Why Georgi’s Latest Decree Was an Absolute Necessity. It Has Accelerated the PAT Supernova of Ascension Scenario.

by Dorie Bowlin, March 8, 2013

Dear Dorie,

I hope you have finished with your refreshing course and are now recreating after your nosediving into the toxic atmosphere of the crumbling Orion system.

If you feel physically and psychologically in the position, could you please discuss my latest article on the background of my last decree with your HS and get some new information after the last ascension test run on March 4/5.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

I will be happy to do that! I have been trying to decompress after my Journey into hell and so I’m pissed off today about everything, which has been fueling my connection to HS allowing me to get some clear insights from her.

I will send you those insights as soon as I’ve calmed down a bit and can put them all together. I think it’s the break through I’ve needed.

I hope you are doing well my dear friend! I have missed you, but have felt your presence with me whenever I needed you. I hope you could feel mine too!

Much love to you Georgi!

Dear Dorie,

indeed, not being compelled to edit the website all day long, I have now more time to dedicate to telepathy and thus I am actually closer to you and other PAT members than before, and this kind of communication is much more rewarding.

I am eager to hear what your HS will have to tell you after throwing you into this human hell. I have my hell at home where my body is burning all day long with unabated intensity. I had just another energy bout and a vision this evening (March 7) that the system is about to collapse any moment – in fact it has just started to collapse:


With love and light

Dear Georgi,

I have been working very hard today on receiving information from my HS. This is the first day that I’ve had clear contact with her in some time, so it was no surprise that I should receive an email from you this afternoon, saying that you had received further information on your last decree from your HS and wondered if I would check in as well! I was already in the process of doing so!

I love the fact that I received this information prior to receiving your email and reading your new post! I feel it not only serves as a validation to your latest decree and the new information that you have received on that decree, but serves as a report to the other members of the PAT about what has been happening behind the scenes in the HR for the last two weeks. I hope you find this information helpful!

With much love and Light to you!

Message – March 7, 2013:

It is understood that you have many questions that you need answers to. You especially, dear one, have been trying to understand why HS threw you back into the 3D world, right before ascension was to take place, in order to complete an 80 hour nursing course that required you to work specifically with those who suffer with dementia. For you as an empath, it was like taking a trip into hell.

But understand that this trip back into the matrix hell was a necessity at a time when it was needed the most, for the HR were able to use your interaction with those who’s minds were the hardest to reach within humanity as a guage to how the rest of the world would respond to your appearance as Ascended Masters. What was hardest of all for you was that while you were busy with this work, you seemed to be sequestered from your connection to the HR and to the PAT when that was clearly not the case at all. What you were experiencing and processing was vital information that was sent to HR and required quick action. On March 2nd you emailed Georgi and said:

“HS has not only put me on radio silence but has sequestered me from communicating with you and the other members of the PAT through the forum. You have no idea how many times this week I have yelled out to her “What the hell is going on, you’re going to kill me before I ascend!” This last week has been merciless for me, Georgi. And yet I get up each day and continue going back into 3D hell. My suspicions are that my perfectionistic HS has taken on too much again, and this time she might actually do me in!

On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday Georgi, (Feb. 26th, 27th, 28th) I literally did nothing but clean up shit! Sorry to be so graphic, but I knew by the amount of excrement I was cleaning up that HS was hiding how much more had to be cleaned up within humanity. Working with dementia patients has been a great barometer for me to be able to estimate with how much work we are still doing behind the scenes for humanity. By Thursday evening I had had enough being a sampler and contemplated not returning to work and finishing the 40 hours I still had left to finish of my refresher’s course. I cried all day because I didn’t want to return, but still followed my inner nudging that said it was necessary, and so I did so.

I am glad I did! Last night (Friday March 1st) everyone was so CALM, and the best part… there was no shit for me to clean up! LOL! I KNEW it was a good sign! AND, several times I was acknowledged by staff members for doing a good job that evening. Let me tell you, THAT’S a rarity! One man even said to me, “Dorie, you have the heart, the soul, and the compassion that is needed to do this job.”  I knew then that my HS had been keeping things from me again and that some drastic last minute cleaning needed to be done before the REAL shit hit the fan!

It was at this point you were onto us and you also knew that the scenario had been changed again. Remember that same night when things appeared to be so calm, you had already vowed to yourself on that day not to do anymore cleansing for humanity.Yet, what you were feeling and experiencing, in that moment of time, was the prompting of HS, the same prompting that was felt by Georgi and caused him to create a new decree on March 4th.

You were further convinced that the ascension scenario had changed by what April’s HS had said in her message from March 3nd:

The two ascension scenarios work for different reasons and this is why they are so often switched in and out for the other, depending upon the progress of humanity in general. But do know that if you were to ascend in waves, upon your return/disclosure only those vibrating at a frequency high enough (an ascension candidate) would be able to see and interact with you up until the final ID split. BECAUSE there is so much rapid movement happening amongst all of humanity, to various degrees, it may be more suitable to have you all remain VISIBLE and interacting with them, until the final ID split.”

Again, this was another example of prompting by us to make a new decree in Oneness and Divine Authority for the sake of our ground crew. While in meditation on March 2nd you had become aware that within your portal were many of the dementia patients you had been working with during the last two weeks and knew you were taking on many new passengers. You knew that you were deliberately being kept visible and interacting with the masses so that this could occur.

While the latest actions of the PAT in obtaining these new passengers were heroic and certainly a victory for the HR, it was becoming increasingly apparent that it was physically and emotionally detrimental to those of you on the ground who were continually being bombarded by the cleansing waves that were accomplishing this achievement. Something had to be done so that ascension would not go awry and this situation would continue on forever.

While we are so very proud of your success, you cannot save everyone, especially not at the expense of your own well being, for this does not serve the highest good of ALL. And yet you came into this 3D reality with the programming/mission that this is exactly what you needed to do, that you needed to save the world. While it was this very programming that made possible the ascension process that you are all now experiencing, it is also this very program that now needed to be replaced.

Decrees are powerful and accomplish this. You have experienced this within the PAT time and time again. This is why Georgi’s latest decree was an absolute necessity. While it WAS necessary as part of your mission to surrender to the direction of HS in 3D reality in order to be successful in what you have accomplished thus far in the ascension process, it has now become detrimental to your well being to continue with the programming that created the ascension process in the first place.

We are speaking specifically about the part of the programming that said the only way you could save the world was by participating fully in it’s reality – you have already done more than your fair share of work and have gone far and beyond what was expected of you. While it’s true that you are still experiencing 3D reality in a physical 3D vessel, it was absolutely necessary at this point in your mission that you remember you are sovereign creator Gods and Goddesses who are no longer subject to the programs that you came here with now that your mission has reached completion. Thus in this last week, you were being triggered into uncomfortable feelings, painful experiences and situations so that you could replace the programming that is no longer necessary.

Humanity IS awakening and is on the cusp of new understanding. You understand that your mission was to awaken these slumbering masses to the new earth/world/reality that was created for them, and that this was to be accomplished by creating and then downloading a completely new program within them. We use as an example we have used before.

What is now happening within humanity is just like what happens when you install a new program on a computer– you access a new program to download, try out, and interact with, but you can’t use that program until the download is complete. You can visually see that the program is downloading by watching the progress bar. You have an idea of what you will experience because you have heard from others about the program and what it is all about it. BUT you cannot experience it until the download is fully complete.

And that is where humanity is at in this very moment. Their downloading is not fully complete. While they are downloading what it is you are sending them, in order for them to fully experience the new program that you have sent them, their system will need to be rebooted.

Understand that while you have almost fully united with your Christed self, YOUR downloading is also not quite 100 percent complete. And while there are many who are now seeing you, there are many others who have recently become ascension candidates that are only on the brink of that. Now that you have taken on these many new extra passengers, your ascension can no longer be done in increments: The fully downloaded program needs to be there for all to see and experience in the same moment.

Because of this, ascension scenarios have again been adjusted to accomodate the energy that is required to reboot the entire system. Thus the PAT Supernova of Ascension Scenario is being implemented once again in order accomplish the final download and rebooting that will propel humanity into the fifth dimension. While you understand that the exact date and timing of ascension still comes like a thief in the night, what can be influenced is the acceleration aspect of the ascension process, which you have successfully accomplished with your new decree.


Dear Dorie,

this latest message from your HS is indeed an overwhelming confirmation of what I personally felt, actually what all of us felt these last days. The fact that you received this information before reading my last article on the decree is even more convincing.

Your HS has put it exactly as a felt it on March 3rd and 4th: It is not only humanity that is now downloading the new programs of ascension and multi-dimensionality, we, the PAT, also needed to wrap up the old program of the Savior mentality, which brought us to this toxic planet and its dumbed down human population in the first place. This Savior programming of the PAT has been the chief source of all our sufferings and hardships in the course of this last earthy incarnation and had to be finally substituted with the broader program of All-That-Is, namely that each soul is a sovereign creator and fully responsible for the fate of her incarnates.

That is why I specifically stressed on the past programming of myself and the PAT, while writing the first passage of my last Decree:

Herewith I decree that I nullify all my vows and commitments which I have made as a multi-dimensional personality to help Gaia and humanity ascend in the current End Times in all my previous incarnations, parallel, alternative and future lives and throughout all dimensions. This decision is irrevocable and my divine right as a creator being.

It is not that I needed an external confirmation as to the absolute necessity to issue this last decree, but it is still a great feeling of satisfaction and affirmation to know that everything I have done so far was in full coalescence with the divine plan. It can’t be otherwise, after all we all have integrated our Christed Selves almost to 100% in our physical vessels and now operate like ascended masters camouflaged as avatars in biological vessels.

But these carbon-based bodies, we still use, are the only thing that makes us appear as human beings. In fact we have thus far changed humanity to such an extent that many of them will very soon be no longer human beings, but ascended 5th-dimensional light entities.

We have been guided throughout this last incarnation by the following principle:

If you can’t adopt to 3d-humanity, change it for the better to join you in the higher dimensions

The sooner – the better!

With love and light

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