Peace that Passeth Understanding

Jerry R. James, February 9, 2013

Dear George and PAT!

Thank you all so much for what you have written to me. You are truly my family and understand, I wish I could meet you all as I did one member, Rhonda this week. As Rhonda can attest, Anita was no ordinary human. I know many people think that about their recently deceased spouse, but in this case it is true. She was a beautiful angel. I always said that before I even knew about ascension. She was so unusual in every way as all the doctors and nurses up to the end said. Never complaining or talking about herself and until the end she never stopped believing in ascension. We talked about it on Thursday (Feb 7th)

I think a part of me always knew it might turn out this way. She was not into researching ascension or talking about it as much as I, but she was very much a real way shower. This is one reason I always dreaded every “important” date that came along because of the devastating affect it had on her health. It had the same on me, but she absorbed it completely to her core and wasn’t able or did not release it as most to us. I don’t know why. Her passing does prove to me that the most important date will shortly come. I knew after our missed ascension on December 21st that her body would not be able to withstand another huge blast of energy that we needed to take us home.

As Rhonda can attest, who saw her only two days before, her final passing was quick. She was very emancipated, but still beautiful and alert. Each wave this past week emancipated her even more. Yes, she had been diagnosed and treated for three years with cancer, but even doctors admitted no tumors had been found recently on scans. In fact not since her initial treatment three years ago. Her blood tests were always wacky. Normal one day and exaggerated the next. The doctors commented on how for as little cancer that she had, how it had devastated her body. Her role was hidden even from me and now I am convinced, as even George, that she will open the way for our ascension.

Even though she had tubes for drainage on Thursday ( Feb 7th), her vital signs were stable and the hospice said she had about two weeks probably left. But I knew from dreams and observation that this was not the case. She kept telling me that she could not see well and that everything was so white and Thursday I noticed and even told her how her faced glowed and she looked so different that day. The only real hard night she had was Thursday, in which she was restless and that is the only time she had medication not for pain, but for restlessness.

It had no effect and she asked me if I thought, it was time to go. And as I hesitated, still thinking we should both go together, she said do you know what I mean, and I said if you think it is time, then it is time. After that she calmed a bit. On Friday (Feb 8th) the hospice nurse came by and Anita’ breathing had changed, but there was no rattling sounds, her color was normal, and she was felt warm, even in the feet, and she said, Anita had up to four days left. She had mostly lost consciousness by now.

After the nurse left at about 9:30 and as I was pacing the floor trying to decide who to call and other worldly concerns, I just went to her bed and held her close to my face and wrapped my arms around her and told her how much I loved her. At that exact moment she suddenly stopped breathing completely and I felt a surge of different energy enter my body. I can’t explain it so I won’t even try. But a message entered into my heart that this was alright and everything we had been through had always been alright.

This had been the backup plan for ascension always. It was the ace in the hole that I always dreaded. But I am not as devastated as I thought that I would be. Nothing seems sad, just quiet. I am at peace that this phase has been fulfilled.

I know that I have rough days ahead, assuming that there are any “days ahead”, but for now I am experiencing that peace that passeth understanding, at least my understanding after loving and almost worshipping someone for thirty seven years. Our relationship was like those in sappy Hallmark movies that you see. The happily ever after scenario and I never regretted a day that we spent together. How often do you see that on this earth plane?

I wish that I knew the answer to all our questions and I wish our ascension plan could have unfolded differently. As Rhonda and I agreed on Wednesday, there is still some missing parts that we can’t seem to grasp. The impact of all is just too huge. For the days ahead, I have no plans and the time will have to unfold without my trying to make anything happen. I hope that this peace lasts and extend to all of you, until we meet after our journey home.


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