A Vision of my Future Mission as Ascended Master

by Debra Casagrande, February 22, 2013

Dear George,

I will try to be as brief as possible because what I am about to send you is in itself rather long. When I came home from work today, I prayed very sincerely to be given adjustments and attunements to make sure I ascend and fulfill my mission as an Ascended Master (AM) in this incarnation. I have been feeling insecure lately, much like Alex described, and for this reason also expressed that I wanted to be healed of these insecurities quickly and asked for help to make my ascension my prime directive.

Well, I did not know what was in store for me. Was told to lie down on the couch and count backwards from 20. Did this and a vision quest immediately began to unfold. At one point I sent my heart into the sky to Quan Yin and she blew healing on it and my heart fell back into my hands as little diamonds, which I threw back up into the sky to form stars. After that, the real journey began, most if not entirely lucidly.

When I was experiencing this I wished to be able to record it due to the detail and authenticity. Nothing seemed improbable, rather the contrary, although not all roses (in fact, it had an apocalyptic air-big surprise). I tried very hard to remember this lengthy vision, but actually now I can only recall 2 scenes in detail out of maybe 6. As the vision progressed I fell deeper into trance until I was almost asleep. At the end I woke up just like from a hypnosis session (which I am very familiar with).

I must also add that during this experience I went through excruciating jaw and teeth adjustments on my left side, but it never brought me out of my “vision”. These were done on an astral level but I was very aware of them. I also remember that an entity or part of me descended through this portal and that is what was so uncomfortable in the teeth.

This experience had music and lyrics throughout. I was shown a movie in several acts with music telling a story. I cannot remember any of the lyrics except: THIS IS WHAT IS TO COME IN LESS THAN A MONTH. I am sure other lyrics were pieces of advice that I will remember when I ascend, as all is recorded. The songs described in detail what will happen during the “End Times”. I was shown what my tasks would be. These were always choral voices (more than one) and the score was as dramatic as a film soundtrack, complete with refrains.

Main messages (in text and lyrics):

IN LESS THAN A MONTH was emphasized (for me). I believe I may be in the second wave, after the shit has already hit the fan.

DO WHAT IS RIGHT was the other phrase that was very often repeated (and in bold!). It was emphasized that I am to use this motto as my moral guide as an AM. This was simple enough for me to carry back with me into consciousness and also confirmed to me that I am competent to do this (rather yucky) work. I know that the reason I can be an AM is due to my moral standards and my purity of heart (do no harm). That is the case with all the PAT. We are pillars of spirituality and can be counted on to DO WHAT IS RIGHT and like Carla´s message today DO NO HARM. I also felt that the HR had faith in me to make my own decisions. This was very validating upon my awakening.

George, if I am to trust this vision (and I do), there is no coincidence that I have always been in the underground and am very familiar with the dark aspects of 3D life (as my recent “report” to you shows). I am strangely at home in this realm and so, like you in Bulgaria or Germany and in politics and science, this is where I will be “cleaning up” and putting things right.

Unfortunately, the below scenes are all I remember from my very special vision that was dispensed to me after I prayed to my guides for guiding me, Father/ Mother God to use me as a conduit, to Raphael and Mary for healing, and to Quan Yin for mercy on my indiscretions and mistakes. I was specifically asking to make sure I ascend and become an AM. So if this isn´t confirmation, then I don´t know what is. I was very happy to be shown my new job, although I am daunted by it at present.

Urban Areas (Visual with music) 

People being drawn to urban areas. Lots of traffic and motion of people moving in and out of cities. I saw my city, Berlin, but apart from entering the city gates (Brandenburger Tor), I am unable to recall what my task there was. There is a gap between this and suddenly being in a Burger King. Everyone was panicking and running because there were men with rifles in uniforms. People were running down the steps and I was the only one going up. They did not appear to be military, but the types who perform those shoot outs in schools and such that we´ve seen in the States recently.

Panic may very well hit the streets and martial law may attempt to be instated. People will be afraid and some may even act out of violence with guns. It was understood that one of my tasks would be to diffuse these situations and to talk people out of performing acts of violence and murder. To keep calm IN MYSELF also and spread this out to the people. At one point I was afraid, I was told I am to DO WHAT IS RIGHT and remember that I am immortal and injury my physical body was only in the matrix.

Thai Underworld (Visual with music)

I am in Thailand – I know this because I just came from traveling there. I will go into some very dark and corrupt areas and liberate young girls from sexual slavery. I will end this sex industry. There were dead lambs everywhere in this scene among the saffron colour of the monks and giant Buddha embossed thrones with fat Thai gangsters sitting on them. I understood that I will be required to clean up these kinds of underground places and to oust mafia control very possibly in Malaysia, India and China, too. I will not be doing this alone, I assume!  Then I was given a warning, symbolized by an old tortoise in a dark dusty road off the beaten track. I was again reminded in this scene to DO WHAT IS RIGHT, but also to have my wits about me and not become a vigilante or go looking for trouble.

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