Victory for Aniko and the PAT over the Dark Orion System of Jurisdiction

by Aniko Katalin Galamb and Georgi Stankov, March 19, 2013

Dear George

Thank you so much for all your support! The first people in ages who recognize me.. really appreciated!! Just read your mail. The court is already over and as soon as my empty “Strafregisterauszug” arrives, I’m free to leave again. Everything went well, had a great lawyer. After we told the judge that we will publish the whole story in the media, he got scared haha.. they had to let me go! Hallelujah! Thank God! Free speech is not a thinking neither!

Do you know a good lawyer for all the other “problems” I have?

ONE <3

Dear Aniko,

I congratulate you for your victory which is also a victory of the light over darkness: I just came from a walk in the fields in nature where I prayed for your release and had a very good feeling that you will succeed.

Back at home I received an email from a Hungarian member of the PAT as we had difficulties guessing your gender. He wrote as follows:

Dear Georgi,

The name Aniko Galamb is a characteristic Hungarian female name. Anikó is a nickname for Anna and Galamb means dove.

Anyway I pray for her.


My response was:

Dear Árpád,

thank you for this clarification – this was also my first intuitive guess and Marco from NYC also confirmed that this is a female Hungarian name.

So I have already prayed in the nature today for her smooth release from the psychiatric ward. I hope she will inform us about the outcome.


And now you have informed me that you have won the trial and are free.

Let me tell you something: The best lawyer you can get is the divine support of the PAT. You will definitely not need any lawyer any more as this Orion jurisdiction system is done and will disappear in the next days. You will never need to appear in front of a court and deal with this Orion “justice” as it will cease to exist next month. This I promise you. Enjoy now your life!

With love and light

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