The Orion Fraud with The Jewish Race as the “Chosen People”

by Charlotte Smith and Georgi Stankov, March 1, 2013

Dear George,

Veterans Today has posted an article that contains the PDF file from John Hopkins University’s DNA analysis of the Jewish Population and they unequivocally state that their DNA analysis supports the KHAZAR theory. Couple this with the fact that the old testament stories are nearly identical to the Sumerian text, we now have the complete picture of the Bible Hoax. The old testament is false as well as much of the new testament.

Clearly the “false” Jewish people conspired with Rome to inflict spiritual damage and control the people. Even the most asleep can see that something is wrong with their Holy Bible.

I mentioned the DNA study to a few friends. They still do not grasp what this means. They are like deer in the head lights. Some appear fearful of the Jewish influence and are afraid to openly state what is now fact. The Jewish people as identified in modern day history are NOT JEWISH.

We must bring more of this out as well.

As always, my love and peace to all.

Dear Charlotte,

I skipped over the original article and it confirms what I had written in my previous articles that all European Jews are of Khazar origin and have nothing in common with the Semitic population in Palestine. This study proves this historical fact. But the heinous goal of the Orion /Reptilian empire, which engineered the Khazars genetically to take over the finances of Europe, is the actual fraud that must be elucidated separately. The refutation of the Rhineland hypothesis is only the minor fraud.

With love and light

Hi George,

Today I had a second thought about the irony in the DNA Analysis of the Jewish population.

Prior to loosing my business and home I had no idea what daytime television was like.  After viewing Maury once I told my husband never to have the television on while I’m in the room.

Not only did I despise the constant parading of the most unintelligent and poor in our country revealing their shameful sexual practices only to hear that famous line… YOU ARE NOT the father.

Well, I guess now the whole world can say, “The DNA Test Results are in and God is NOT the father of that Chosen People Lie“.

The old Orion system complains about the volatile synergy of hate facing the so called Jewish population without disclosing the facts that surround the provocation for this outburst of anger.

The world now knows that the “Chosen People” are a lie. The Palestinians and Arabs always knew it was a lie. And now the DNA evidence proves it.

How can one expect an intelligent person to see the evidence and then tolerate the claims of a “Chosen People”?

First the Pope and now the Khazars! What an exciting time to be alive.

Peace and Love,

Dear Charlotte,

as I have written in my article on the “Multidimensional Character of Human History“, the Jews were a genetic product of the petty deity Jehovah which was a renegade group of souls from the GF. They have now returned back to the source. This genetic population was first created on Mars and then disseminated in the Near East. In order to keep it pure, the Jews were ordered by Jehovah through their Mosaic Laws to stay pure and not to intermingle sexually with other tribes and human races. Jehovah wanted to collect this genetic population at a later date and use them as slaves on Mars or on other planets.

However Jehovah had to return back to Godhead and this weird experiment was cancelled. Apollonius of Tyana and other souls from the source came to change the Jewish religion and to help them mix with the rest of humanity. The reason for this was that their genetic structure hindered them to ascend as they had inherited the superiority complex of Jehovah, which was a very powerful DNA-based angst that could not be easily dissolved in the future LBP, unless the Jewish genes were intermingled with that of the rest of humanity. This is one part of the hidden history of the Jewish population. This is what the Jesus Christ mission was all about beyond its Christian mythology.

The other part is the total fabrication of the Khazars as being of Jewish origin, which was introduced by the Orion Reptilian Empire on earth to seed perennial dissent, war and crimes on humanity. The Khazars were essentially a hybrid race, a genetic product, simple clones of the Greys and the Reptilians, which they developed in their huge underground bases in Central Asia and then disseminated under the disguise of the Jewsih nation/race in Europa. Here they had a key plan for the future – to hijack the emerging financial system of lending banks in the Renaissance and to establish the long-term new financial order – the current Orion monetary system as a key leverage in their intent to introduce the NWO in the End Times.

Later on, these Asian minions of the former PTB were responsible for the Zionist movement, Communism and Fascism and for all world and other wars that had to be fought as a result of these inhuman ideologies. No wonder that the people are now beginning to open their eyes and to realize that the Khazars, alias the Jews, are responsible for so much evil on this planet. The original Jews which actually no longer exist as a race, but have mixed long time ago with the other Semitic peoples in the Middle East after the appearance of Apollonius of Tyana must now play the role of the bogeyman in this heinous drama in the Middle East that has only one purpose – to instigate perennial wars on the earth and dumb down humanity.

The hijacking of Apollonius teachings by Constantin the Great, who was an Orion Reptilian, in order to establish the new fake religion of Christianity had as a primary goal to camouflage the dissipation of the Jewish race by juxtaposing it to Christianity – the Old Testament against the New Testament and thus to forge the idea of the existence of a Jewish race.

Then they, the former PTB, created later the hybrid race of the Khazars and named them to be Jews by letting them accepting the Mosaic Laws “pro forma”. They then disseminated the Khazar clones throughout the Old World/Europe to instigate dissent and social aggressions through their extremely restricting Mosaic tradition, which is based on arrogance, high-esteem and total contempt for the rest of humanity. This was at that time the opposite to Christianity which was essentially based on humility. This religious racism and antagonism was since then the origin of all wars and dissent in modern history.

You see how the seeds of discontent were dispersed the world over by the former PTB which we, the PAT, have now successfully eliminated in the process of ascension of Gaia and humanity to the 5th dimension.

But the Khazar Zionists, being the embodiment of all human evil, such as the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers, i.e. the 13 ruling Reptilian families behind the Khazars, are still the main source of all wars we witness nowadays. Hence when the US Zionists are now scared about growing resistance to the Zionist Khazars in Europe under the disguise of being Jews, then they know that when this truth is revealed, they will lose their power and have to take the responsibility for all their crimes on humanity. Now they are like the thief in the famous Bulgarian saying who cries: “Hold the thief”. But this lie no longer works as we are in the final phase of the End Times when all these lies will be revealed by the PAT and other LW.

With love and light

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