Update on the Latest Wave – March 24, 2013. A New Message From the Elohim

by Carla Thompson and Georgi Stankov

Dear Georgi,

A new and powerful energy infusion just came in (6:15 am MDT). It was a much cleaner, more refined energy than the past infusions and has left a gentle loving signature as it has flowed through my fields.

I am getting that it is meant for fine-tuning the grids and our web of light. It is also meant to fine-tune and harmonize our crystalline body systems. I sense it will have a very positive effect on All.

I wonder how this wave will be experienced by the PAT. It should be much easier than previous ones to my mind.

I will let you know what’s happening as the information comes in to me.

Have you noticed any energetic in-flows within the last hour?

With love and white light,

Dear Carla,

I have not noticed any significant waves this morning, after the night was comparatively calm for my condition. Only this morning the high pitched tone I always hear around my head changed its octave several times, which is rather unusual, although this happens from time to time, but then only once during a day.

The vibrations are indeed more refined and with almost no human dross, although I felt this morning again the desperation of the GB and US Reptilian cabal, to which I am regularly switched telepathically as to gauge their negative fields. I am doing this for years now.

Last night I got a very funny message from my HS. I started hearing the famous student anthem “Gaudeamus..” Then I woke up three times in the night and the song was still in my ears, but also after I slept again I heard this song the whole night.

This song is very familiar to me as the bells of the tower clock of the old Heidelberg university also played this song each day at 12.00 a.m. and we lived nearby in the old town. I also lived vis a vis a student “Burschenschaft” ( fraternity) and they also sang this song when they got drunk on numerous occasions.

See Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gaudeamus_igitur

From this title we use in German, but also in English, the word “gaudie” (engl. also gaudy) forenjoyment. (in Italian – godere). I have always associated this song with easy life, dolce vita, but also as a completion of study courses with subsequent celebration.

Make what you want out of it, but my interpretation is that this was an announcement of the coming easy life for us and this was a significant message for me the way it was delivered.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

This is to be taken as a celebration then!  This is how I sense it. Mind you, I always found university life to be a celebration, at least for me.

I also noticed very soft tones with this wave, now that you mention that aspect of it. Much like the delicate tones of a bell choir.

Wishing you a peaceful day,


14.00 p.m. I  have been just hit by the wave you were talking about. It is very explosive and aggressive.


Yes and the intensity has increased for me now as well.  – Carla

Dear Georgi,

The Elohim have this message about today’s new energy wave.

Greetings!  We are the Elohim

This infusion of light pondered [by us Georgi] fully embraces/erases challenges met from previous infusions. The expected intensity and duration falls to more easily tolerated levels, partly due to refinement and streamlining of the final events.

Let us be clear now that the major work is done and this infusion finalizes such past activity. Further refinements may not be necessary as the final expansionary creation climaxes.

The purpose of this wave is to seal off/ close all electro+magnetic circuits/loops in All-That-Is Earth/Gaia and all inhabitants of this third dimension.

As this energy crosses the synaptic connection/barrier any and all particles of lower density are instantly separated and moved along toward their respective appropriate synergistic alignment.

Exclusion of planetary events promulgates the desired refinements within the energetic structures requiring higher dimensional alignments.

We confirm these energies push into overdrive the forward movement of the Ascension protocol.

All is well and we are anticipating with joy the final manoeuvres in this precious outcome.

My visuals are telling me that we are working with AA Michael as well in removing any and all clumps of density within the physical structures of almost every living element within this reality. I get that AAM is standing by coordinating these events on the ground and I do not get any timing from him in regard to the ascension date.

I sense that this will perhaps be the final wave because of their [the Elohim] joy and apparent confidence in the success of these new alignments.

I am tired and have had a headache for most of the day and I will sleep now for the afternoon and should feel much better later.

I do hope you feel better this evening.

With love and light,

Dear Carla,

this message refers to most complex energetic processes, which we cannot comprehend or oversee at present. But I get an intuitive understanding of what is now happening behind the veil in order to prepare the energetic conditions, not only for the detonation of the PAT Supernova, but also for the clean separation of the two timelines. These processes are associated with the establishment of completely new energetic levels by re-processing the existing particles that build the 3d-holographic model of the earth, but must now exit the electro-magnetic spectrum of the 3d-space-time and align with the newly created 5th dimension of Gaia.

Now back to this powerful energy wave about which we talked this morning. It must have been felt by all members of the PAT from what I gather so far. For instance Jerry wrote to me several hours ago:


This latest wave is extremely painful maybe more than any has been before for me. Severe headache around the forward upper brow and sides of head that goes into the nose. spinal and upper back stiffness, brittleness and severe pain. Tired and a need to sleep but unable because of all the pain. Why is it so painful.

I must admit that I was quite relaxed this morning after spending a calm night with a nice musical accompaniment (see above). But then the wave hit me so suddenly that I was caught off guard for several minutes and this unleashed a short family tempest, which I could successfully contain before the wave fully exploded as I was warned by you and another German woman and member of the PAT about this wave. This is what I then wrote to Jerry in response:

“Dear Jerry,

this latest  wave  has also hit me like a truck two hours ago. This time I had the privilege to be warned by two members of the PAT – Carla and a German woman, who predicted this wave to come in the night. But the night was very calm for my condition and the morning also. Then the wave came with an enormous aggression potential of a most powerful purging wave with skin burning, massive  energy descent through the left brain portal, but fortunately without a headache in my case, and severe gastrointestinal symptoms.

Before that I felt the despair of the cabal telepathically, to which I am regularly switched to gauge their process of destruction, which then goes as data to the big cosmic computer for further evaluation. I am doing this monitoring for years now and I am used to it, but the degree of despair of the dark cabal was almost dreadful and animalistic this morning and even caught me very unpleasantly by surprise.

It could well be the last wave that cleanses all the skeletons in the closet before ascension can commence. The last Gaia message also goes in this vein if one reads it carefully….

Let us see what this night will bring. Hold on and know, before we die of pain we will ascend.

George “

According to my calculation this is the second wave after I published in my urgent energy update on Friday that we must expect 2-3 more waves till our final ascension. April’s HS spoke of 3-4 waves. The remarkable of this latest wave was that it virtually exploded over me around 14.00 p.m local time and reached very quickly an incredible peak in intensity. I had to lay down and have a nap for an hour. But around 20.00 p.m it subsided as quickly as it came. This dynamics is unusual for this type of purging waves, which in may case always last 24 hours at least.

The message of the Elohim gives us a clue as to why this wave subsided so quickly. Obviously it was so successful in purging the last dark remnants and imbalances from past waves that it could be finished so quickly. This is an indication that our ascension may now take place before March 27th and full moon. Ultimately this does not matter any more as long we are now sure that everything is proceeding according to the plan and our ascension next week is secured.

Thank you for your effort to receive this important message from the Elohim as a final validation before our ascension. This helps a lot.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

I guess I hit the “send” button as I fell asleep but I wanted to add that although the Elohim do not mention a specific date, my impression from the conversation is that it is very near, that it is almost upon us.

Love and Light,

This is also my impression as I have also commented in my response to the message.


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