Personal Opinions – February 20, 2013

Letters to the Editor

Change is in the air

Dear Georgi,

I was relieved to read this morning that you too, had been experiencing cleansing energies… I was afraid it was just me, and that I had back slid or something, considering I have felt much calm and was sure I was done with cleansing.

The past two nights, I have woken almost every hour with racing heart and extreme anxiety, although it would never go into full blown panic as I would normally experience.  In fact my dreams haven’t been at all about me lately… seems I am watching someone else, but I experience their emotions. I also felt depressed and anxious the past two days after I had thought I was done with this shit. The cleansing energies feel different this time, although they can make me a bit anxious or depressed. I don’t get the “impending doom” feeling with it.

So I have just been trying to roll with it… I will have small moments of bliss now and then, which keep me going.

I have to say that I can see and sense people around me can FEEL something big is “coming down the pike” (as we say here). They don’t know what it is but it is making them feel uncomfortable. My husband and daughter are getting hit hard with LBP symptoms but don’t want to listen to my explanation.

So I truly concur with you and Daniel as to the acceleration process that has and is occurring.

In Love and Light,

Dear Vicki,

thank you for this confirmation of the latest energy surge. I have never expected that we will be fully released from our cleansing duties as long as we are in a physical vessel and that they, the HR, will involve us in the process if the meet with difficulties or the other LW that were supposed to replace us cannot cope with the incoming energies. But this time the energies are indeed better to bear than in the past. The tension is indeed growing by the hour and it is impossible that the masses do not sense it in one or another way.


Dear George,

It”s been a long while since I last connected via email, but have been with you all, all along. Wow what has not been going on lately?!!! I just had to update you as to what I too have been going thru recently and what I see out there!! Like something major ready to blow, really. Physically, the ear ringing/tones come and go. Headaches have ceased but still feel crown chakra being worked on. I started with sinus/cough 2/12 which is just about clearing up, the 14th was an awful nights sleep. Must say sleeping better, no waking up during the evening since the 14th although this past weekend, emotionally and physically drained not to mention feeling plain old depressed. The masses locally and family included I see are starting to feel something. Like they are panicking. So so much drama. Last minute clearing??  Getting heavy.

Wondering how Jerry is doing. My heart goes out to him and I so hope everyone’s light, love, words of encouragement etc. have helped ease his sadness and physical emotional pain. A deep heartfelt thank you Georgi for bringing/keeping us all together till the very end!! I want to thank EVERYONE for keeping the communication going as it is so comforting to feel this HOME connection until we are really really home. And amazingly beautiful painting Daniel!! The articles, updates, conversations and movies too! are so very appreciated and highly enjoyed. So much love felt for you all.

Lastly this evening of the 19th amongst all that is going on around me I do feel peaceful and relaxed. Something has changed… I feel it. It’s time all….. till really really soon… much much love and light…


Dear Donna,

first of all let me confirm that after the powerful cc-wave associated with a massive ascension test run yesterday, there was a marked easing of the energetic pressure and this night was rather calm for me compared to previous ones. It is as if a new kind of energetic tranquility has settled down Otherwise the energy bouts this month were another roller coaster comparable to that of January, and I personally did not feel much the difference of being released from my cleansing duties on Feb 12th, but the quality of the energies did improve a little bit.

I have not heard in the last several days from Jerry and assume that he is very much occupied arranging his earthy affairs after Anita died and also mentally preparing for his ascension in seclusion. I hope that he is in a very close contact with her from the HR and that this gives him the strength to bridge this unsettled interim time.

Let us hope that this week ascension will finally commence. The fact that the masses are also feeling that something big is coming is the most valid proof for this.

With love and light

Hello Georgi,

On the night of Feb 17th/early morning Feb18th, I experienced something different. Usually I feel the energy movements very strongly in my body as the energy rises up and I feel it strongly in the my heart, throat chakra as it reaches my third eye. The third eye starts flickering like a strobe light and I see symbols, and mandalas streaming at me and a tunnel seems to open up. Once I saw a silhouette sitting in silent meditation, I think it was my soul essence.

Anyways, what I experienced day before yesterday was different as in it was not felt at the physical level, but was at a consciousness level and was a first for me. I actually felt a sense of quickening (that’s the only way I can describe it) and felt like everything was blurring around me and I was suspended in this moment that can be only termed as NOW, where everything as in past, present, future was entirely encompassed. When this was happening, I did not feel a single thing in the body energetically as I usually do and it was a bit confusing till I realized I was at a completely consciousness level and had disassociated from my body at this point, even though I still had a body. I have had out of body experiences before, where I felt like I was floating over my body, but this was definitely nothing like that. Thought it was interesting enough to report.

I am ready for this ascension thing to get going. I am flying to India this weekend with my kids for another pre-lim trip before my big move in summer. Meanwhile, my kids have been complaining of hearing high pitched sounds/ someone talking to them time and again when no one is around in the house. I think its their guides contacting them as things heat up. Wonder if the ascension thing will happen mid air for me. Wishing you all the best!!


Dear Pinakini,

thank you for your latest energy update confirming the quickening of the events and the beginning of the ID shift/split. It is indeed a very special time and it is not a coincidence that you have scheduled your flight to India for this weekend. According to my estimation on Friday or Saturday something big must happen, including first ascension wave. We can only wait and expect to be surprised.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

I have had quite a time of it lately and would appreciate your opinion. I have not had any illness of any kind for over 10 years. I do not believe in it. I am 65yr and do not go to a physician or take any meds. I have written to you several times with the same symptoms, LBP, that we have all had. They come and go.

For the past 9 days I have been quite down. It came on suddenly with the usual headache week ago Sunday. That progressed into eye, teeth, jaw and ear pain. I have nasal discharge but has been clear. My eyes are blood shot and crusty when I wake up. I sleep with ice packs on my face at night because of pain. My face is somewhat swollen. I have not fever, sore throat or chest congestion. I am light headed, and over all weak. I sleep most day and night except for walking my dog.

My dreams at night are very pleasant. I have been visiting with old friends from some 30 years ago. I am not feeling any dross or clearing of angst in any dreams. I have asked my HS what is going on as this is so unusual and the answer I get is you asked for whatever it will take for your ascension and this is it.

Any suggestions would be wonderful. Sorry if this sounds disjointed. I am not very aware.


Dear Jennifer,

your symptoms have been shared by many other PAT members as they have reported on this website and they are clearly LBP-related, which is in its final most intensive phase as also announced. In fact your experience with these energies is not as bad given the fact that you do not process any collective fears and have a nice dream state. None of this is part of my experience for years for instance.

Not that I complain or make comparisons, but simply to tell you that it could have been much worse and for many it is very bad indeed. From that point of view, this is the normalcy of the PAT and if you have not had any severe clinical or other symptoms in the last nine years then you must feel very lucky indeed, as this is a big exception among all professional cleansers of human dross on the earth currently.

With love and light

Dear George,

I also just wanted to confirm another massive download this morning around 10 am, right after I sent that last email and got off the computer. It was my Left Brain Portal again, but lasted much longer (10-15min of ringing in mostly the left ear) than the last big one I had.  Like another PATster pointed out, it was not just one tone but seemed to be changing in frequency and volume the whole time. It was really pretty cool and for a minute there I thought something big might happen. I still feel the ringing sort of lingering in my ears still, its the weirdest thing, like some sort of background noise that is like a real faint ringing. But, like a clear bell in a think fog, I hear and pray for the clarion call of Ascension.

Oh, I forgot to tell you, your last few articles have been great. Especially that one where you brought up Plank’s constant, the one everyone already pointed out was good, forget the name off the top of my head.

All The Best,

Dear Jon,

this ringing in the ears, high pitched tone is constant with me since 2000. I do not hear it any more consciously, but it is quite disturbing from time to time as I cannot hear and understand what the other people are speaking.

I am glad that you like the last article. I have just published a very good review on the crimes of the US cabal. You can send a link to some of your friends and relatives if you want.


Dear George,

With all the uncharacteristic traveling and interactions with others, I remain acutely aware of changes this week. Transition, ascension feels imminent. My words to others are more forthcoming only to practice saying the important things. As always before this feeling of imminence, I am busy one last time sending cards or small tokens of love, making calls or visiting family members (and two grandchildren) scattered throughout the US.

Whether I am sleeping in my bed or elsewhere, I have had two dreams of you. In one dream you gave me a key. In another you gave me daily nourishment and sat in a waiting room with my husband sharing your energy and awaiting the change together with expectancy.

This morning, my dream never deviated from the ocean (the cosmic stream). I was situated on top of the ocean of energy and remained calm within this massive body of energy… feeling the bliss. People approached me for hope. Pastel colors have been vivid the last two nights. I have only a slight headache. The calm is mesmerizing.

Thank you for your update today and everything you do to hold us together, inform us and share the love as we move towards our destiny.

In Love & Light,

Dear Marilyn,

thank you for sharing your dreams with me. I hope that I have not become a nuisance appearing too often in your dreams.

The feeling of imminent change is in the air and nobody can escape these transformative energies anymore, as I have just published on the moral crimes of the US cabal around 11/9.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

Yesterday afternoon I did affirmations as regular before nap and then idea came to me and I did this affirmation in alpha state of mind which i easily enter as yoga teacher with more then 10 year experience:

I command to all 12 DNA chains of mine to be NOW activated and reorganized for my best result (something like that, am not sure how to translate it) and then I had sleep of 15hours!!!! I woke up few times to drink water that was on sun 4 hours day before and on special thing called voteks antenna with Sanskrit words of immortality:

Why I write this,the dream was so vivid, I was in some area and there were thousands of people escaping in tunnels and something was coming that was no good and in that dream i told to few people who jumped in the van of police (maybe relation with archangel Michael) and we went in opposite direction of masses and it was on the surface of the Earth. It was chaos. However, when I woke up, I felt great and after that went on the sun. So strange!

Love and light
Ana Bogdanic

Dear Ana,

thank you for sharing your dreams with me. I think that they relate to the coming ascension and the ID split of the two timelines when many people will go in the opposite direction to enlightenment and will stay on the catastrophic earth B, where the conditions of life will be terrible, much worse than the present.

With love and light


I just found your site as I was looking up ascension during dream time. In my dream on Feb 14th I was dancing with what seemed like hundreds of other people of all nations. All of a sudden it was like a beautiful warm loving light enveloped me and lifted me up very quickly and I was travelling very quickly in a vertical direction. It was the most loving feeling I have ever experienced, then all of a sudden when I realized what I was feeling, I woke up.

I was surprised to read your description of ascension during dream time, because that is exactly what happened to me. I have always been aware of starting to leave my body at bed time, and I have wonderful visions and visits in my dream time. I have also been a very intuitive person, and seem to have a lot of extra abilities that people would think of as psychic. I just think I am in tune with my HS and I pay attention. I would like to know your opinion on my dream if you don’t mind. I woke up feeling very unsure of where I was, but generally was in a very good mood, and I seem to be a lot lately.

I have been dealing with a lot of aches and pains though in the legs and hips over the last few weeks. and I’m only 47 and I think too young to be dealing with that much discomfort.
Anyway, I hope this email gets to Georgie or April, as I was looking for an email, and only found the contact box.

Thank you for your time.

Dear Suzanne,

thank you very much for contacting me for the first time and sharing your ascension dream with me. We are indeed in the final preparation for our ascension as reported on this website, where much more people will ascend than initially planned. It was scheduled to happen last week, but is now postponed for this week, hopefully, as we have seen a lot of major delays in the past. But this time all signs are set on green.

Your pains are definitely LBP-related as discussed in many publications on this topic by myself. You should write to my private email address in the future as I have written two days ago on my website. Our website email is working again, but it is more secure if you use the private email address.

With love and light

Dear George,

I’m sorry for getting this to you so late, I had a long shift at work. and just made it in.
Last night I saw a twisting turning tunnel with flashes of light but mostly darkness and then a sizable ball of light came from behind my field of vision and then shot forth through the tunnel and I lost sight of it. I instantly knew that the ball of light was the PAT and the tunnel was our ascension.

That was all that I saw.

Love and Peace to all,

Hi George,

I’ve been following your site for just over a week and I find it fascinating.

I am 33 years old from Toronto, Canada. I have suffered from CFS for two years now and I am convinced I am going through the LBP. I have a huge array of symptoms and have been feeling energies come into me for some time, but relentlessly for the past two weeks and I feel like I’m in a different dimension mentally.

I am very new to all this knowledge and I have no support from my friends and family. I feel very alone in all of this.

From my readings/research I believe I am a blue ray being as I have always been very sensitive and had immune issues.

I do not know how to contact my HS. How can I know for sure that I am ascending and when it will happen?

Thank you for any response

Light and Love
Louis Maurati

Dear Louis,

thank you for contacting me and sharing your experiences with the LBP and the ascension symptoms which must have peaked in many people in the last weeks as we are indeed on the cusp of ascension. Nobody knows the exact date, but we are confident that it will happen this month and then the events will accelerate very quickly. At the latest at this time you will  know from your HS when you will ascend. At present nobody knows it – neither myself, although I know that it s very near. I think that it is impossible to know it until the very last minute  as it is a very complex affair and the decision from the source will be taken in the very last moment.


Dear Georgi,

I think all these G20 are pure propaganda of Nazi, something hidden..

Here I share more meteorite in Japan and Cuba:

From Spain

Dear Eva,

last summer when we were expecting to ascend, the HS told us that the GF will arrange some firework to impress the masses. Now these meteorites in Russia, Japan, Cuba and California can be regarded as the pyrotechnic effects that were promised to us prior to our ascension. Which proves that our ascension must come very soon.


Dear George,

“Mission London” was really a great movie, I just watched it and laughed a lot. It must be even better if you knew some of these characters personally. Especially this situation with the ducks was amazing, there were many different funny situations running parallel. Thank you a lot for this recommendation.


Dear Daniel,

I am glad that you liked the film. What is also very funny is the way the people speak Bulgarian, it is so revealing about their inherent primitivity and moral corruption and you even become emphatic about their debasement. But I think the British were also presented in their true dark colours.



Just reading “The moral decoding  of 9-11” from John McMurtry I have one word for this essay:¡Buenísimo! A Peruvian and Argentinian modism, which in English could be translated as Superb/Fantastic/Awesome!

I always suspected that Kennedy was hit from inside US, as well as John Lennon, Bob Marley…

Thanks for sharing it George.
Good nights from Lima


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