Urgent Energy Update – March 3, 2013, 17.00 p.m. GMT

by Carla Thompson, March 3, 2013

Dear Georgi,

I am writing to confirm the second transmission has just completed. It began at 8:50 a.m., 25 minutes ago, Vancouver time (about 17.00 p.m. GMT)

It consisted of 3 waves, similar to the first transmission, the second being much stronger than the first.

The second wave also contained the violet flame of transmutation as well as the royal blue flame (light), the Will of God AND the emerald green flame of healing.

The third wave once again held the Christed energy and it was a shimmering deep gold colour. Information came to me that this is also the flame of resurrection. I also got that the violet flame of transmutation coupled with the gold energies of resurrection PREPARE us for Ascension.

This was so overwhelmingly beautiful. I am speechless.

I do hope you were awake, and that perhaps your wife saw you fly off the chair when it came in?

I am told that ALL IS WELL.

Thank you Georgi.

You are so loved.

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