PAT Validation of the Final Source Wave of Ascension Feb 22-23, 2013, Part – I.

Survival Paradigm” Has Dissolved

Hi George,

I wanted to forward this latest GaiaPortal post to you and acknowledge and confirm the information from the latest article on the “Final Source Wave Feb 22-23, 2013”.  Everything you and Dorie and April have mentioned in this article is absolutely on target.  I feel absolutely horrible and I embody all of the descriptions mentioned regarding these last waves.  

I haven’t felt well since last Sunday, but I have noticed a continuous crescendo in the intensity of the waves and the powerful impact it has had on my physical, mental and emotional bodies throughout the week. I would write more, but I don’t feel well enough at this time and need to lie down and rest again. This is one of the most powerful waves I have ever experienced and there have been some intense waves these past few years.

My gratitude to all three of you for continuing to monitor these waves and publish this information. It is very comforting to me at this time and extremely informative as my body is experiencing this most current ascension wave and the continuing merge process of my Christed Self into my physical vehicle.

The only people who would have understood what I am going through are my two beloved parents who spiritually ascended several years ago. They believed in ascension and truly understood me and supported me. I have been alone since their passing and even though I have a few friends and acquaintances, they don’t understand what I am going through. These reports have been a true beacon and source of support and guidance for me these past few years.

Thank you George, Dorie and April and the rest of the PAT for your continued guidance and love.  I am very grateful.

With Love & Light,

Dear Patrice,

thank you for this clear confirmation of the last source wave prior to our ascension. This pattern is so clear now and have been announced in advance, that we have all the validation we need to know beyond any doubt that this time we are on our way back home. Let us hope that our ascension will begin this weekend as there are no hurdles any more for us to show up as ascended masters in front of humanity.

With love and light

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