How the Impending Financial Crash and Economic Collapse Will Take Place Next Month

by Georgi Stankov, March 28, 2013

Our ascension will immediately trigger the financial crash and the economic collapse of the old dysfunctional Orion system. This is a firmly established fact in the minds and intentions of all members of the PAT as conscious creator beings. This process has already begun as reported on many occasions on this website (e.g. see Cyprus crisis).

The advantage of our appearance as ascended human masters is that we will immediately present a new functional system of finance and a new form of economy, based on new advanced 4d-technologies, such as free energy, anti-gravity transportation and planetary portals, and new more effective and flexible forms of communication based on telepathy and holographic visualisation with direct contact to the Akasha chronics. This is what we have been creating all the time with the help of the forces of light from the higher dimensions behind the veil and will implement in the coming months after our ascension.

I have written as early 2000 in my gnostic and economic books that the current money system will be substituted in the End Times with a just and transparent numerical system of payments and transactions that will be equally available to all human beings on the earth. It will be operated from Internet or a new more effective system of communication after all banks have been eliminated.

I have come to this simple idea by analysing the nature of money, which is a deliberately distorted substitute for energy that had been introduced by the Anunnaki and the Orion/Reptilian empire on the earth with the aim of enslaving humanity in the last 12 000 years, and in particular in the End Times of Ascension. Humanity will need initially this new digital numerical system as a substitute for money, which will operate in the same way as the current SI system of units and measurements of physical quantities in science, before the people realize the true nature of money and will be in the mental position to completely eliminate it as an intermediary system for the measurement and evaluation of human achievements.

All advanced civilisations in All-That-Is do not use money as they are able to create from the fulcrum of their souls and enjoy immediately the results of their creation. Full abundance means the ability to create everything you need or desire, which also includes a natural, personal modesty and orientation towards more lofty goals and the satisfaction of higher spiritual needs. In fact, the very word “needs” will no longer exist in the new advanced human society as it already presupposes a deficiency or lack of something. In the near future there will be no lack of anything and we, the ascended masters from the PAT, will be the guardians of this new society of abundance and prosperity.

The old, inefficient Orion system that has led to a rapidly growing impoverishment of humanity in the last several decades will be substituted overnight with a new effective model of an enlightened, highly efficient, loving society, which will be introduced and coordinated by us as Elohim from the higher dimensions at the beginning, before humanity will be able to manage this system without our help.

Our massive intervention in this respect will be mandatory, as humanity is obviously not able to achieve this evolutionary leap on their own. The minds of the masses are still trapped in the old Orion system of thinking and are not able to produce any coherent economic idea or social utopia of the future mankind, as the channelings and other esoteric writings of the New Age community currently reflect. The rest of humanity does not even see any necessity to think over such theoretical topics, which are essential to the establishment of a new, enlightened humanity. They will have to start properly thinking very soon, as early as next month.

That is why I was rather impressed to read the latest channeling by John Smallman, where exactly this scenario, which is the PAT scenario of change, has been independently  elaborated in a succinct and clear-cut manner. Given the fact that this channeler and his source have never been very keen on delivering precise or factual information in their messages or to present any human utopia beyond the usual dull reiterations on love and compassion, this is a remarkable exception from the usual redundancy of this source.

This is the reason why I decided to publish this last message from Saul (who as you may know was a tragic figure in the Old Testament and thus a curious, if not awkward name for a channeling source). But independently of this historical objection, this message addresses the basic scenario of the PAT for the coming days of change for humanity. It stresses in the first place that these changes will be obviously implemented by a group of ascended masters very quickly (as there is no other option considering the fact that humanity has not been able to deliver anything similar in the last 12 000 years ), so that there will not be a prolonged period of chaos and suffering for that part of humanity that will stay on the balanced earth A/B and will eventually ascend to earth A till September 2013.


You can clearly see the collapsing house of cards that the global financial system has become
by John Smallman, 03/27/2013

The divine energy field enveloping you is strengthening and intensifying daily, matching your ability to meld with it more and more effectively, and of course its energy is Love, and that is permeating the hearts of those who are opening to It – the vast majority of humans – and helping you to release the attitudes and behaviors, the inflexible beliefs that so many have held for so long. The results of this are visible all across the world as new ideas to deal with the major problems and issues facing you are expressed and shared.

The old, inflexible beliefs and the tools used to maintain them are still in evidence, but their ineffectiveness can no longer be disguised by blaming others for their failure to resolve the issues that they were supposed to solve. The old order, the established order, has been in control, directing the business of politics, business, ethics, morality, religion — in fact, anything in which people interact together in any way at all — for a long time.  This order has remained hidden in the background while directing the activities of public figures so that its hidden agendas were achieved unseen, discreetly, and easily.

And frequently, some of those public figures did act in good faith, believing in the integrity and honesty of these “wise, intellectually brilliant elders” – their mentors and guides in the art of leadership – whose stated aim was to bring peace and abundance to all on Earth.  But of course those hidden ones, the elite, have always had their own completely self-serving, private agendas, and now the real intent of those agendas is being revealed, as more and more whistle-blowers find the courage to disclose the unconscionable secrets to which they have become party by blowing away the veils of secrecy under which so much has been hidden.

The old order is crumbling.  It no longer has the world in the iron grip by which it has attempted to control you all for so long. Ironically, your mass communications are at the forefront of its undoing: it assumed that because it controlled the media, the politicians, the large corporations, and the major corporate-religious bodies, it still controlled all the primary information centers and access to them. It has now become quite apparent that this is not the case, as more and more information of a sensitive nature is becoming public knowledge, disclosing the vast and unacceptable scale of corruption in high places. The sheer speed of information exchange has stunned those who would keep secret the intrigues and corrupt agreements to which they are party, and which have personally benefited them enormously.

You can clearly see the collapsing house of cards that the global financial system has become, due to the unconscionable hubris and criminality of those who direct its activities, ably assisted by greedy underlings who proved to be totally bereft of any moral, ethical, let alone spiritual sense of responsibility. Systems that are corrupt will always implode, and the scale of damage that occurs when this happens can have very far-reaching effects.

A new system of finance is essential in order for global stability to be renewed and maintained, and a new one has been designed, put into place, and is ready to be unveiled (by the PAT) . Those who have benefited by building fortunes through greed and corruption from the old system — which is now in the last stages of its final collapse due to their nefarious activities — will naturally be barred from holding any positions of responsibility or authority in the new one. They may well find that their ill-gotten gains will drain rapidly away as a result of being excluded from the new system, which will be totally transparent in all its dealings and activities.

There will be a certain amount of confusion as the new replaces the old, but do not be alarmed as chaos will not ensue. It will be as though an old and crumbling highway was closed off as a new one was opened to replace it. Some will not have learnt that the old one is closed and will find themselves temporarily in a cul-de-sac where they have to turn around and retrace their steps to reach the new one. But apart from a few minor teething problems while the change from the old to the new occurs, the transition should be relatively smooth.

The divine energies that envelop you are easing the fear and anxiety which the sight of the old systems collapsing has caused (This observation explains why it took so long for humanity to awaken and for us to detonate the PAT supernova and appear as ascended masters in front of humanity without running the risk of triggering fearful reactions and rejection). Keep your hearts open, receive the Love that is constantly offered to you, and share it widely and inclusively, yes, even with those who have caused much of the damage if you find yourselves interacting with them.  Blame, shame, and recrimination are not part of an awakened humanity, although those who have caused the severest damage will undoubtedly suffer much regret when they come to fully understand the extent of the suffering for which the bear some responsibility.

Love is the energy field in which all of creation has its existence. It is powerful, mighty, wise and compassionate, and It willingly and enthusiastically hugs all who seek comfort in Its warm embrace. None are excluded, although many may at first feel unworthy and hang back. But no one is unworthy, and as this becomes apparent by Its indiscriminate and unconditional acceptance of all who approach It, those straggling or holding back will also approach and be swept up into the field of infinite, divine Love in which they were created.

With so very much love, Saul.


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