The Elohim Confirm: Further Advancements Are Created Following the Brilliantly Conducted “Rite of Passage” (the Last Decree) by Your Divine Director

by Carla Thompson, March 8, 2013

Dear Georgi,

I have sat with the Elohim tonight for quite some time in regard to your Last Decree and how this has affected the current ascension scenario. I have received a beautiful blanket dispensation, as I call it, one that covers all elements.

There is something that is unusual though Georgi, and I have to say that right now it seems to me that there is something more to come from them. I am also getting that there is something that You desire/expect to hear them say, but that They wish to hear it from you first. In fact you have to state it first as well. Does this make any sense to you?

It came across with great enthusiasm and I feel that it may contain something for you, but also that there may be a glimpse of something else building behind this beaver dam, something that will become outwardly apparent very soon. This is my interpretation in any event, and you yourself may not get this from the words alone.

“Greetings!  We are the Elohim!

Further advancements are created following the brilliantly conducted “Rite of Passage” (the Last Decree) by your divine Director as now new doorways are beautifully aligning and engaging for further openings to the ascension gateway.

The Decree is clear, all-guiding and all-expanding in its purpose.

All who seek a full ascension in this lifetime embrace this message and even though some seem not to have openly chosen to enact this declaration it has had enormous impact on each who have simply read itNor is it too late to support this declaration. Each shall know after seeking clarity within. There are no answers in “outward” orientation, rather, through introspection.Decisiveness reigns gloriously as the Soul attempts final corrections on the PathThese corrections seem minor but carry great import.

Feel the momentum these choices have created! Great openings follow and new doorways open! Embrace All!

It is also with great joy and love that we announce the resounding success of the recent wave insertions!

Continue to hold your presence in as clear a light as possible while further adjustments are rendered that shall open the flow of full beauty in this your last incarnation.

These large infusions of crystalline light serve to prime Gaia’s grids and crystalline vortexes needed for ascension of inherent ascendees. Primary clearing of all light fields ensures purity and clarity of function. The process of light priming brings all Beings to a place of fullness/peace generating expectations of completion and of readiness.

Great energetic movement is up-coming as there is yet more work to be done. You shall be orchestrating the dissemination of light once again. The purpose of these infusions is to continue the purification of the physical. These infusions garner attunement and expansion of conscious awareness. Much like the lotus flower that opens sweetly to the gentle nudging of the sunlight, so shall all Beings flower into perfection.

Your group is divinely guided at all times, holding intentions and expectations that are clear of mind and pure of heart.

Trust and enjoy these creations!

We are the Elohim! ”

I look forward to your thoughts on this channelling. As I said, I feel there is more to come, but it’s not the right time, right now, to come through. I have to trust in this for the time being.

With love and light,

Dear Carla,

I have just published Dorie’s message from her HS that confirms “the absolute necessity of my Last Decree“. Now the Elohim have also overwhelmingly appreciated my last expedient decision as a crucial step stone in the finalisation of the ascension scenario. Precisely the Last Decree has authorized and accelerated the full PAT Supernova of ascension, which has always been our first and most preferable scenario to heave Gaia and humanity to the new 5d-earth.

I have no idea what the Elohim expect from me as I have personally no other desire, but to ascend together with the PAT as soon as possible. This desire has been documented in my Last Decree. From this higher vantage point of view, it does not matter if I ascend a couple of hours or days earlier and trigger the Supernova, if this should be the optimal energetic way to initiate this event, or if I ascend simultaneously with the entire PAT.

I hope though strongly that this confirmation coming from the Elohim will convince the few PAT members, who have not yet accepted my Last Decree for various personal reasons, but mainly because they are not ready yet to sever completely their ties with their families, beloved ones, and this waning 3d-reality, to support it now. It is never too late to do this.

Their current rejection of the Decree is of course a kind of spiritual inconsistency, as the Elohim correctly observe, which is based on the unrecognized, flawed conception that when one ascends, one somehow loses his connection to the souls which are now part of his family and life, while exactly the opposite is the case. As long as one cherishes small remnants of this holographic illusion in his mind and psyche, his/her spiritual decisions will not be guided exclusively by the pure inner voice of the soul, but will be more or less distorted by external illusory ideas. It is unfortunate, but that is how humans still operate in their vast majority. But this need not, and should not, be the case with members of the PAT.

With love and light

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