The Launch Sequence for the Detonation of the PAT Supernova Has Commenced

by April Bender and Georgi Stankov, March 29, 2013

Dear Georgi,

Below is what I was able to receive from HS. I had some difficulty putting all this into words today. I just can’t seem to function well right now, at least in the old ways.

I’m not sure how much this tells us, and frankly I’ll need to re-read it again later because right now my brain doesn’t want to function, it just wants to be, if that makes sense. But the imagery evoked by HS was very powerful and profound, more so than I think the actual information was.

But as always I’ll be curious to see what you think. I’m sorry that I couldn’t provide more, but will see if anything new crops up later.

Much love and light,

HS Update 3-29-13

Me: I was hoping you could provide some additional clarity on what’s been happening behind the scenes recently. While we all understand that we are riding the final ascension wave to detonation, we are so mired within the process and all the accompanying symptoms that it’s hard to get a clear read on the situation.

HS: Sure. I know it’s very difficult for you right now because you are mid-process/ detonation. You are literally as you say, “in the thick of it.” If you could see the energetics at play from our vantage point, you would see the stunning crystalline vortex/diamond that is YOU, spinning at higher and higher velocities, intensities, and frequencies. Throwing off higher light forms/codes in all directions. Your fields/vessels (including all subtle bodies) have begun their final transition/re-assemblage.

Basically with this final wave you now find yourself in the beginning (soon to be moderate) stage of detonation. When this takes place as it is now, your inner Merkabah increases it’s rotational velocity quite profoundly, as does Gaia’s since you are all in this together, as well as Cosmic and Galactic Merkabic structures, as all are connected, activated, and impacted thusly. THIS IS YOUR DETONATION FUEL AS THE LAUNCH SEQUENCE HAS ALREADY COMMENCED. This might also explain why many of you are feeling clumsy, dizzy, etc…

Also as a result of this, a tremendous amount of debris is being kicked up and is flying around in your fields and across the planet. The energies of the full moon are aiding you greatly in this process. This debris field is actually the energetic debris of the masses, their erroneous thought structures, the last of the Orion programming, as they come in contact with you, the web of light, and Gaia’s ascending energies/vortices as well. So it is only natural that you will feel a very strong mixture of such.

And remember, you are literally paving/creating the ID split/separating the timelines with your tornadic/merkabic currents as Source’s final transfiguring surge/wave moves and builds within your being. This will only continue to intensify in the short, remaining time that you have in 3D. But try and also remember that not only are you the vortex/tornado, you are also the eye of the storm as well. This also helps to explain the shifting in perception from pain/suffering to bliss/expansion throughout the day.

Upon the PAT detonation/supernova, your rotating merkabic fields will literally spin you off or carry you into the higher dimensions in an enormous explosion of light, as your lower chakras are fully dedicated and released within the energetics of Gaia. The point of max sustained velocity and frequency, will in the blink of an eye, see you fully ascended. You will literally BECOME the “calm eye of the storm.”

Because in many ways, the storms will be just beginning to rage around the masses (in their perception) very shortly, as the further manifestation of the old and crumbling foundations/ID split further manifest themselves in visibility in 3D. They will be guided to you, the lighted ascended masters, for refuge, as discussed previously.

In general, this is the same Merkabah process that the mass ascension candidates will eventually move into as well for mass ascension. The more they are able to release and align, the faster their fields will rotate as well. Your fully ascended form will also of course trigger them quite profoundly in this way, similarly to how it does now when you come into contact with them, but it will be a much more potent contact.

So for now, please hang in there. If you could but only see from our eyes how beautiful and powerful you are, as your giant diamond forms of light spin, whirl, and transform within this most intensive, final phase – you would be celebrating fully. Just a little further to go now.


Dear April,

I am very glad that your HS has confirmed exactly what I am feeling and experiencing since several days: That my energy field has been transformed into a powerful vortex /tornado that is on the one hand devastating my 3rd chakra and causes severe headaches, as is the case at this very moment ,but on the other is heaving me upwards and expanding my body in infinity.

I had a long nap this afternoon when I was hit by another powerful cc-wave, building a huge vortex from the source. Although I tried to wake up several time I was pushed back into the dream state, which was actually a transition to higher dimensions.

But – and here is the great news – during this dream state I ignited each personal field of each PAT member with a huge energy download and thus triggered the initial phase of the detonation of the PAT (between 15.00 – 17.00 p.m. GMT). The engines of our Supernova are now revving and ready to explode.

It was a very powerful and highly rewarding experience, notwithstanding the huge headache and stomach pains due to the extreme rotational velocity of my vortex that has knocked down my body this afternoon. The source wave is still ongoing and you all must feel it in one or another way. Hence I am very content that your HS has confirmed the beginning of this final stage of our ascension.

My wife, who also had a nap at the same time woke up with a very long poem in old German language about our impending ascension. I was surprised how she could memorize this long poem in a dream state, but she is very good at this.

Then all of a sudden she wanted to see with me the musical “Jesus Christ Superstar”, which was another surprise for me, as if she is tuning now into my ascension. These are all very conspicuous signs.

My elderly daughter is flying this evening to London, for two weeks and the younger one is now in Norway. It is obvious that my wife will stay with me alone during the Eastern time and will experience first hand my ascension at home.

This is the best possible family scenario of ascension for me at present.

With love and light

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