High-Esteem Precedes the Fall: The Black Pope and the Jesuits Take Full Control Over Vatican

by Niels S., March 14, 2013

Dear Georgi Stankov,

I have been reading your articles since springtime last year, but I decided to refrain from personally contacting you, since I was just too busy absorbing all your mind-boggling intellectual and spiritual stuff (and I suspect you had a lot on your hands as well), which is simply astonishing how far ahead it is of the mainstream empirical science lead by career-oriented young souls. I have always had a feeling, while sitting in university class that the majority of these professors (new priests?) did not really know/care what they were talking about, but were just following a curriculum and using knowledge to build a name for themselves. 

Perhaps this is the reason of the massive maze of intellectual compartmentalization dominating the intellectual temples (universities) and why they could never come to a Grand Unified Theory of Everything? All their separated ego’s were becoming bigger/ more complex and branching ever further away from the original Tree (where the Universal Law lies) that sustains them. But as we all know, as the branches become bigger, so must the tree, which is why the PAT is ascending to ever greater heights. Without the PAT the branches would have fallen down ages ago. As Carl Sagan so brilliantly put: “An organism at war with itself is doomed“. The human race was/is that organism.

I’m starting to realise that as long as you think with the ego, ever-increasing agnositicism is the only outcome, as you have already found out a long time ago. This is the insanity of the ego, it assumes it can do its thing forever, it assumes it can keep eating forever, without ever being eaten in return. Well, Gaia and the PAT are tired of being eaten! At some point we will have to cut those branches, which do not want to redeem themselves, or I suspect that Ascension will keep getting postponed. Like you have many times said in the last days, we do not have to feel responsible for those who still do not meet the 4-5D requirements. They have free will, it is their choice.

But what I really wanted to contact you for is the emergence of the new pope, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, now Franciscus I:


Bergoglio is the first Jesuit ever to take full control of the Catholic Church. Of course, we all know that this guy is just a puppet to the Black Pope, Adolfo Nicolás, current head of the Jesuit Order, or Society of Jesus. It is amazing how the masses and the mainstream media yet again fall for such a madman. First the political Obama, now the religious Bergoglio. Both take on the masks of humble saviors of the people, secret gifts from heaven. Of course they are not saviors nor do they come from heaven, they are doomsbringers from hell. Wolves in sheep clothing. Perhaps this was the real reason for the resign of Benedictus XVI, perhaps it was all a planned take-over by the Jesuits. Time will tell. The dark lords are now coming increasingly further into the daylight, which is I guess is just another sign of their desperation.

Here are some (quick-picked) articles/videos on the Jesuit order and their numerous crimes behind-the-scenes, if anyone here for some reason is not familiar already:

Who are the Jesuits?http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/vatican/esp_vatican37.htm

Black popehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=MvyUKUNjIlI#!




David Icke on Jesuit Order and Knights of Malta:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPv7G20FELs


Love and light,
Niels (23) from Belgium

Dear Niels,

Thank you very much for contacting me for the first time. It is though with great pity that I observe that you have come so late with your excellent contribution on the newly elected Pope which I will of course publish today. Our website would have profited a lot if you would have sent me your educated comments much earlier. But be it as it is, I am happy that you have finally reached us.

With love and light

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