New Message From the Elohim: All PAT Members Will Ascend – Hold Onto the Joy and the Wonder Within.

by Carla Thompson, March 31, 2013

Dear Georgi,

The energies are relatively calm here at the moment, but I decided to see what the Elohim have to say about today, March 31st. They have not commented about today specifically which was expected by both of us.

The Elohim have given a general message, as it is my impression that they would like this information to be available to the general population of new readers, with direct responses to our inquiries at the end. They offer this message in a very loving and compassionate tone. I am getting that what we “think” ascension is, will be completely different from what we will “know” it to be upon the arrival of Divine Mind, which of course is another aspect of ascension.


“Greetings!  We are the Elohim.

Precious in-flow creates further momentum as an upward ascending scale. Full realization comes upon those who wait in anticipation.

Energetics slide in unison for this is the way of the Source  – unity without compromise.

The ascension protocol is never-ending, is always opening, is always creating, is always unfolding.

You ask “Are we ascending?” and our answer to you is “Yes” for there is no backward motion, no loss of forward growth and momentum. You are ascending, now. You are moving through the phases with baited breath, but we say to you, hold onto the joy and the wonder within, for it is this very joy and wonder that releases any expectation of how things ‘should’ be, how things ‘must’ be.

Did the ‘three days of darkness’ meet your expectation?  Did the ‘rate’ of your evolution meet your expectation? Did all the beautiful renderings from all starseeds, light workers and members of your group meet your expectations?

We can tell you that every single expression of God, every Being of which we speak, had expectations that could not be reconciled by the mind.

Your director (George) invited you to be surprised, and rightly so, as he truly knows the weakness of mental mind.

Drop all expectations! Expectations block the flow of this unique energy. The act of ‘letting go’ releases dissonance and embraces the natural way to evolution.

Breathe and breathe deeply!

Do it now, in this moment, for it is time (for all time’s sake).

You ask if you are ready to ascend within the current physical expressions you have chosen. We say “Yes” that some of you are physically attuned to achieve this action potential, and some of you are not. We are not speaking of your group members, however, whose vessels have embraced the purity and the frequential requirements of the transfiguration action, we speak of humanity as a whole, as a group of Beings.

When you ask if this group (PAT) will ascend with their physical vessels, we say that this indeed shall occur, in this current lifetime of each vessel.

We are the Elohim.”

With love and light,

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