Why the Mainstream Media Must be Abolished After PAT Ascension This Month

by Georgi Stankov, March 13, 2013

It is our duty as first ascended human masters to develop coherent visions now how humanity will evolve to a new civilisation based on true and valid spiritual principles after the detonation of the PAT supernova this month.

For this purpose I would like to present to you three further short videos made by the same English journalist Adam Curtis, the author of the documentary “The Power of Nightmares” (2004) which I discussed with Marcel in my previous article.

Their topic is the corruption and seduction of the journalists in the mainstream media that runs parallel to the corruption of all politicians on power. We know now that this road to perdition is of a higher order and has been deliberately instigated and coordinated by the former PTB behind the curtain to dumb down humanity in the End Times.

After the detonation of the PAT tnis month and our subsequent appearance as ascended masters in front of humanity, we will abolish the mainstream mass media for ever and substitute them with new more advanced forms of communication based on the Akashic chronics and telepathy. This will be our first act as creator gods.

The current susceptibility of the MSM to all kinds of debauchery, corruption, intellectual and moral fraud is an inherent part of theír very structure. It is the same default we observe in all organised religions, and in particular in Christianity. As long as humanity needs a go-between, an intermediary interpreter to the ultimate truth, this is an inevitable and systemic source of fraud and corruption of humankind.

One cannot separate a sentient being such as humans from the whole information of All-That-Is, as we are all God’s sparks. But in order to enslave humanity and throw them in a greater darkness, the former PTB and their human minions on power have systemically suppressed the inner senses of the incarnated human entities and thus have cut them from any direct telepathic connection between each other and in the first place with their higher selves. Under such restricted energetic conditions communication could be easily distorted and this helped the dark cabal to effectively dumb down the masses, no matter if they are passive receivers of this disinformation or journalists who provide this disinformation to the public.

This is essentially the key idea of these three short and very lucid videos directed by Adam Curtis, which I would like to recommend you to watch shortly before our ascension as to streamline your minds about our priorities immediately thereafter, when humanity will be immersed into a flood of nasty and shocking revelations, beginning with a full force next month.


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