More on My Last Decree

by Georgi Stankov, March 7. 2013

My Final Decree was Divinely Inspired.

Even ten minutes before I sat down to type my last Decree in an automatic writing as divinely inspired by my HS, I did not intend to do this. I had just finished with my last announcement that I will take a leave from my editorial activities on this website for a week to meditate in seclusion over the current situation and gain a better inner insight. If there were such a decision as the declaration of my last decree, I expected to make it at the end of this week of silence after thorough considerations.

However the mind thinks, but the soul decides. As soon as I finished with the publication of my announcement, I was almost physically pressed to write down this decree. It was a quick automatic writing and I finished it in less than 10 minutes. During writing I was rather surprised and was questioning the appropriateness of this decision, but could not find any higher resistance or inner remorse with respect to what I was doing. I acted physically, but it was my HS through me that exerted this decision.

As I am very attentive to such influences from my HS, I act most of the time spontaneously and without any hesitation, which is always a manifestation of the ego mind and a distortion of the pristine soul impulse. This time I only questioned the appropriateness of this decree in the first seconds, but all I sensed was a huge confirmation from my HS and a kind of blissful expectation to issue this decree as soon as possible. And a huge relaxation after posting it, as if I had done a most important job. It was the same feeling of liberation and bliss that Daniel described only half an hour later in his round email to me and other PAT members (see below).

Simultaneously with the writing of the decree, I received all the background information why it was so important for me to issue this decree. This information was contained in previous publications on our website, but the logical thread was not visible to me until that moment. Let me elaborate on this issue for the sake of absolute clarity.

All the information we received from Dorie’s and April’s HS in the course of February was correct and fully coalesced with the waves and cycles of energetic transformation that happened on the earth and with mankind. All these bouts of source energy flowed through the unity field of the PAT and affected all of you in a most detrimental manner. These waves and symptoms were independently confirmed by many other external channelled messages and other sources and have been unanimously validated by all your reports published regularly on our website. Hence there should be no doubt as to what happened energetically in February and how to interpret it.

As we know, the HR and we, as representatives of the Source, are moving forward in the ascension process from one threshold to the next one in the simultaneity of the Now. This is how the ascension process functions since its beginning. Its visible unfolding in the linear time of the 3d-space time matrix is the final and most negligible aspect in this process. Unfortunately it is also the most important for us, who are still trapped in the 3d-reality and hugely suffer under its toxic incompatibility.

It has been a leitmotif in all my writings that we, the PAT, are hostages of our success. The more successful we are in awakening and energetically transforming humanity, the more valuable we are for All-That-Is, and the more burden we have to carry on our shoulders. This was the main reason why I have always and consistently advised all my readers, who asked me what should they do to contribute more to the cleansing process of the PAT, not to demand too much duties from heaven as they may deplore it afterwards.

Once you are eligible for this work and enter the club of huge vacuum cleansers, there is no possibility to jump off from the train and have a nap or a nice picnic on a meadow along the railway road. You are condemned to the very end of your incarnation to do this dirty cleansing work on behalf of humanity and Gaia at the expense of total loss in any quality of decent human life.

When I realized that the promise given by our HS that we, from the first ascension wave, will be released from our cleansing activities on Feb 12 did not come true,

“Last night (Feb 12), you of the first wave were OFFICIALLY released/relieved of your former duties.

I knew that there was a modification of the initial plan to begin with a small first ascension wave and then to follow it with a rapid succession of growing circles of ascension candidates. Then, April’s HS told us also that the initial plan had been indeed modified to incorporate a bigger first ascension wave:

“The first wave will be bigger than you realize at the moment, let’s just say more than a handful, and the waves will just keep coming. Georgi will however, still be the first amongst your group…

I accepted this news as an appropriate explanation why we were not released from our cleansing activities as promised, but this announcement made me also very cautious about future detrimental amendments in our ascension scenario.

On Feb 28 April’s HS confirmed one more time that we have met all the requirements for ascension and that there will be no more delays and that we need not do anything more for our final physical transformation into light bodies which would be as smooth and natural as a birthing:

“There are no delays, no holding back, all finalizations complete (as much as can be for such a fluid undertaking) and there is nothing more for you to do. It is simply a matter of your deepening as you cross the final completion 0% thresholds, in concert with other catalytic events/triggers that have already begun their manifestation sequence as well. First wave ascension could literally occur at any time, but as with any good natural birth, it will happen in its own PERFECT time. And the main reason I feel confident in saying this to you and the PAT, is because you do acutely feel the uptick in labor pains/waves and how they are transforming you, the world, everything.

However we know that this kind of birthing is rather rare. As I matter of fact on that day I started to acutely feel not the “uptick in labor pains” but the relaxant that was infused by the HR to stop the labor pains and postpone the birth of our ascension.

On February 28 I knew already from my HS that there was a significant modification of the initial ascension scenario of successive waves and that we were again the victim of another major delay. The next day this early intuition solidified to a certainty. This knowledge prompted me to write to April one more time on March 2 and share my inner assessment with her, after I had published her affirmative message that our ascension is imminent and a done deal (see above).

“I have the feeling that they have modified the plan one more time for whatever reasons, although I have no precise idea how the first wave will take gestalt. I have the feeling that we may as well attempt the full ID split with the PAT supernova the way the preparations are going now and for this reason they may wait till equinox. This is what I am sensing now and this notion does not make me very happy. But on the other hand if we finish this dirty job with one fell swoop, so much for the better.

By that time it was obvious to me that we have been cheated one more time by our HS as so many times in the past in the course of 2011 and 2012. However this time I was not so sure if this was a simple cheating just to motivate us to give our utmost in the cleansing process, or if there was another more deeper intention in this kind of overt dis-information from the HS. After all we had expressed on numerous occasions in the past our desire that we no longer want to be cheated with respect to specific dates of our ascension and that we want to know the naked truth, no matter how bitter it may be.

As April also described it later in a round email, the last message from her HS “was too fishy” to be that simple:

“Dear Daniel and all,

After sleeping on matters and feeling better upon waking today, I’ve had a better chance to reflect on the latest information from HS. Let me just say that I very much agree and resonate with Daniel’s assessment as he expressed to Georgi:

Then I read your decree. It was as if the decree already had effect before I read it. Like it was a collective PAT decision also on the higher levels. Maybe our HS also agree with this decree because we are again obstructed by all kinds of slumbering souls who want us to stay on earth and clean their shit… I am not sure and I don’t know if this sudden change means the plan is different again and we will now ascend as soon as possible. At this point I just cannot make any predictions anymore, but it seems clear to me this last decree is very important, and some “politics” are going on behind the veil.

I too feel that the HRs provoked/triggered us into this final decree. Something just seems a little too fishy here. As I just wrote to Travis a little bit ago:

I was surprised but glad to see Georgi’s latest post. I think even if it doesn’t result in our ascensions, at the very least, it will prompt the HRs to cut through the BS and just give it to us straight. I also feel like perhaps this is exactly the reaction they wanted to trigger within us. First, they mention the importance of standing in Divine Authority, next they suggest a Decree of Oneness/Law of One and tell us we’ve done everything that we need to do and that there are no more ascension delays, THEN two days later they announce a potential change in the scenario however, they have not YET decided anything for sure? Sounds to me like they are triggering us for some reason – waiting for a response from us before finalizing the scenario. So, I think Georgi handled the situation perfectly and I look forward to seeing the response that our actions/final decree yield. 

So I feel as Daniel does in that the scenario may be shifting yet again as a result of our actions/decree and I am glad for us all to take this time/break to make our grievances known to the HR’s and see what happens.

Much love and light,

Although this letter from April, including a quotation from Daniel’s email, anticipates the reason and justification for my last decree, let me proceed step by step in my explanation as to why this is indeed the case.

I first stumbled over the fact, why should April’s HS confirm one more time in such a unequivocal manner that we are ready to ascend any moment on Feb 28 only to change this information radically three days later and tell us that the scenario has changed one more time when I confronted her with this fact (see above)?

What I got from my HS in the next days was that we were indeed at a major junction in the ascension scenario of Gaia and humanity at the end of February when I had to make a vital decision for me personally and also as a recommendation for all of you as the captain of the PAT, but with a full respect to your personal free will as sovereign creator gods. The decision that was imposed on me by my HS  to issue the last decree was the necessary step to tip the scales of balance towards our favourite ascension scenario. I and most of the PAT did this decree as conscious creators who operate as a divine authority and according to the Law of Oneness. Then all of a sudden all these announcements from our HS made perfect sense to me.

Let me elaborate on this in more detail. As usually we were much more effective and successful in awakening humanity during the month of February than our HS and the HR could have dreamt of in their most optimistic forecasts, which were already substantially dampened by our failed two ascension test runs around Dec 21. Due to the fact that the PAT was so successful and quick in connecting entirely to the source on Jan 26 and in establishing a very powerful unity field and a web of light of great magnetization for the masses, our cleansing work in February elicited much greater results than expected. We thus laid the energetic foundation for a much bigger harvest of souls than initially planned when we were supposed to ascend successively in small groups.

This fact was retrospectively confirmed by several external channeling sources of reliable quality:

“What you are clearing now is beyond anything we thought you were capable of in this lifetime on earth. You are going beyond extra credit – you are flying through your issues. Of course, you are not feeling at ease about this week’s cleansing, but we are. For we know how capable you are. If you decide to move far beyond what was thought possible in this lifetime – you will. And so you are.

We must tell you why this week (Feb 18 -24) is a cleansing of all parts of your being. You have completed the initial clearing of your spiritual and emotional beings. You have started the deep cleaning of your physical being. This week is almost like a “Get Out of Jail Free” Monopoly game card in that the astrological aspects are encouraging you to dig deeper, to clear what continues to be a 3D fear that does not allow you to fully enjoy your new being…. This week, you are able to further clear issues that create a ‘glass ceiling’ for your dimension hopping and studies.”

The Universes are Gifting a ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ Card

This external validation of the great cleansing success of all LW beyond any previous expectations was simply the result of the PAT intensive, almost inhuman collective effort to ascend at that time as initially planned.

There is a French saying: “l’appétit vient en mangeant” (the appetite comes with eating) This is exactly how the HR operate in the current ascension process. Around Feb 20 they realized that they will be able to collect a bigger harvest of souls due to our concerted efforts to ascend finally and decided to follow this scenario as long as it is possible. This was actually the scenario of the GF and many other soul families who failed to awaken their incarnated entities in the past and now for the first time saw a real chance to ascend them with our ongoing help and to spare them another prolonged incarnation cycle of 26.000 years on a catastrophic earth B.

Our souls families “were not at all amused” about this new potential development in the ascension scenario at the expense of their ground crew. But they could not push through the decision to ascend us earlier on their own, which would have been against their principal declaration of solidarity with all incarnated souls on the earth, whom they have vowed to save to the best of their abilities eons of time ago. After all, all past decisions of our HS have been guided by this sense of solidarity.

We decided not to ascend on Dec 21 exactly for this reason – to help many more earth souls to awaken and profit from the current ascension process. This act of solidarity on our part has been confirmed by many channelled messages in the last two months. If it were to have a leaner ascension scenario, we could have ascended many times in the past as April’s HS explicitly told us:

In fact, the PATs collective merging process has gone so amazingly well, along with the further weaving of the web of light, that we now find ourselves entertaining a slightly different scenario. While it is true, if we were only interested in your ascension and that of a leaner one for all of humanity, we would/could have physically ascended you countless times before – as our forecasts have indicated.

But there comes a point in time when a line has to be drawn in the sand. We had similar junctions in the ascension scenario in the past when we decisively changed the course of the events with a powerful decree as was the case after the Lion’s gate on August 8 when we decided to limit the portion of souls we intended to save and to begin with the final phase of their ascension process. Several more decrees of the PAT followed in the next months and each time they had a significant impact on the ascension process, although the full implications of these decrees will be only revealed to us after our ascension.

Let us not forget that we are the architects of the whole energetic structure behind the current ascension process and that nothing would have ever happened without our sacrifices on behalf of humanity and Gaia in the last two most exhausting years, as April’s HS confirms (see also my article  on this topic):

What we witness from our vantage point is nothing short of SPECTACULAR! If you could only see all that you’ve managed to set ALIGHT for you are the Weavers/ Architects of the new firmament, and what you have built, and IS manifesting, is simply exquisite!

The rest of the LW community only benefited from our inhuman cleansing work, while at the same time they were only “grating sweet stuff / speak” (süßes Zeug raspeln) to quote another German saying.

The junction, at which we and the whole humanity stood on March the 1st, was another significant postponement of the ID spilt and our ascension due to the potential unexpected perspective of harvesting more souls at the expense of further, indefinite exploitation of the PAT or the triggering of the PAT Supernova around spring equinox:

This also gives us in the HR’s pause as to the most recent scenario. You see, if everyone is now much closer in light quotient gradation it might better serve the Divine Plan to allow more time for all to continue to rise, shift, and merge with Self in the oncoming energy waves, building to a full PAT ascension supernova/ID split around the March equinox.

Let me tell you in a most clear and succinct manner: “If I had not issued this decree and if most of you had not followed my example, your announced ascension around spring equinox will not take place and its future date of arrival would be highly uncertain. You must only read between the lines of April’s last message to discern this potential danger.

Our HS wanted to avert us that there is such a possibility. That is why they first assured us that we are ready for ascension on Feb 28, only to cancel this event three days later, but also to bother give us a clear message how to influence this outcome in a way that is positive for us. Why then this pressure by April’s HS to issue the previous decree on ourdivine authority and the PAT acting to the Law of Oneness, if not for this purpose, which our HS anticipated and made us aware in a wise manner? What they wanted to convey to us without infringing on our free will as sovereign creator beings was that we were the tipping point on the heavenly scales of multi-dimensional and parallel realities and that our decision on the ground will determine the final ascension scenario for earth and humanity. Read between the lines:

A decision has not been made yet in this overall extremely fluid affair, but after this next wave and period of adjustment/integration, we will have a better sense. For if the opening/ ascension process of the masses were to slow down considerably, which it could as each wave brings more and more with it, then we might still wish to consider and enact the initial plan of ascension waves. However, if the masses continue with their forward movement/ momentum, the latter scenario of a full PAT ascension/ supernova/ ID split would likely be the adjusted scenario.

You must always consider the fact that we are the only group of ascended masters on this toxic planet who are fully aware of their creative potential and power and actively contribute with our decisions on the ground to significant modifications of the overall ascension scenario which is then coordinated accordingly from the HR.

All other LW we observe on the Internet and elsewhere are passive passengers, “Trittbretfahrer” as the Germans use to say, but have never realized that they can actively contribute with their personal decisions to the outcome of ascension or other heavenly decisions, although they are regularly urged by their channeling sources to do precisely this.

The New Age community is now a passive mass at free disposal that can be pushed around by all dark sources, which introduce numerous heinous and weird concepts, but are not able to develop a clear vision or even utopia that they would like to experience very soon. This is also the reason why they are not able to understand how our strategy as a collective consciousness of sovereign creator gods functions.

But precisely this fact highlights why April ‘s HS was so adamant to urge us to make our decree as divine authority and as representatives of the Law of Oneness before we learnt about the impending delay in our ascension scenario as promoted by the GF and other soul constellations in the HR after our spectacular successes in February.

With this first decree we acquired indeed our full power as divine authority, and our decision to stop with our cleansing work had a much greater weight in the HR. The previous decree on our Divine authority and the Law of Oneness reinforced my Decree to stop participating in the current cleansing process and to demand immediate ascension. This decree secured the performance of the ID split and mass ascension around spring equinox, which was in jeopardy at the beginning of March due to our enormous success in awakening humanity last month.

Final Ascension Test Run Prior to ID Split and Mass Ascension on March 4/5

This decree had to be made very quickly indeed, before the next powerful wave was scheduled to come on March 4th and 5th as April’s HS warned us on March 3:

There is another highly charged wave coming in today/tomorrow…. decision has not been made yet in this overall extremely fluid affair, but after this next wave and period of adjustment/integration, we will have a better sense. For if the opening/ ascension process of the masses were to slow down considerably, which it could as each wave brings more and more with it, then we might still wish to consider and enact the initial plan of ascension waves. However, if the masses continue with their forward movement/ momentum, the latter scenario of a full PAT ascension/supernova/ID split would likely be the adjusted scenario.”

That is why my HS urged me to publish my last decree on Monday. During March 4th and 5th a huge, massive ascension test run took place in preparation for the ID split as announced by April’s HS. I was fully hit by this source pulse, although I declined to participate in any cleansing waves. It was even more powerful, intense and exhausting than the two ascension test runs on Dec 18 and Dec 23, but was less harmful to my physical body, as this time this source wave was evenly distributed among the entire PAT who is now fully connected to the source.

This energy surge was also confirmed by the Manuscript of Survival No. 278 one day later on March 6th. It also hints about the coming of the ID split later this month:

“For the last couple of days, things have once again started to pick up speed. For many, it is as if your heart and eyes have started to open even wider, and you are indeed starting to perceive things in a slightly different way. In other words, you have finally started to tune into this new tune, if we may call it that, and you have mayhaps realized that things are indeed coming to pass even if you on the outside have yet to see any real traces of this. We speak in parables as usual, but what we are trying to convey is that this change that you have all hankered for so much is already in full swing. But as we have also talked about on several occasions, this may not come about in the manner you had envisaged.

Should this final ascension test run prior to the ID split had taken place without my decree on March 4, the ID split and mass ascension will not occur around spring equinox, you can bet on this. Therefore, I am really happy and proud that I acted in the wisest possible manner  –  as usually perfectly managed by my HS –  and decided to stop editing the website for a week in order to concentrate on this pivotal event and to act decisively at the right moment, with the necessary inner calmness and be able to evaluate the whole ascension scenario in depth, without being distracted by editorial obligations and answering numerous emails.

If you have followed the messages that were published after my decree, they all started all of a sudden to announce a huge cosmic event very soon, although all these sources were silent since the beginning of this year as to how the ascension process will unfold in 2013, with the exception of our HS and the articles published on this website.

Thus, a highly intuitive and reliable source, which I studied with respect to her messages in the last three years and found to be trustworthy, announced on March 6 a huge epiphany and merging with the 5th dimension on 3.13.13 which could be interpreted as the expected ID split and mass ascension:

Gateways of Infinity Open, Harmonics of the Epiphany of Light in Union, Galactic Source, the Power of Creation tr. by Sandra, ed. by Sean, Judith, M

My HS informed me on March 4 that my ascension will be this month and Jerry wrote independently to me that he has dreamt of Anita telling him that his ascension, precisely their reunion will be on March 31:


It is only 9:30 p.m. but I have had this wonderful dream I have to share with you. Yesterday 03/03 was a strange day indeed. One minute I would have so much energy that I would go for long walks or clean the entire house. Then the next minute I would be so exhausted that I would have to lie down or eat and I was also so thirsty. By 7:00PM I was so exhausted I had to lie down with legs hurting so badly. Still I could not sleep. Finally I dozed off and dreamed that I was driving a bus with a number 11 on the side. I was having a lot of difficulty trying to control it. I felt so weak and powerless. I tried stopping it by turning off the ignition, but still it continued barely avoiding many crashes. Finally it stopped. When I got out I was so relieved. I got out went into the house and Anita was there young and beautiful. I looked at the date and it was March 31st.


Even such a dark source of classical disinformation as Sheldon Nidle, who has specialized on alien disclosure, Nesara and clandestine negotiations between some obscure earth allies and the dark elite on power as to convince the latter to surrender in the course of the last four-five years, now announces all of a sudden the coming of a “great celestial event”.

There will be surely some more announcements in the coming days. The primary reason why the ID spilt and mass ascension have now become a likely probability this month is, apart from the efforts of the PAT, my last decree.

Therefore I have decided to publish this information during the week of my silence to inform you in due time and to ask you to support this decree in case you want to be among the first to ascend. But please do not send me emails as I am still in a seclusion and need this condition to be able to carefully observe and analyse the rapid energetic developments at this time.


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