The Unity Thought Field of the PAT Must Help

by Georgi Stankov, March 18, 2013

There is an urgent case where the PAT can show its power as unity thought field of divine authority. A young crystalline child has been deprived of his freedom by the criminal Orion Swiss authorities and locked in a closed psychiatric ward in Zurich as a retaliation against him exposing crimes associated with forced prostitution under the umbrella of the Swiss authorities.

I must admit that I do not know all the details of this legal case, but notwithstanding this fact, I want all the PAT to pray and meditate for the liberation of this young person, who approached me yesterday with an email, but I only today realized his terrible situation. The email correspondence with him is published below.

Aniko has his trial at a Swiss court tomorrow. Let us show if we are able to convince the judge with our enormous telepathic force to decide in favour of this crystalline child and let him free. No matter what these young crystalline children were forced to commit under the hardships of this toxic and unjust Reptilian society, as long as all dark cabal mass murderers, assassins and perpetrators of capital crimes, such as Obama, Kissinger, Bushs, Clintons, the British Reptilian Queen etc. are walking free on this planet, no star child should be imprisoned for whatever reason. Let us make this trial to a showdown of the divine authority of the PAT versus this crumbling Orion system and pray for Aniko to be free.


Dear Mister Stankov,

Thank you very much for your great work and the inspiring support for other multi-dimensional soulhearts like me, trying very hard and persistent to wake  up the lost people from their deep sleep-trance. even if we still get attacked by almost everyone. But that seems to be part of our light-power-path!

Keep it real and all the best!


Dear Aniko,

thank you very much for your good wishes and I can confirm to you that these attacks on us as wayshowers will cease very soon.

With love and light

Dear Aniko,

only today I read your blog and learnt that you are in a closed psychiatric ward. Can you tell me more as to why these rascals have decided “deine Freiheit zu berauben” (to deprive you of your freedom)?

Liebe Grüße

Dear George

Thank you so much for your uplifting words. I really hope it’s soon over. As you can see I’m locked into a psychiatric hospital, because I revealed the corruption of our government by Nazi forces, already informed the KGB. I detected a house, where people get brainwashed by the classical mind control system (Freiheitsberaubung und Zwangsprostitution – forcible deprivation of personal freedom and prostitution) of a teenager from Sachsen, Germany..hes my hieros gamos partner. We need him and since two months is no one in our whole country able to free these people. Now they try to tell everyone I’m crazy and it’s all just my imagination, but I’ve documented the whole story in my blog:

It’s really a big and horrible story… Tomorrow I have my Verhandlung (trial) before the judge. I really hope, they will let me out. I am getting crazy here!!!

Much love and light

Dear Aniko,

I have just published your case on our website and have asked the entire PAT to pray and meditate for you and thus convince the judge to let you free.

Please do me a great favour, actually do yourself a great favour: Do not contradict the judge during the trial, but just stay silent and keep smiling as nicely as you can. If you have to answer any questions by the judge, try to do so with one or two words, as little and as precisely as possible. If they accuse you of anything, simply reject the accusations with one word, without any further explanations and only ask for a regular civil or criminal trial (Zivil- oder Strafprozess), where all proofs should be presented. I assume that this trial has only the purpose to decide whether you should be kept in a closed ward or be let free.

Declare your free will, if asked, to be a sovereign human being and a free and responsible citizen, but no more statements whatsoever.

Leave the rest to me and the PAT to motivate the judge to decide in your favour.

“Halt die Ohren steif” and a lot of luck for tomorrow!

With love and light

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