The PAT Unity Field of Divine Authority is the Cohesive Thought Field of Messianic Light and Energy around the Earth that Triggers Ascension

by Georgi Stankov, March 16, 2013

I was eager to read the March lecture from the Arcturian source “Juliano” (the group of forty). I was sure that he will address the PAT ascension this month. As the medium David K. Miller is not aware of the PAT terminology and our numerous discussions on the detonation of the PAT Supernova as the optimal ascension scenario for earth and humanity, it was obvious to me that this discussion will be based on past terminology and concepts introduced by Juliano in previous lectures that are also familiar to David K. Miller. It can’t be otherwise, you only get from the higher realms as much as you can digest.

Although I wrote an email to David some time ago and made him aware of the fact that I regularly publish Juliano’s lectures with a commentary and invited him to study our website, he did not respond. These New Age gurus are so much occupied all day long with the care of their esoteric persona that they have no time to expand their knowledge and explore new ideas. They also deadly fear any direct contact with other gnostic schools of thought that may cause the shattering of their ivory tower image of themselves as gurus.

Anyway, I am sure that David has not bothered to read our website and has no idea about our views and concepts of ascension, and above all, about our role as a planetary ascension team, decisively shaping the future destiny of mankind and Gaia. This is the usual deplorable ignorance that reigns nowadays in the New Age scene, This mental calamity can only be eradicated by the imminent decisive action of the PAT as this latest lecture from Juliano indicates. But this ignorance of the medium with respect  to what will come next, also proves the reliability of the channeled information regarding the role the PAT will play in this breathtaking cosmic undertaking.

Therefore I will summarize the basic ideas of Juliano regarding the PAT ascension and our role as future Elohim, shaping the new holographic model of earth A and balanced earth A/B for the sake of clarity, before giving you my final interpretation.

Juliano departs in his March lecture from the two basic concepts “event horizon” and “cosmic religion“. The first term is borrowed from modern cosmology and is used to describe both the event horizon of a black hole determined by the Hawking radiation and the event horizon of the visible universe. I have explained both physical terms extensively in my new theory on physics and cosmology based on the discovery of the Universal Law in volume I and II. I will come back to this concept later on.

The second term “cosmic religion” is identical to the connotation of the term “Gnosis“, which I regularly use in my discussions and to which I have dedicated five philosophical books. This term is, in the interpretation of both, Juliano and myself, opposite to all current religious teachings on the earth as they do not depart from the primary term of any consciousness in All-That-Is, which can be presented as Energy, Source or Prime Creator.

Juliano points out that the Creator can be impersonal and personal at the same time. It can manifest himself as a set of universal rules as I have proved with the discovery of the Universal law, from which all physical laws can be derived and ontologically explained. At the same time he can also be experienced in a very personal manner by any sentient being as you all have been privileged to experience it, after the entire PAT connected to the Source in January 2013. Hence Juliano’s “cosmic religion” does not contain any new elements for you.

Then Juliano reiterates the basic fact that the “limitation on the third-dimensional perspective prevents humans from seeing the higher dimensions and prevents them from seeing the unity consciousness.” This may apply to his medium and most humans, but is definitely not the case with the PAT, which has entered long time ago the full state of collective “divine consciousness” as demonstrated by the infinite synchronicities and cohesive ideas that our group has developed in the last two years. To this I would also count our synchronistic participation in all ascension test runs that were initiated by energy pulses coming from the Source = Prime Creator.

This is also admitted by Juliano: “That is to say that even though the third dimension is the lower dimension, one can still experience the highest unity on this dimension.” This passage is a clear reference to the existence and role of the PAT on this planet. This introduction is very important for my subsequent interpretation of Juliano’s lecture, so please bear with me.

The core idea of the Arcturian cosmic religion is the following:

“We practice in our spiritual thinking thought-field creation and thought-field energy dynamics.Thought-field energy dynamics, “TFED,” is a system that is based on one principle. That principle is that the reality of your dimensional experience is determined by the thought field energy that you are in. The thought field energy, or the thought field energy field, is created by strong powerful beings of light who are working to hold the energy for that dimension.

This is also nothing new to you. This statement covers our discussions in the past and in particular since the beginning of this year, regarding the role of the unity field/ consciousness of the PAT as a divine authority, the creation of the web of light with which we encompassed the ascended portion of humanity in the summer and autumn of 2012, previously the creation of the rainbow bridge, with which we established a coherent thought energy field /band throughout the dimensions that also connected all ley-lines on the earth and so on and so on.

All these creations of the PAT were performed at the level of our higher selves, but were only possible because the Source energies could flow through us as incarnated human entities and be anchored in the energetic structure of Gaia and that of the 3d-holographic model of humanity. The latter is organized around numerous planetary grids, especially around the crystalline grid, which we built exactly one year ago around spring equinox, if you may remember (check our reports from this time). These energies are personal experience of the Source by all PAT members and do not exist for all other humans. Hence the abyss of misunderstanding we encounter in communication with them

And here comes the central piece in Juliano’s lecture, which is a very precise and succinct description of what the role and mission of the PAT are:

“To put this in another way, we the Arcturians create our dimensional reality through the thought work of our spiritual masters. You would call them our religious masters and teachers. The religious masters and teachers have the intense power of thought to create a thought field for a whole planet. They have the intense ability to work with thought fields. So when their thought field energy is sent out, people who are in that reality will be affected by that thought field energy.”

This is exactly what we have been doing all along. It is important for all of you at this place to fully internalize your magnificence as spiritual masters and creator gods that shape the current ascension process, notwithstanding your daily pains and sufferings under this mission. Or to quote Juliano: “There is a new thought system that relates to this whole concept of elevated consciousness. That new system is based on the quantum energy cohesiveness theories that I talked about in the last lecture.” (see my article on quantum cohesiveness).”

The bearers of this global quantum thought field are described on the earth in simple  human language as “prophets“. The PAT is thus a group of prophets, and if you have not been fully aware of this fact so far, as you have considered yourselves most of the time as social outcasts, now you must start acclimating to this basic gnostic concept, even though it is religiously tainted in a very despicable manner.

But even this notion should be well known to you, after we have discussed the pivotal role of Apollonius of Tyana and his crew for the ascension process of Gaia and humanity 2000 years ago. In particular we pointed out that many of us were incarnated at that time as followers of Apollonius of Tyana – as Gnostics and Neoplatonists. I have discussed their teachings in depth in my gnostic books and especially in my book “Neoplatonism and Christianity” which we started to translate in English with Henry Chlymer, but unfortunately could not finish it due to my workload editing this website.

Further on, we have elucidated in detail how our gnostic teachings were later hijacked by Constantin, the Great in order to establish the fraudulent Orion religion of Christianity, which, as its predecessor Judaismis entirely based on the concept of prophets and the coming of the Messiah(Adventism).

Obviously, all these gnostic concepts are deeply rooted not only on the earth, but also in all humanoid civilisations such as Pleiades and Arcturius as Juliano tells us. We have to deal essentially with the same energetic patterns of cosmic proportions that have been proven to be valid and workable in the ascension process of numerous planets and whole civilisations in this universe. It is very important to stress this universal, ubiquitous fact at this place and thus eliminate numerous other weird speculations as to how ascension will unfold in the coming days on the earth. This is what Juliano has to say about this issue:

Let me define prophet for you from the Arcturian perspective. A prophet is a being who has gone to the fifth dimension and has returned to the Earth to teach the fifth-dimensional perspective on the Earth. A prophet is somebody who has gone to the higher realms and has personally experienced what it is like to live in a higher thought field. After this experience they return to the Earth in order to work on implementing that higher thought field onto this planet. I have visited many other planets and have seen some of the prophets that have come to those planets. There are cases where the prophet have had a dramatic effect on the planet and things have changed, but on the Earth you all know that the coming of prophets often has led to more conflict, not less conflict. There is a reason for that and I will spend some time explaining this to you. the reason is because there are so many different types of people on the Earth. There are so many different races or species or variants that are incarnated onto the Earth. So if there were just one group, then the prophet would be more successful, but there are variant groups. The reason there are so many different groups is because the Earth is a freewill zone and because the Earth is a freewill zone then many different groups have been given permission to come here to explore their freedoms in the realm of creating thought fields for higher dimensions.

Juliano gives us now the most succinct and convincing explanation why the Second Coming of Christ will not be embodied in one Messiah or prophet but in a whole group of ascended masters that is dispersed the world over and  encompasses representatives from all continents, cultures, races and social background. The very compartmentalisation of human Gnosis on earth in many antagonistic religions, with particular prophets, has led to the decision of the higher realms to incarnate not a single prophet of Messiah as a representative of the Source/Creator on earth in order to trigger its ascension as has been the case on other planets with a more homogeneous population, but to accomplish this through a whole group. I hope that you now begin to perceive the brilliant and very sophisticated divine plan that reigns behind the PAT mission.

However all this is also not new to us and I have discussed this same issue in the same manner 13 years ago in my chapter on world religions in my gnostic book “The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind” which I would like to quote at this place for the sake of a better historical perspective:

“The phenomenology (manifestations) of the world religions – all naturalistic reli­gions are excluded from this analysis – reveals one and the same pattern (canon), which consists of a few recurring elements: Selected individuals, called prophets, messiahs or Gods, have received divine revelation in the form of a Gnosis, which they, or their successors, then write down as “holy” books.

The object of this Gnosis is always the Numinous, the Divine, the Sacred, which is beyond the sensory perception of mortal men, and the relationship of the divine to the diversity of the manifestations of the material, tangible world – especially to the forms of human existence.

The epistemological core of all world religions represents thus the effort to interpret the relationship of the primary term of human consciousness, defined in the pre­sent Gnosis as space-time, energy or All-That-Is, which, depending on the religion, is described as Tao (Taoism, Confucianism), Atman, Brahman, Vishnu, Krishna (Upanishads, Jainism, Buddhism), Isis (Egyptian religion), Yahweh (Judaism), Christ /God (Christianity), Nous (Neoplatonism) or Allah (Islam), with the manifestations of the 3D space-time. This gnostic task includes the development of a creation story (Genesis), which is of apocalyptic, End Time character in Christianity, Judaism and Islam and of a recurrent, eternal nature in the Asian religions.

Regardless of the time periods, within which the story of creation unfolds or repeats in the world according to common religious beliefs, all world religions assume certain, by God or Creation predefined goals of human existence, which end in a redemption in the view of Christians or in a moral purification and ecstasy (Nirvana) in the view of Buddhists.

Thus, the “holy” books also include prophetic statements about the future of man­kind. The ability to prophecy is considered, as in the old cultist mysteries such as in the oracle of Delphi, as evidence for the sanctity of the religious founders and the accuracy of their teaching.

Depending on the ability of the religious founders and their successors for abstract thinking, All-That-Is was understood as an abstract (Tao, Atman, Allah) or anthro­pomorphic (Christ) category. Due to the lack of precise definitions, there are also many mixed forms.

The human mind can only form abstract categories within the limitations of its se­quential sensory perception. Since every human imagination is tied to the existence of an individual personality (Ego-idea), represents the maximal possible abstraction that the human mind can form, the total negation of the Ego-idea.

From a religious standpoint, leads the assumption on the formation and dissolution of the subordinate individual from and into the parental, creative “Nothing” neces­sarily to a disparaging attitude towards the individual and his activities in the material world.

Such religions as Brahmanism and Buddhism, which regard All-That-Is as the total negation of the individual personality, have usually difficulties to establish a balan­ced synthesis between the Divine, the Spiritual, and the apparent vitality of the indi­vidual – its physical uniqueness, as it manifests itself in body, psyche and mind. In short, they ignore the exquisiteness of the soul in her various three-dimensional materializations.

Difficulties arise especially when religions make specific recommendations on the social behaviour of believers. Their ethics is then distinguished by a disdain or total devaluation of the reincarnation process with its specific requirements.

While most religions juxtapose the physical hardships of Being to the pure form of the mind, respectively the soul, they totally misapprehend the meaning and purpose of human existence and fail as eschatological teachings. Instead of promoting the unique emotional and physical vitality of the individual, as we know it from the philosophical circle around Socrates (see the dialogues of Plato), preach the world religions – with the notable exception of the teachings of Chinese Universism – an ascetic, life-averted attitude. Whether monk or hermit, mystic or adept, their inter­pretation of a “holy” life is always oriented away from the evil material world, based on human senses and temptations, where an inherent propensity of seduction is always attributed to the senses, and towards meditative silence and inaction. The negative aspects of the incarnation process should be undone by a lack of human vitality.

Many religious preachers have, out of fear against the pulsating life, great difficulties to envisage that the experience of transcendence is possible, even desirable, only in the midst of human life, even though the example of the founders of organized religions – the change of Siddhartha to moderation in the middle of his life, the sociability of Jesus, and the abundant sexual life of Muhammad in the second half of his life as a prophet – actually suggest such a lifestyle. ”

I recommend you to read this chapter one more time as to refresh your ideas on your mission on the eve of our ascension.

Juliano then proceeds to explain the energetic function of such prophets and Messiahs in the ascension process of whole civilisations.

“Let us return to our discussion of theology. Do we believe that a man or a woman, or an Arcturian, can have a direct experience with Creator light? The answer is yes. We believe so. And we all have direct experiences with the light. The difficulty, really, and a better way to ask the question is “can you have that direct experience in the third dimension? Can you have that experience in the limitations of duality?”. And the answer is that a direct experience with the Creator can be driven, or implemented, through the energies of the prophet, because the Creator light has to be stepped down. The Creator light has to be modified so that those who are in duality, who are in the cause-and-effect rule can experience that light and experience the energy without being blown away. That is why the energy of a prophet can be very powerful in helping a group to experience this through them.

This is another succinct elaboration of the ongoing function of the entire PAT as huge transmitters and transmuters of Source/Creator energies to humanity to raise their frequencies, be they Adam Kadmon codes, opening their 4th heart chakra or downloading the new multi-dimensional programs in preparation for mass ascension. It also elucidates my idea to perceive the detonation of the PAT as a global Pentecostal miracle.

You see, Juliano does not tell us anything knew, which we do not experience on a daily  basis since many years and has been extensively discussed on this website. But to read such a clear message is a real pleasure amidst the immeasurable crap that is produced in the New Age scene on a daily basis. And it comes several days before the detonation of the PAT Supernova to confirm the inevitability of this event as I will show below.

“I, Juliano, want to speak about ascension because the ascension is also part of our theology. We also have a theology that is based on service to the galaxy. Service is one action that transcends the dimensionsService on the third dimension is equivalent to service on the fifth dimension. There are many benefits and gains from service. The good energy that you receive from the service that you do on the third dimension is equivalent to the good energy on this fifth dimension. In fact, there is now a debate going on that the service on the third dimension sometimes is creating a greater benefit for the soul development. That is to say that the soul, through service, is seeking to maintain itself in a higher state of consciousness permanently. The soul is looking for a place to manifest on the highest level possible in a permanent way. And therefore there are certain activities that benefit a soul. This sounds strange because you would say from your perspective that you get certain points and if you do certain number of services. Then you have enough point and you can ascend. That is a simplistic and positive way of looking at the reality.”

What better definition and praise of the heroic mission of the PAT  in “service-to-others” that has enabled the impending mass ascension of several billion human souls to the 5th dimension – to paradise. There is no need to further comment on Juliano’s elegy on the PAT achievements, but just to quote him one more time:

“All the great prophets and all the great teachers throughout the galaxy have done a great service. The fact is that there are so many opportunities for service on the Earth. Yes, the Earth is a freewill zone. This is true. But also, because the Earth is a freewill zone, the Earth has a tremendous opportunity to provide various levels of service. And these levels of service that are available have great potential for soul expansion. This is galactic principle. It is a principle that comes directly from Adonai, that is that the service that can be done on the lower dimensions is of great benefit on all dimensions. And that is of great benefit to one’s soul journey. The fact is that there are so many opportunities for service on the Earth right now. From one perspective you could say that the Earth is so misguided, so no wonder there are so many opportunities, which is true. On the other hand, you can say that because of all the misguidance and confusion and darkness there are an infinite number of opportunities for service.

And here we come to another key role of the PAT members, which one cannot appreciate high enough. It is about our new role as Earth Keepers, as the new Elohim of the new Earth and the ascended humanity:

“I want to say also that another part of our theology is based on the concept of the Children of the Elohim, which is a term which refers to those beings who have reached a certain level of evolution. That level of evolution is so high that they now are contributing to the creation of new souls and spirits. There is a belief that all the spirits have been formed at once at an earlier time. But we do not believe that, and I will tell you why. For example all the stars that are to exist have not been created. There are still new stars being created. And remember that I said that to understand the Creator you study the laws of Creation. Therefore you must study the Universe. There are new planets being created. There are new stars being created. There are older souls and newer souls. And the Children of the Elohim, are called in Hebrew the “B’nai Elohim”, or the Children of the Elohim, or the Children of the God. They are involved in helping to oversee and create new souls and new spirits. This is a very high level of soul work.

These are the pleasant activities of future creation that awaits each one of us after ascension. We should not restrict our imagination to our future responsibilities on the new earth as discussed many times in our visions, but we must now begin to consider the perspective that our future role as Elohim will also include the creation and coaching of new souls, the creation of whole new civilisations, planets, solar systems and even galaxies. This is an extremely exciting stuff and the sooner we begin to include these aspects in our vision, the more cohesive our collective thought field of ascension will become, and the quicker we will reach the event horizon of the PAT supernova, as I will explain below.

Juliano is very meticulous indeed and he does not forget to mention our primary role in opening not only numerous portals the world over that connected Gaia and humanity to the new cities of light in the 5th dimension in the summer and autumn of 2011, and through which mass ascension will occur, but also the opening of all major cosmic stargates, such as the stargates 11.11,11 , 12.12.12 and 21.12.12, which enabled the ascension of Gaia and humanity and the purging of all dark forces from this planet due to their infusion with Source light:

“Another part of our service to humanity, to the Earth, is through our Stargate. The Stargate is a transformational tool. It is a station in which you can process yourself through and drop your connections and drop your coat of the third dimension. When you go through the Stargate, then you immediately experience your soul group, soul family, and go to higher soul journeys, that is, journeys to other fifth-dimensional planets.

Please recollect that the first stargate we opened collectively at 11.11.11 was a direct connection to the Arcturus central sun and that we were urged to do this through the Arcturian messages channelled at that time by Sue, an aging female guru, who unfortunately later on disappointed us so much with her cowardice and inability to communicate in an open and frank manner. This latest Juliano’s lecture is indeed a panopticum of all our activities as a planetary ascension team in the last two years and as the new Messiahs to arrive very soon.

Finally, Juliano comes to the key concept of the “event horizon“. I will not delve here into a complex physical explanation of this term as this can be read in my two volumes on physics. For the sake of our current discussion let me just say that Juliano uses this term equivalent to the term “zero point“, which is more common in the current esoteric literature. The detonation of the PAT is the event horizon – the end – of the current Orion holographic model on the earth and its substitution with the new multi-dimensional structure of the new earth that we have diligently built in the last two years around Gaia.

Now we have finally reached the core message of Juliano, which is also in the core of our recent discussions and decisions how to proceed with the ascension scenario. Be attentive as our discussion is getting for the first time in this article somewhat complicated, but also extremely exciting.

The event horizon, in this case the detonation of the PAT and our ascension, is not a static entity, but a highly dynamic event that is driven by the cohesive collective thought field of the PAT. As previously explained, this field contains the basic Messianic energy and light that is used in the ascension of many planets and humanoid civilisations throughout this universe. The members of the PAT incarnated on the earth while fully imbued by this messianic energies that were the major driving force in our current, last incarnation.

I, myself, have felt these energies since my early youth. I was carried by these energies, but I also dismayed them each time I sensed the urgency to sacrifice myself for the sake of humanity – be as a dissident in my youth or later on as a politically active person. I remember very well how I experienced a most profound epiphany almost 20 years ago when I was on the verge of discovering the Universal law and were becoming slowly aware of my future mission. I had a very powerful day vision sitting in front of my desk of myself as Jesus being crucified on Golgotha. I was hit by such a convulsion and wrath about this sacrifice that I cried loud that I do not want to go through this process of crucifixion, even though I had already dedicated my life to save humanity.

Well, we all know the story that came after that as we all have gone through this in our personal lives. We were not celebrated during our arrival in Jerusalem as Jesus was when we started with our LBP mission and we were not crucified and released from this evil world only a couple of days later. Jesus’ sufferings, if true, which we know now were fabricated, lasted only several days, actually minutes on the cross, while our pains extended over many years with an uncertain outcome and are still ongoing. Ask Jerry – his Crucifixion after Anita died is now many times longer than that of this celebrated fictive deity in Christianity.

During this time of extended crucifixion, this time called euphemistically Light Body Process, LBP, the Messiah energies became our complex and our trap in this 3d-holographic model. We became too much enamoured in our creation as human martyrs and started to believe that we can only save humanity as long as we continue dwelling in our physical vessels and pretend to be humans. This wrong idea became our new self-imposed shackles that kept us prisoners of this reality and was jeopardizing our very mission as planetary ascension team.

Hence the urgent necessity to issue my last decree quitting our savior dedication on behalf of humanity and expressing our firm free will to ascend as soon as possible. This decision was carried collectively by all members of the PAT and not only brought about a marked relaxation in our debilitating cleansing activities, but also accelerated the materialisation of the event horizon of the PAT Supernova as was confirmed unanimously by all higher selves in their messages to the PAT after the publication of my last decree.

We collectively decided to get rid of the Messiah energies on the ground that held us trapped in our physical vessels and thus to transcend these ascension energies to a higher level /dimensions. This decision was not much different than the delegation of our three lower chakras to Gaia during the ascension process, while taking only the heart and the three upper chakras with us in the higher dimensions, thus leaving our rest human fears and attachments for ever in the energetic tissue of Gaia.

This is what Juliano means when he says:

Naturally, when you are close to the event horizon then the actual event is close at hand. There are also event horizons for positive events. So there is an event horizon for the Ascension. There is a thought field that exists in the Noosphere for the Ascension and I have spoken many times about the intersections of the dimensions and how that is going to be made more possible by the participation of starseeds. So I find it helpful to visualize the actual event and to actually visualize the intersection of the dimensions and visualize the energy field around that area, which we call the event horizon.”

One can however visualize his ascension only after one has cut all ropes that hold him firm in this reality. We overcome with excellence this last initiation, which actually paved the way for our ascension this month. Had we continued with our Messianic effort to save a few more souls at any price, we would have only extended infinitely the time of  materialisation of the event horizon, the zero point of the detonation of the PAT Supernova that will trigger the collapse of the old matrix and its holographic model.

Juliano concludes:

“In a sense everything in the universe exists as a vibrational energy field and thought is a vibrational energy field. So you can send a vibrational energy field around the circle of that volcano and that will interact and be influential because the event horizon is still interactive. In fact, the event horizon is continually interacting. What mankind has is the ability to interact with the event horizon. And in fact the prophets that have come to this planet have used this ability to interact with event horizons. This is the ability that is also known in terms of the Messianic Light or Energy.

There is also a thought field of Messianic Light and Energy around this planet. This was given to this planet, that was one of the gifts of this planet and there is an event horizon that is composing that thought field energy. And you can send energy to that Messianic thought field. That is the thought field energy of the divine light and the divine intervention.

The Messianic energies that have driven our incarnations and sacrifices for humanity are at the same time the Messianic quantum thought field of ascension. It is also the thought field of divine intervention. It is therefore not a coincidence that we were urged by April’s HS several days before I issued my decree and released the PAT from his messianic obligation to continue cleansing human dross on the ground that we are first and foremost a divine authority whose duty is to intervene on the earth in order to bring about ascension of Gaia and humanity as the name of our group suggests.

It was the most powerful and urgent inkling that made us aware of our prime duty and to delegate that portion of our Messianic thought field that hinders us to ascend to All-That-Is. Just as we shall delegate our three lower chakras to Gaia at the moment of our physical transformation to ascended masters with light bodies, we had to delegate our messianic energy back to humanity and Gaia to be able to trigger the PAT Supernova this month.  Otherwise this process would have dragged on for another several months, make no mistake about this.

That is why in Carla’s message the Elohim praised our decisiveness and the clarity of our decision:

All who seek a full ascension in this lifetime embrace this message and even though some seem not to have openly chosen to enact this declaration it has had enormous impact on each who have simply read it. Nor is it too late to support this declaration. Each shall know after seeking clarity within. There are no answers in “outward” orientation, rather, through introspection. Decisiveness reigns gloriously as the Soul attempts final corrections on the Path! These corrections seem minor but carry great import.

This is the quintessence of Juliano’s March lecture few days before our ascension:

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