean, there is NO OTHER WAY to HELP them SEE. When you believe blatant lies, where the truth stares you in the face because you’re too lazy or scared to know the truth and believe that the only solace is how large your bank account is and that it will save you, then it’s time to pull down the curtain and let credits roll.

I’ve had enough of this ape theatre (as you call it); the stupider it gets, the stupider they get, and my compassion is that the ONLY way these imbeciles will see anything, is if they are forced in such a way that there isn’t any outside influence of such idiotic deception.

The hardest part is having a semblance of a conversation with these people when you know there’s nothing you can say, but that there’s a whole lot you can say – Being a constant observer of this utter nonsense has taken its toll on me. I’m done with it; I’m tired of living like this.

Love – light,

Children’s Benevolent Perception of Reality

I have to write something about this event that happened at the school that I teach at with regards to their 2nd anniversary.

I was asked to be a judge (along with some other teachers) for a multi-cultural event with regards to each grade (Years 1 – 4) making a little pavilion of information for a designated country. One of the Year 1 classes decided upon the USA. Well, being aware of much of what’s going on there and also with regards to the cabal symbolism, I was and wasn’t surprised at the information this little pavilion had, due to the fact that what is within the ranks of the mass media, including Hollywood and television along with any other source coming out of the US.

In the front of the tent at the top they had placed a huge picture that had been transferred onto laminated fabric that displayed the White House. Inside the tent they had a little table with fast food from KFC – french fries and a hamburger that had a little picture brochure that depicted two very obese boys and said ‘If you want to look like me eat this’. Before we entered the tent, we had to stand in line and get our ‘passports’ from an FBI agent with a police officer and an army soldier standing near-by. These children were dressed up as such, and while we stood ‘in line’ waiting to get our ‘passports’ (a photograph of the front of an American passport) there was a line of children dressed up in wigs and coloured hair with paint on their faces, apparently depicting movie stars and pop stars.

Inside the tent (in addition to the food), there was of course the ridiculous (but intentional) Hollywood interpretation of Cowboys and Indians. After this, we went back outside and watched a dance in which these little girls were dancing to the theme of ‘Hawaii 50’ doing a hula (Polynesian dance from Hawaii) – which was a TV detective show from the seventies. Next to the tent, there was a tree that had a bunch of pictures hanging from it that had the obelisk in Washington Square, Hollywood hills sign, Statue of Liberty, Google head quarters in California, Obama making a speech, Disneyland cartoon characters, the mountain with 4 presidents heads blasted into it, and also some of the beautiful geographical features of this country.

The first thing that came out of my mouth when I saw this from a distance, was, ‘Oh my god, what a freak show!.’ When I partook in the actual reality of getting my ‘passport’ and seeing it up close, the only thing that came to my mind was ‘What a parody of American culture.’

I’m from Canada, and I’ve spent a lot of time in the states – And, I’ve loved it. There was a time when it was truly wonderful to go to the states and see this wonderful landscape, and also experience the true openness of the people there. Being from Canada, while we are open in a different way, we are also very reserved as well (believe me, I know that Canada has its own problems).

I’m not advocating the differences of nationality, we all know what a farce that is. But there was a different energy when one crossed this imaginary border printed on a map – Maybe I’m imagining it, but I don’t think so, as I’ve travelled far and wide to almost every continent on this earth and to numerous countries. I don’t live in the country I was born in and haven’t for 11 years. I realise that’s not a life time, but it’s been enough for me to understand that the perception and understanding of the western world that has gone from awe to cynicism – For very good reasons.

These children obviously did not put ‘together’ this entire little pavilion, their teachers had a huge helping hand in it. However, that said, even in the perceptions of these 6 year old children, you can still see the influence of the media in them – The controlled media. The teachers themselves are all in their mid to late twenties. I live in Vietnam.

Obviously, there’s much that can be said here, but I’m leaving it at this, due to the vastness of this subject. I think the parody summed it up fairly well.


Dear Laurie,

I very well understand and share your disgust with the complacent behaviour and lack of any ethics and morality of the American people.

I also read your description of the school US pavilion, but somehow missed the point. What I am wondering is, you say that several decades ago the states were much better to live and breathe than Canada or now. Let us assume that you are talking about the 70s, although I have my US-images from the 60s, but this was still the time of the Vietnam war, Nixon affair etc. I have not been in the USA at that time, my first visit there was in the 80s, but I read avidly literature on the USA.

I  was deeply impressed by Steinbeck’s book “Travels with Charlie” where he depicts his journey throughout the states and his impressions from the country. As I am a fan of this author, of course  I take his presentation as a true picture of America. Although he is very cautious and well-intended, he describes the racial unrests in the Southern states and the demonstration of collective hatred on the part of the white population organized by racist organisations against small black children who started visiting mixed schools for the first time after the segregation was abolished. Now we have the paid Internet trolls, at that time they paid white (and black) women to line up along the street and curse the small fearful black children for going to a mixed school after these schools were allowed in the Southern states.

Overall the picture Steinbeck gives us of America in 1960 was of hatred, division, fear (cold war, the black movement, various US wars, etc.) and rather sobering, almost claustrophobic. I wonder how you could have felt some years later that the USA was a better place than Canada or even better than now, although the USA have reached at present a real trough in human civilisation?


Hi Georgi,

Yes, after reading this over, I realise that I haven’t expressed myself very well. Gosh, no, absolutely no, I don’t think Canada is any better, by no stretch of the imagination. I think for me the memories are based on childhood memories of spending time travelling with my family and otherwise – But that said, I agree with you that scratching the surface of that I would find all of the problems that were prevalent at that time in the late sixties and early seventies – And then also as an adult in the eighties and nineties.

The experience with this depiction of the US by these children at this school really struck me as being so blatant, and not so innocent – Which I think, it kind of shocked me because it was coming from small children.  (Having experienced immigration going through the US in going back to Canada on numerous occasions, has made me only want to get a direct flight to Canada – It is still retarded, but not to the same extent.)


Dear Laurie,

that makes sense to me. By the way I have written to Carla yesterday and will  probably publish it today that our memories from our childhood are always positive, independently of the actual circumstances of life as all children are protected by numerous angels and the contact to the soul is wide open. This changes after puberty when the veil of forgetfulness is fully established in the incarnated personality and the separation from the HS reaches its peak. I have wonderful memories from my childhood in the 50s, although it was the worst time of communism and stalinism and many people were imprisoned for no reasons and send to Gulag in Bulgaria and throughout Eastern Europe.


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