The Doomsday Scenarios of the Vatican and the Dark Ruling Cabal on the Eve of the Detonation of the PAT Supernova

by Georgi Stankov and Zoltán Görömbey, March 16, 2013

Dear Georgi,

On the evening of the 13th, I was following the pope’s appearance in front of the gathering live on the Internet. I’m sure you’ve also sensed that incredible amount of dark energy emanating from under the mask of jubilation from the gathering. I felt emotionally overwhelmed in a few minutes. I think this is still the most challenging part in being an empath, being tuned into the low-vibrating emotions of people that they keep hidden even from themselves. This experience showed me clearly why we couldn’t reach the required energetic threshold on 12.21.

The letter of Mr. Catalin Panov was the most pleasant surprise to me I’ve experienced for quite some time. To my observation, this is a straightforward proof that we’ve been successful in planting the seeds of HD energies on Earth, paving the way of ascension even further. Not that there can be any doubt in our success, but it’s always pleasant to get reflection from an ‘outside’ source, as much as we can speak of outside sources within the web of light, that interconnects all ascension candidates.

I hope you are feeling well after the latest, highly intense ascension test run, and that you will soon be relieved from your editorial duties for good, which will no doubt point to our voyage home.


Dear Zoltán,

I agree with you about this pope and when I published the article from Niels about this black Jesuit pope, I could not expect that so many mainstream media will start scrutinizing the life of this obscure person and find out how many crimes he must have committed in his younger years as a Jesuit boss in Argentina during the dark days of the military Junta, which were one of the darkest moments in the history of humanity. There is an excellent film by Costa Gavras that elucidates these crimes very convincingly.

Now such mainstream sources as BBC, Washington Post, Guardian etc. have started publishing negative articles on this person who has betrayed other priests who stood up against the Junta only 48 hours after his election and 24 hours after Niels’ article.

It took many years before Ratzinger was accused by the media of being an accomplice in the numerous pedophile scandals worldwide, but now the source energies of truth, which the PAT has recently infused into earth and humanity are illuminating the facts very quickly, so that nobody can hide any longer in the darkness and continue committing crimes on humanity, as this black pope most probably intends to do from the Vatican.

He is also such an idiot. The old pope might have been a coward and a bleak personality, but he was able to deliver a lecture or a speech in German, not in Italian – he was actually speaking modern Latin and his Italian was awful to listen, that is why he introduced Latin in the Church liturgy again  –  which was highly intellectual and very sophisticated, even though he had no original ideas and was a very poor thinker.

But this crook “from the end of the world” is indeed a savage and is not able to formulate a single proper sentence in Italian, although he is of Italian origin. He is such a shame. He is only a puppet for other sinister black Jesuit’s forces that now pull the strings in the Vatican behind this despicable stooge.

I also evaluate Catalin’s letter in the same positive manner as you and  I must admit that it made me very happy to learn that so many people are now beginning to awaken and to look up at us for an advise and example to follow. This trend will culminate very soon.

Thank  you, I am feeling as well as the energies allow, but altogether better than in the previous months.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

I’m glad you’ve mentioned the fact about critical articles appearing in the mainstream media on the pope’s past, as I haven’t come across them yet. This could indicate that the cabal has become so weak that they’re completely loosing the tight grip of censorship, and journalists are no longer in fear to speak their mind, and began bombarding readers with some painfully true articles. Did you mean the movie “State of siege“, by Costa Gavras? I found a French version of that with English subtitles.

I’ve been wondering if this clown, or anyone else in the Vatican has a clue about the energetic process on Earth, and what consequences it will have to their position of power and their lives. We’ve discussed plenty of times that the ruling political elite knows very well what’s coming, and have been preparing their escape for a long time, but I doubt if every minion of the Orion octopus has the knowledge, or even the wits to understand the situation. I’ve been fantasizing for some time that we will get the chance to cleanse the Vatican after our return, hopefully it’s still part of the Divine Plan. I think those poor, deeply betrayed catholics will need our presence the most, when it is no longer possible to turn a blind eye, and realize that in search for the Divine, they’ve become slaves of devilish enslavers for eons.

Yours truly,

Dear Zoltán,

yes exactly, I meant this film with Yves Montand in the main role. The cabal are in a full disarray now and I sense their collective despair for some time telepathically in a very strong manner as I am an empath as you and also because I am chronically involved in the final cleansing and energetic purging of these dark ones.

That is why it is absolutely irrelevant what they do now on the ground and whom they elect in powerful positions, which have actually no real power any more as the old matrix has already crumbled at the astral level. Some of the cabal know what will come very soon and some may know less about this doomsday scenario.

But they still live in a schizophrenic world of total negation and believe that somehow the impending perils will not affect them. They still act out of inertia and are guided by their survival angst instincts. In their illusion they do not realize that they have no longer any support from the new crystalline grids of the ascended Gaia and thus have no chance to accomplish their dark plans.

They now simply try to occupy key positions in the old Orion order that will give them a headway start on the catastrophic earth B. But they do not consider the huge natural catastrophes in their irrational plans that will destroy the whole current infrastructure, so that they will have to hide for many years in their underground bunkers, in case they will physically survive the big natural catastrophes due to the magnetic pole reversal this year.

The rest of their minions and selected human slaves (clones and the like) will be left in a survival “Mad Max” mode on the devastated surface of the catastrophic earth B. Therefore, it is unlikely that these people will accept a new enslavement that easily after the dark cabal appears again on the surface and try to establish the NWO on the catastrophic earth B.

None of the cabal make any plans dealing with ascension or with the new balanced earth B as they know intuitively that they are doomed to experience hell on earth B and will not be allowed to enter these positive timelines. All their clandestine preparations in the past, while spending trillions of taxpayers’ money in the last 70 years since WW2, are dictated by this doomsday scenario that is deeply ingrained in their pathological, paranoid minds. They cannot get out of this doomsday timeline as many reports from numerous whistle blowers unanimously confirm. Internet is full of them.

That is why they will experience the hell they have envisioned for themselves for many years and have tried to project on the rest of humanity as not to feel so alone in their condemnation from heaven. But this kind of projections no longer work and the rest of humanity is liberating themselves now with an incredible speed from this dark cabalistic spell that has fabulously worked for many millennia. And this is all the success of the PAT that infused humanity with the source energies of truth and dispelled the tentacles of the cabal’s darkness.

Now we experience a huge and rapid separation /split of the two timelines that will be significantly deepened and accelerated with the detonation of the PAT Supernova. After that the desolate situation of the ruling cabal can no longer be hidden from them and their minions, such as their paid stooges – the Internet trolls.

Desperation will grasp the dark cabal next month and they will run for their lives, if they have not disappeared already in their underground bunkers, leaving the citizens on their own to cope with the coming catastrophes. This will be the time when we will present ourselves as ascended masters to humanity and will take over the role of the Savior, as I have mentioned already on many occasions in previous articles and also in my last article as of today.

The Vatican knows that the dark cabal plans for the NWO on the catastrophic earth A provide for the elimination of all organized religions and their substitution with a new military, hierarchical order, where spirituality will not play any role anymore. That is why they have no intentions whatsoever to save Christianity as a religion after the ID split, but only strive to “save their skins” in this new ruthless, new world order on earth B as good as they can. This is the reason why now the Jesuits have taken full control over Vatican for the first time as they are the most martial religious order and the least Christian one in terms of compassion and humility. These still existing human virtues among many believers will have no place on the catastrophic earth B

The unprecedented quick election of this black Jesuit pope only indicates the urgency the dark cabal in Vatican are now sensing with respect to their dwindling chances of personal survival. They know that this month the PAT will detonate its Supernova and that the Vatican and Christianity will be in shambles afterwards. And they are shitting in their pants and the shit is running down their legs. That is why all popes have to wear red shoes as to camouflage the shit of their fear.


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